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Well... i used to write fanfiction for gilmore girls when I was in early highschool. I'm now a junior in college, and every now and then I come read fanfiction when I need a fix. Like after I rewatch the 7th season of gilmore girls, get really depressed about how horrible it was, and need to pretend that's not how one of my favorite shows ever ended. The stuff I wrote in highschool wasn't that great, though I still like the ideas I had, at least the one for A New Story (I had a whole trilogy planned out) and a really depressing songfic that I never posted. However, as I've gotten older, I've also realized how melodramatic and unrealistic they all are. Doesn't mean they still don't have a soft spot in my heart. Every now and then I get in writing moods, but I'm not really good at following anything through to completion. I currently have a few one shots in my mind that I might end up writing if I find the time.

So, for anyone who might be checking my profile for the status of my stories, I am still planning on updating A House Is Not A Home For A Baby. However, I could use some artistic advice/direction. I have a general idea where I want to take the story, but then I start writing and the characters end up saying things I did not plan for, and then I'm not sure if that's what I really want to happen or not, but it's what came out, and I'm not sure if I should keep it or not. Obviously, I have a problem, since my characters are controling my plot more than me. Hah.

Also, I have a couple of short one-shot songfics under Life Goes On, So They Say. Recently I was listening to another song, and got an idea for adding onto it, so it's possible that I may add more to that. If I do, it will continue to be one-shot songfics that can be taken together or seperately. I think I should write like that more often- takes the stress off. Plus, I'm usually more satisfied when I stay in my character's heads and stay away from dialouge. maybe because I wish I could write dialouge like, say, david mamat. but i can't. alas, alack.

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