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Here is my Bio, as i am sure that you are all SO extremely intrested me! lol! Anyways, as a warning I am going to tell you this is probably going to be very long, READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK!

What ya gotta know about me:

Name~ you can just call me PinkFlamingo22!
Age~ 16
Grade~ 11th (2 years left!)

My Favs.:

color~ babyblue
food~ spaghetti
pop~ Mountain Dew Code Red (I'm addicted)
fast food place~ Arby's (ohh...roast beef)
candy~ Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles
ice cream~ Superman, Cookie Dough
class~ Spanish
music~ I like most types of music, but I love rap
song~ 'Confessions Pt. 2' Usher
singer~ 50 cent (hot!)
show~ The O.C. (great show, hot guys, very funny!)
movie(s)~ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (my all time favorite movies!), Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (love it, and of course, the sexy Orlando Bloom!)
*The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (awesome, the best!)
*The Key Trilogy (by Nora Roberts, loved 'em!)
I have read many books by Nora Roberts and loved them, I just didn't want to list all of them!

Things I Hate:

color~ black (its too dark and dull)
food~ mayonaise (gross), any type of seafood (no me gusta), cole slaw (yucky)
fast food place~ Taco Bell (something about cockroaches *shudders*)
class~ any math class that exists
music~ country, classical, oldies ect.
movie(s)~ The Sound of Music (my mom made me watch it when I was little), Terminator (It's scary! I don't think I have ever watched the whole thing!)
books~ umm... can't think of any! ^_^'

Here are some things I could not live without:

lipgloss~ I gotta have some with me where ever I go!
my computer~ it's my best friend! *Hugs Puter* LOL!
MTV~ my fav. channel! I be lovin' the music!
books~ I love to read...
cute guys~ that is one thing every girl can't live without!
Other Little Tidbits:

I LOVE Orlando Bloom! He is so hot! *dreamy sigh*

I am noramally not very serious, I have alot of energy so I am hyper most of the time! I love to read, which is why caught my eye!

Well, I hope you were paying attention! There's a quiz on this material tomorrow! better study!



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There's always a nonexisting line between love and friendship. Crossing it may lead to the downfall of a close relationship, or bring jealously and possessiveness out of nowhere. Deception comes easily, rushing to conclusions comes even easier. BoXKur
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