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Hello! I'm here to write yaoi drabbles and oneshots, 99% of the time Rated MEXTRANAUGHTY. You were warned xD




Wolfs Rain

That's kind of it xD I'm very picky about my anime/manga :) *derp*

Pairings! (Because that's all you're here to know >3):

Hetalia: (In no order) USUK, UKUS, FRUK, SPUK, SPAMANO, GERPRU, GERAUS, PRUAUS, NORICE, RUSAME and most of all ENGSCOT (Yes in that order)

Hetalia OTP: Why ENGSCOT? I'm not sure. When I first found Scotland I fell in love with him, not sure why I just did, and I tried to find some (naughty) fanfics and art involving him and little brother England :3. Unfortunately most of the ones I found were non-con, rape fics that centered around basically, Scotland being a complete dick to England. In more ways that one. So the idea crept on me, why not an Uke!Scotland? And thus my OTP was born xD I also ship AMESCOT, FRASCOT, basically any pairing where Scotland is getting the shit topped out of him >3

Naruto: (In no order) NejiShika, ShikaNeji, NaruSasu, KakaIru, AsumaShika, KibaShika, KibaNeji, NaruShika, SasuShika, SasuNeji, ItaDei, SasoDei, TobiDei, KankuroKiba, NaruGaara (See a pattern forming? xD)

Naruto OTP: Difficult, because I basically will ship anything with either an Uke!Deidara, Uke!Neji or an Uke!Shikamaru. I don't really mind who it is on top of them, as long as they're on top xD Shikamaru would find topping too troublesome and be a lazy lover, I think the proud, Hyuuga Neji would secretly be an Uke in bed, and Deidara's just too feminine to be Seme xD Deidara's also the youngest in the Akatsuki by a long shot *dirty perverted thoughts*. At the moment I'm quite fond of *mumble mumble* moresomes *mumble mumble*. Basically, either the entire Akatsuki screwing eachother's faces off, or the Konoha Twelve having some huge orgy type thing xD I'm so naughty.

Anyway, haters and flamers will be ignored, hope you enjoy my fics :D

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