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Hi. I'm Mari, I'm 20 and I like cartoons. I've been writing animaniacs stories for so long I don't know how to write anything else (except for Undertale apparently, there might be some Sans x Reader fics in this account's future).

Okay, going to clear some things out of the way first; Everyone's Wish is probably never going to be continued (because it didn't really have an established plot), and Rose Dyed Blood Red is discontinued for now (I moved it to the idea vault if I ever wanted to work on it again but it probably won't be in the near future). I'm working on Heart of the Mind, which I'm set on finishing.

I'll leave a small summary of other animaniacs stories I'm working on and if any interests you you can message me and say "hey this is pretty cool i wanna read this" and I'll probably make it my second priority:

* A Feeling Nobody Should Know

Definitely the only story I'll write with controversial topics because wow it's difficult for my stomach. It's not supposed to be okay. I initially wrote this idea thinking "how unpleasant can I get?" and it morphed into this.

Anyway, Wakko and Yakko are the protagonists in this one (Dot is supposed to appear later on). They come from a poor, really poor family, their mother has just died and their father is a bastard who sells them for a bunch of coins, and when I mean sell them I mean their new "home" is a brothel. At this point, Yakko is thirteen and Wakko is eight. Yeah, now you get what I mean by unpleasant. Okay so, the gist of it is that one would have to pry Wakko from Yakko's cold dead hands before Yakko would let anyone so much as touch a hair from his little bro's head, so he strikes a deal with the boss that if he does double the work, Wakko won't even appear in the equation. So up until they're eighteen and thirteen respectively, Wakko had no clue as to what was actually going on and literally thought Yakko was the errand boy or something. He finds out, shit hits the fan and their relationship is strained a little. Wakko also becomes extremely worried for his brother (Yakko has gained a serious case of the "You're clean and I'm dirty" mentality) and also, having been forced to see his brother in this new light, a new problem comes around.

Okay, are you ready for the second unpleasant part of this? No? Sorry, too late, I'm telling you: Wakko gets a crush. Yes, he's crushing on Yakko. BUT! That's not really the unpleasant part, the unpleasant part is that Yakko tries to tell Wakko this is Never Going To Work and Wakko tries to get the Hell Over It, but it just won't go away, and it comes to the point that it's stressing Wakko the hell out. And, well, Yakko doesn't want that. So, he knows it's not right, and he doesn't really think this is a good idea, and he doesn't want this, but he'll do anything to keep his brother safe and happy. Anything (don't worry tho it doesn't get any further than kisses, "I'm dirty" Yakko would never permit anything more and neither would I because NO).

Oh, and Jack the Ripper is in there somewhere. If you can already see where I'm going with that I applaud you.

* Half-Blood

Basically vampire fic. Yakko and my two main ocs are the protagonists. Yakko is a half-blood vampire, but he's also the heir to the Warner throne, and their kingdom is at cold war with the vampires. You can see why this situation would be difficult. Anyway, oc number 1 Leo is the heir to the Vampire throne (and his mother the queen wants to assimilate Yakko's country into theirs by marrying Leo and Yakko- whether they end up in love or just as really good friends is yet to be decided), and oc number 2 Rose is Yakko's amnesiac maid who is also his best friend.

Yakko's father is a bastard (again and this is a trend) who knew about Yakko being a half-blood but put up with it because just letting the people know they'd been living with a vampire prince wasn't the best of ideas. He hates Yakko because the poor kid indirectly caused his own mother's death. Anyway, at one point the king finds out that vampires have been sneaking around his castle (Leo got curious and went to visit Yakko, eventually ending in them becoming friends) and, figuring it must be Yakko's fault one way or another, is capital d Done with him and tries to have him staked through the heart. Leo does not take kindly to someone threatening his friend (and possible husband) and flies in with a group to take Yakko (and to his request his siblings and Rose as well) to the Vampire kingdom where they would be somewhat safer. Keyword being somewhat because there are vampires trying to suck their blood. Not that Leo would let them.

At this point the cold war is over and they have a full on war with death and everything.

* Gravity Falls Au (don't have a name for this one yet)

So the protagonists should be Wakko and Dot since they're Dipper and Mabel, buuuuuuuut... well, the real story is about Yakko (Stan), oc Elias (Stanford), and oc Leo (Bill). I'm a little split on how I'm going to be tackling this one though. While the general story is still present, there are three things that change the whole thing: 1) Bill is not as much of a jerk (I couldn't make him an irredeemable jerk I love my baby Leo too much), 2) Bill and Stan used to be best pals. And I mean actual pals, not like Bill was with StanFord in the series (because I also can't write my baby Leo being mean to Yakko), and 3) Stan and Stanford didn't part on bad terms (actually it's the opposite).

So, the thing I'm split on is how much of a jerk Leo is going to be. I can either make him be like "im a bit of a jerk because ive been traumatized to high hells im so sorry i don't want to do this but you're the only thing i have left" or "im an actual jerk and ive made bad choices but i really care about you and can be redeemed if you give me the opportunity". Weirdmageddon is going to happen, and there will be a happy ending, either way.

(The "im a bit of a jerk" Leo is actually Heart of The Mind Leo who has Seen Some Shit)

* Mundane Highschool story (I might name this "That Bastard Who Never Comes To Practice")

So. This story got totally out of control and is now riddled with angst.


Anyway, the new summary is going to be a little short because spoilers actually matter with this one.

The setting is the same; Yakko and my oc Leo are highschoolers, they don't like each other, and will eventually end up dating. It's still pretty much a "rivals to friends to lovers" story but with a bit of a twist you could say, as well as an underlying story that doesn't really center on their romance. They're still in a volleyball team together, but they're super aware of the fact that they share a team. They've known each other since kindergarten, and used to be best friends until... Well, until Yakko's brother Elias died in an accident and Yakko closed himself off from everyone as a result. Leo tried to get close, to comfort him, but he must have messed up bad somewhere because one day Yakko just started ignoring him altogether. Suddenly they were no longer friends.

The story (as of now) is mostly told from Leo's and Rose's (one of Yakko's closest friends) POV. We almost never know what's going on in Yakko's head, we just have to trust in what these two think is going on. The story is mostly focused on the fact that Leo, who's gone bitter with years of being shunned by one of his very few friends, ends up softening after talking with Rose and having her tell him that she can tell that Yakko is going through a rough patch and that their friendship needs to be rekindled. A lot of shenanigans ensue while Leo tries to be Yakko's friend again, but in the end shit hits the fan and it's angsty. This is one of my fave ideas after HOM so... This might be the next one on the list after Heart of the Mind is finished.

* Other stories not fully fleshed out yet

- Over the Garden Wall au

- Aladdin au (or genie au really)

- Pirates and mythical creatures

- Undertale au

- Thunder Skull (Wander Over Yonder au)

- Best Friends (doesn't really have a title)

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