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Hello, my name is DaddyObsessions you can call me Isabella… I have been in the shadows of FanFiction for a while, and I just decide to take a chance and show everyone the ridiculous thoughts that live in my head.

Imagine my surprise when I come up on this page and find out that one of my stories has dissapear... I understand that "Three" was very... explicit... but I should have gotten at least an announcement of some kind telling me to take out my story or letting me know that it was going to be erased from the site... I find this disrespectful, yeah I may not be right in the head to write what I write but a heads up would have been nice...

I promised you the picture that goes along with my story "My sinful incest" but as of now, I still don't know how to give it to you... FF won't let me give you guys my email... so I'm just going to try to put it in here daddyobsessions @ yahoo . com (WITHOUT SPACES) I hope I can get it to you soon...

HATERS ARE GONNA HATE, POTATOES ARE GONNA POTATE... that's all I have to say to those haters out there who had implied MY story is not mine. I do not cared about what y'all think. "My sinful Incest" is MY story and that's all there is to it.