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Alright, few people I've managed to hook as a fanbase, I've quite lenient lately with the very few stories I've posted over the last few years. Reasons?

Well, I dunno if I'm prone to existential crises more than dyslexics are to joining texting forums, but I've found I've just become stricken with this massive defeatist attitude on top of being a perfectionist. This leads to massive flops between a marathon of creativity and wads upon wads of writer's block. Yay. But that's not why you're here, is it?: "What about WRITING?"

Well, here's the thing, amigos. I refuse to delete anything -- I think it's wrong to not let others see how far you've come, on top of lots of other personal belief thingies -- but I just look back on all my older work and cringe. Even Our Dear Gravel Wars, and lord knows how passionate I was about that one. I still am, but I'm thinking I might need to restart that one because... ...Yeesh. 'Them adjectives.

Really, I've put the slammer on BS(lol), and kind of ODGW as well as BtB(I really don't wanna let the former go. But that one's gonna need some decent-sized revamping, I believe, and it may be a looooong time before that one is complete). Do I have any decent-sized fic-projects planned? The answer is yes, but fanfiction's most likely not going to be something I can work on too often, as I do aspire to be a real writer someday, and start real franchises. Ideas are in the works, but for now? While I want to start fanfics, don't be expecting too much. Got enough on my plate as it is.

Right, let the questions commence, kidnapped narrator persona I invented!

I'm tied up.

Yup. You got any inquiries, buddy?

Uh... What the hell is your username from.

Well, when I was about ten, and just getting into writing, I made up a little story about a guy named Koro, who's memory-less life, as it turned out, was a lie(o noezzz). His military section was evil and controlling him, and he had to use a weapon called the Raven Blade to save the universe and all that jazz.
And it was even stupider than it sounds, with every other plot-point containing an excessive plot hole.
Bonus; it ripped every good plot point from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2.

Personally, I like to be called Raven or Blade equally. Either way's fine.

I don't wanna interview you. This place smells weird and I just wanna watch movies.

Don't think I don't sympathize, buddy! It's okay, though -- Here's a pre-set list of questions to ask!

...Why didn't you give me this list in the first place.

...That's a really good point. Why didn't I give you them?

Who cares... Let's see... 'wHA kiNnA storees-'

My handwriting's not that atrocious... Is it?

Yeah, actually, it is.


Movin' on... '-cANN e ESSPECT?'

I cover a fairly wide range, I think. Drama, horror, tragedy, crack comedy, hurt comfort, and even romance... I change personalities at the drop of a hat, or so the saying goes, so many different ideas will incoorporate themselves into different tones and themes. I like drama a lot, though. Madness, too. It's fun to work with. I might even start abusing insanity as a subject in the future, actually.

'Yoo uSED 2 dEsPEse'... ...Yaoi? Isn't that the term for like... Gay porn, for weaboos, or something? ...'dO u st1ll hatE it'?

Nope. Don't hate Yuri either anymore. I actually kinda like gay pairings now, in reason.

Please keep in mind that the following is completely opinion-based. ...In mind now? Right, to pretentiousness! :D
I still hate pure smut, I'm a prude, sorry. But romance isn't bad, if handled well. If we're to pair... I dunno. Zim and Dib, let's say, I would fan over it, so long as:
A) Obviously, if they're in character. If the canon relationship -- Zim and Dib's hatred in this case -- dissipates? Gotta be realistically mediated over time, and over the course of realistic events and/or not fluff randomly pulled out of one's butt. Time skips are cheap to create change, but: they CAN be pulled, if good enough explanation is given. Still discouraged.
B) The writer accepts that some characters have things preventing the relationship to sail as well as they would like, outside of an AU. Like, Zim's race being ASEXUAL, with NO genitals, for example. This means -- LE GASP -- no porn. Ever. Now, does this mean NO intimacy? Nope. I got no problems with justified cuddles, or other such romantic scenarios. You don't need cum for a good time! (An impossible wish for 99 percent of the fandom to condone, perhaps, but a kid can dream right?). Speaking of, if a character has been shown MANY times to be heterosexual? Yeah, I think they're HETEROSEXUAL. Maes Hughs and Roy Mustang? Yeah, if they're canonly straight, I'm pretty sure I won't ship them in a gay pair. (There are exceptions to every rule, though. Sometimes there's that odd relationship that JUUUUUST borders on gay...)

If this is AU, things get trickier with A, but still. The characters still have to be recognizable, right? Zim wouldn't just walk into Dib's personal space and start calling him sugar-babe or whatever, or vise-versa. Gotta keep them what made them that character, right?

And I swear. If you keep using words like "Wincest", you might as well start adding words like "Pedolicious" to your vocabulary. If I see one more Hitachiin twins fic, I'll throw something.

Aside from that... Yup. Got some gay ships now. ...I've fallen from grace, I think.



'wHiCH sERieZ do u l1ek'?

Pokémon, TF2, Invader Zim, Sonic, Bioshock, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac & Squee, Final Fantasy, Jak and Daxter, Fallout, Psychonauts, Earthbound/Mother, Grim Fandango, Broken Age, Kirby, Gravity Falls, Portal, Newsroom, Disney films, Sherlock, Mushishi, Last of Us, the Cat Lady, Kingdom Hearts(not really. I don't like it for the most part, it's waaay dumber than people give it credit for. But the Nobodies seriously fascinate me as concepts and as actual characters. SO MUCH POTENTIAL GYAH!!!), Studio Ghibli, Banjo Kazooie, Welcome to the NHK, Baccano!, Wolf's Rain, Walking Dead(game), Wolf Among Us(game), Sam and Max, Gorillaz, Fire Emblem, Paranoia Agent, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, Legend of Zelda, Attack on Titan, Off (Mortis Ghost), Bastion, Transistor, Hetalia, Madoka Magica, MLP(slightly), Full Metal Alchemist, Saya no Uta, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun... Gyaaah. There's so much more. Brain's a bit clogged right now, so I'll probably more stuff later as time goes on.

'h0W muhc age is U'?

Sixteen. Stop exaggerating my hand-writing, please.

Meh, okay. Do you write OCs?

Only when I feel I have to for a fic. Like... Say no one in the series can fill the role. Then I'll try to come up with the most balanced character possible and incoorperate them as well as I can. Usually, such OCs would take a step back for the canon character. I probably will refrain from OC romance as well, unless it really fits with the plot and I feel it adds substance. Bonus points if the story is satire.

How do you take criticism?

How it usually goes:

*Gets a constructive review. Even if it's with a majority of praise*

"Oh. Oh, god, no. Uggggh I won't even look at it aaaaaaahhhhhhh..." Then I'll actually read it... "Oh, that's... But I like stories that do that/I like doing that..." Later on... "WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE, ANYWAY?! SOME MASTER CRITIQUE-GIVER?! SCREW 'EM!!! *Puts on sunglasses* BITCH! I DO WHAT I WANT!!! LALALALALALALALALA" And after months of cursing their name... "...Yeesh, they had a point, didn't they...?"

I kinda do that with games I don't get on my first run, too. Like Braid and Transistor, let's say, I'll hate 'em for a bit and then later on I'll be like "OHMYGOD THAT WAS FREAKING BRILLIANT AND SUBTLE AND" yeah.

Can I go yet?

Hmm... Okay. Begone.

Anyway, long story short, I'm a bit all over the place and a bit fickle. Hope you'll like what I put out there anyway.

...Yes, I am this annoying in real life, too. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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