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Author has written 2 stories for Animaniacs.

The story currently being worked on is Rose dyed blood red. Until that one is finished, Everyone's Wish will be on standby.

Hello! I'm a 15 year old girl interested in writing fanfictions for anime and cartoons, the most prominent ones being Animaniacs and Pandora Hearts. You will probably see more Animaniacs fics being updated since I am constantly fighting with my Pandora Hearts ones, but you'll see them from time to time.

I take a while to write, since I like to edit what I make a LOT, this translates to: expect slow updates. I try to write two or three chapters before I post something though, just so I don't have you waiting too long...

Anyway, my Animaniacs fics are centered around the Warners, so you shouldn't expect any other characters. The one I write the most about is Yakko; you should just know I like torturing him and giving him sad backstories .u.

Right, something really important to note is that since I only use the Warners and I tend to write dramatic shit that needs more people, I have my own set of characters, more widely known as OCs. I swear to god I try not to get a specific one in a relationship with one of the Warners... I swear. I should probably present them to you, but doing so would ruin the effect... so I'll just say that there are lots, but the most used are 4; 3 girls and one boy, known as Rose, StarDust, Marilyn and Elias. The one you will see being more important is Rose, but Elias gets his spotlight every once in a while.

Okay, so that being said, I will sort of tell you what stories I am working on (know that these are mostly AUs).

Main story (doesn't have a name yet): This is an Animaniacs one. Basically, this is the story I work the most on, but I am constantly writing about what happens later on, and never focusing on writing it in a mainstream way. As a result, I haven't gotten past chapter 1. But anyway, summary. Yakko, Wakko and Dot are kicked out of the studio after the series cancellation. A strange girl offers them to stay with her and her sisters in return that they help them overthrow the current leader of their country WarnerStock, making them agents of a small organization. They discover they are not actually the only ones of their species and that there are tons of them out there, realizing they weren't made from ink as the studio had suggested at all. However, that does make them curious; if they were born with a mother and father then where were their memories of their past? The younger Warners were too small at the time to recall previous events, but the oldest doesn't remember anything. They have yet to know the secrets the previous royalty had kept under wraps, and how this ties with them.

Everyone's wish: If you couldn't tell from the title, this is another Animaniacs one- I have written 1 full chapter for this as of yet, and am kind of proud for how it came out. Yes, it does tie with Wakko's Wish. However, this is in another universe similar to this one, but with another outcome. Instead of a wishing star appearing, the villagers have to earn the change in their lives. While Wakko is away earning money for their sister, Yakko decides to take action as well when he accidentally joins a group that is searching to take Salazar out of his position of power. Fighting for his siblings, he sets out to fulfill everyone's wish (see what I did there?).

Rose dyed blood red: This might actually be one of my more cruel stories, and it is the one that has the most chapters yet. As of right now it has 6 chapters, the first one being re-written because I just didn't like it, and the 6th one in progress. This is another Animaniacs one, and of you could believe it, it has even more focus on Yakko than the previous two. Why? Because Wakko and Dot haven't been mentioned yet in those chapters, apart from him saying he had a brother and sister. Also, it introduces a new OC that I will probably not be using much, called Elisa. I know, weird name, but anyway, she's a sort of time traveler that fixes time and shit, and just happens to stumble on a different universe's version of the Victorian era. Yakko is a mysterious servant of the queen, who isn't approached by anyone for fear of loosing their heads to the queen. You see, the woman appears to have a problem with him making friends of any kind, but not because of some silly emotion called jealousy oh no. It was because she had a plan with in mind, and if he got distracted it would just ruin it. She was simply wondering when he would snap from all the pressure (yes, this means he just suffers left and right I'm so sorry Yakko).

Parallel story (doesn't have a name yet): This is probably a stretch from what one would call fanfiction, simply because the characters are literally the exact opposites from the ones I am writing in the main story. I haven't actually finished the first chapter yet, even when I have a pretty good idea about what will happen in it. Okay, so the main characters are Yakky (lame I know) and Rocell, obviously parallel to Yakko and Rose (OC). Remember that these guys are the absolute OPPOSITE to the other ones, so don't hate me for how they act, kay? So, Yakky is a down to earth girl, with a pissy attitude if you don't have anything she's interested in. In the case of her situation, that something would be money, something that a certain blond boy has quite a lot of. She just happened to meet him when she was leaving the run down theater she worked at, and when it was clear he was interested in her she took full advantage of her new love-struck companion. It turned out Rocell was the son of one of the ministers, and that he was supposed to be helping to find a strange mother murderer around the city, but instead he decided to spend time with his 'girlfriend', not being able to use the term whole-heartedly since he was paying for her company.

