The Potara Fusion
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Hey everyone!! I'm just a humble and casual writer that is looking for a place to upload some of my stories!

I also do a little bit of graphics works, and you can find most of my cover art for my stories on my dA account, under the same user name as this account but with dashes instead of spaces!! Most of them will say written by Vegetto, due to my main outlet being on the username Vegetto for another forum site altogether,

Not sure what else to put on here, so if you wish to know more then send me a PM or something! Thanks, and don't forget to rate/review!! :D

Here's the URL for my dA account:


UPDATE (10/24/2018):

Man, it's been awhile huh? Sorry for the extended absence from chapters 49 to 50 in The Black Rose, but I ran into a bit of writer's block and wanted to play out the finale in a fashion that really brought the whole story home. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, although my writing has always been lacking in descriptive capability and flow (most of my ideas come from visual queues and music, which I obviously, have trouble converting to literary works).

In any case though, I do hope you guys are able to follow the chapter clearly and have enjoyed my story to its fullest! I will be pumping out a small epilogue as the final piece, however, where it will tie in the events of the story to the Tournament of Power on specifically, how it influences Beerus' and Whis' understanding of Ultra Instinct ;)

Stay tuned!

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