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We-ell. Darkwolvine, wolf, me, mostly, I hope. I'm a LOTR fan, an Aragorn fan in reality. A big Aragorn fan, huge actually. Isn't the guy just great? Not that I don't like the hobbits or the Dwarf, or Boromir, or even Legolas, it's just that... well. I'm infatuated. It happens. I'm dealing with the obsession the only way I know how, feeding it.

I like the Elf, but if you've read the books, you'll notice he's more of a country hick than anything. He never refers to himself as a Prince and is never refered to as such. My guess is, it's not really royalty per se because Thandruil is a self-proclaimed king and he is Sindar, whereas Elrond and Gil-galad are Noldor. Therefore, I do believe the insane amount of attention given to the Elf Legolas is quite unmotivated. Apart from the fact that he is pretty and an elf.

The fascination with the Elves... yes, that might be it. But I sincerely doubt Legolas was 'the fairest' 'the most alluring elf' 'one of the best elves in m-e' not that it's not possible, and not that I don't enjoy reading him as such, just that from a purely objective point of view, after having read the books several times over, it's not likely that he's simply 'the best'

Now Elessar though, now you're talking. The man has everything to satisfy a writer's demands as a character, he IS the hero. A reluctant hero with a heavy past. Too many identities to count, courage, self-doubt, strength, compassion, respect, what more do you need?

One of my favorite lines from the book: 'Everyone who comes to know him comes to love him after their own fashion'
Legolas said that.

Wow. I'm sorry. Went on a 'short' rant there. Hum... *clears throat*

All I mean is, Aragorn isn't just pretty eyes and a cute ass, (thought imho he does have both) he's a character with depth and complexity that is wonderful to work with.

Legolas is great as well, as the only elf travelling with the fellowship, he is a special guy indeed. Gimli is just too fun for words and the hobbits are a special treat. Gandalf is one of my favorite guys to work with for some reason, *hides long white beard and pointy hat beneath desk* Boromir is... flexible. He can be a pain in the ass,

Boromir voice in the deep: #I resent that#

But he is such a multi-dimensional character that I can't help but love him.


Now what else did I want to say? Oh yeah, I'm female, if you hadn't guessed that by now. I'm evil, I write evil stuff, so beware. I like to leave long, long looooonnnnggggg reviews. If you're the lucky person on the receiving side of these and checking on the freakosaur who sent it, please, do feel free to e-mail me.

I'm also up for beta work anytime. And if I'm not, you won't read this. *wink*

I should publish something in the near future. I'm planning on a series of stories that will demand a lot of work and I'm not doing the same mistake three times, I'm NOT posting anything unless it's finished. So there.

So... till then, tah tah.


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Aragorn-Legolas friendship story. On a night out near Mirkwood, trouble makes itself known.
Lord of the Rings - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,789 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/17/2003 - Published: 9/9/2003 - Aragorn, Legolas