The Pandora Academy: Finally we have my first Pandora Hearts fanfiction! So, the main characters are Oz Vessalius and Gilbert Nightray. Now, I know what you're thinking "This is going to be just like all the other fics about this omake". Well, it isn't. For one, Gilbert isn't a professor, and is a student like Oz. Another thing to note is that Oz is actually an asshole at the academy. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore Oz, but for the idea of this fic to work he is supposed to act like the spoiled little rich kid, and he is the son of the founder, so he is supposed (more like forced by Zai) to keep the image of his and the school's authority. He acts like he is better than the rest of the students, when he really believes the exact opposite. He has two friends who actually know him though; Alice and Sharon. Oz didn't actually know Gilbert at first, the raven simply followed him with the silent desire to befriend him, even if he knew that was not possible. Oh, right, I forgot to say Gilbert isn't 24 or 14 in this, he is 17 so as to make him a student, but not his usual crying self. Okay, back to the story, Gilbert actually loves Oz (yes this is ozbert) and almost dies when Break told him he had arranged him a dorm with the blond. Unfortunately, Gilbert and Oz get in a stupid fight, ending with Gil believing that Oz hated him and that he didn't want to see him again. Lots of shit happens and Oz has to go into hiding as a girl, and thus Gil doesn't recognize him, so Oz befriends Gilbert as a girl and starts developing feelings for him... So yeah, that's basically it.

The story of a certain Bakeneko: Another Animaniacs fic, this one was heavily inspired but not entirely ripped off from the vocaloid song: A love story of a certain Bakeneko. I have written one full chapter and another one in progress. So, the story is sort of a tragedy (I mean one of them does die in the 1st chap.) with more focus on Wakko and Dot and a strange black cat they don't know anything about. My OCs do appear in the story, but they're not as important as they are in other stories. There is a lot of shit I can't tell you because it would ruin the backstory, but trust me, it's not as lame as it looks. Just go watch the video for the vocaloid song and you will have a basic idea of what the story is about, even if it has a lot more hidden under it (btw, Bakeneko= demon cat).

Troubles in the kingdom are afloat (I will change the name I just couldn't think of a good one): Ah, this Animaniacs fic... I don't know how to react to this one. Basically it was my first time trying any sort of vampire fic, but it quickly spiraled into madness and love and that's not something I allow here, even if I have already written a full chapter for it. So I don't know if I will finish this one (at least don't know if I'll post it) but I will try and I'll tell you if I do it.

Crazy bad end night: This Animaniacs fic was also inspired by a vocaloid song, though this is sort of a murder mystery. Think about it like Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, where Rika has to go through the same shit over again in hopes of finding a way to save her friends who are being killed over and over again. This is like that only with a mansion and the Warner siblings (not to mention OCs). Again, I don't know if I'll finish this fanfiction, but I'll see what I will do.

Black eyes: This is another really cruel Animaniacs story I am writing, although this is one of my most recent ones and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with it yet. The premise is that Yakko, Wakko and Dot live in the streets of London at the time the Black Plague had broken free in the city, and everyone blamed them for it. Why? Because they were the only ones of their species who had black fur and eyes, which to the people seemed like a bad omen. The children threw rocks at them and the adults laughed behind their backs. They basically go through a lot of heavy shit and I already know how I'll end it but the problem is what happens in the middle. Anyway, I have some pages written as of late.

I have a lot of other stories planned, but haven't written anything for them yet, so I won't put them here. Okay, so, that's all I've got for now... but I like a lot of other animes, so I might write about them sometime .u.

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Rose dyed blood red reviews
A servant no one knows much about has a strange connection to the queen, which here means "You will loose your head if you get too involved with him". A young girl from another time meets him with the mission to change his future, managing to get involved in a world of murder, kidnappings, and revolutions. She truly wants to know; what is he hiding behind that sweet smile?
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