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NEW UPDATE! On June 20th, 2013--To those waiting for me to update The Mysterious Stone: Okay folks...well, I have some news here. The new story will probably be very different from the old one. I had an idea a few months back, for a completely different thing, and I've been nursing it since. Trying to fill out points, extending it...all that good stuff. I thought it was really good, if a little on the angsty side (like, it was loaded with angst. I thought if I ever wrote something like that, I'd question why I was ever happy in the first place). Unfortunately, it didn't end well. Artemis just turned into a brotherless orphan with serious issues. He was depressed, suicidal...eh, not exactly what I'd ever expect someone like me to write. I couldn't find a way to make it end any better without it seeming utterly unrealistic, so I put it on hold.

Then! Then I got the fantastic idea of combining that story with The Mysterious Stone. So, that is what I'm working on now. There will be aspects of both stories in it, and so far I'm pleased with how it's turning out! I hope beyond hope it does turn out to be great, and meet my standards, so that I may actually be proud of something I write. sigh...

Cover Art: I don't know how to make awesome digital art, and just taking a picture of something I drew wouldn't look as good, so if you or someone you know would be interested in doing this please PM ME!!!!! Thank you!

Hello! I am the Authoress!!!!! Pleased to make your acquaintance *bows dramatically*

I'm 15, I'm now in the tenth grade (eep!), and I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I have blonde hair and hazel eyes.

I love reading and one day I hope to be a successful author and entertain people with my stories. I am actually working on a novel now... Maybe you'll read it when I get it written? ;) ;)

That explains my avatar: a character in my book has silver eyes, and I thought it was cool to find a pic of a silver eye :)

I officially have an account on FictionPress.com under the exact same pen name... I'm working on a few stories now (which would explain the occasional crappy updating time) and I will have them up after I type them out. Keep an eye out for them!

I have two cats: Leo the tabby and Bugsy the Russian blue.

Some of my fav books are: Artemis Fowl (#1 fav book!!!) Fablehaven, Leven Thumps, The Secret Series, The Hunger Games, Found, The Mysterious Benidict Society, Things Not Seen, Host, and Bunicula.

I'm a christian and my favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 11:1-Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Idk if anybody actually looks at these, but you are so I gives you cookie!!! (I really wish I could, honestly. Everyone needs a cookie now and then)

Please note that I will never ever abandon a story (if I can help it). So far it's been good, even if I've only written like...one full fic. But for the ones I am working on...well, it might take forever, but I will eventually get them done. For TMS...eh just read the top of the page, there. I'm not abandoning it, per say, but I am redoing it...

September 6th: How's it going? I hope ya'll are doing great, and to my fellow adolescents out there, I hope your school year has started out well! I can't complain, mostly because it feels like I never left.

I've been attending the same private school since the second grade, and it's gotten to the point where every day goes by pretty much the same--you know you need a change in scenery when the most exciting thing that happened to you all year was when the power went out and you were stuck with a roudy class upstairs...in the dark--and it feels like you never left the place. The best part is the fact that it feels like a really nice jail. Big, concrete building, no windows, no outside time (for JH and Highschool), and a surplus of people to either step on or be stepped on by.

It is cool enough. I'm getting a good education, and right now that's pretty much all that matters right? Right.

I was SUPER excited to start this year off, purely because we started on wednesday (three weeks ago). Do you know what we have for lunch on wednesday? Chicken. And. Mashed. Potatoes. Chicken and mashed potatoes! That is my favorite lunch there, even surpassing the pizza delivered on fridays. I think I amused the adults to no end when they asked if I was ready for school, and I replied with a big "heck yeah! I want my chicken and mash pataytas!" (my feeble attempt to write in my slightly southern accent. Oklahoma. We ain't Texas, but we're still down here. Just...improvise.).

That is how you start off a year!

Anyways. Ya'll have been good and patient with me (and I'm holding that on account that it's probably been so long you've forgotten your friendly neighborhood Okie), and I'm slowly but surely getting TMS up and running. I'm going all out for this thing. I'm actually researching for it (things like...well, medical stuff for starters. And then I'm trying to figure out just what kind of technology the fairies have in their little hands).

I consider it a big project of mine, and I hope that the outcome is what I imagine.

I'm getting out of here. I am getting a haircut tomorrow, and I can't wait! My hair will be blonde once again (It started out that way, but, just like the rest of the women in my family, save my baby sister (I get to call her that now, instead of little sister, because she's thirteen and needs to be put in her place), it's going brown), and I'm getting bangs!

I feel like using this as an instrument to talk to the internet, so I'll probably update this when I actually have something to say.

Questions or comments? Need to rant about the injustices of life? I am a good listener, but I can't promise I'll give good advice! I'm pretty open, so anything you want to know about me, or my stories, you can ask away!

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Artemis Fowl and the Final Resolution by bkaddictjk reviews
After TAC. The humans find out about the People. They know Artemis Fowl II was First Contact. Both worlds are at war, and they both need Artemis on their side. Artemis needs to choose between his species, family and friends. A/H Reviews are appreciated.
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Artemis Fowl is a genius. Not a father. But when his parents die in a car crash, he is parenting the twins. His whole world seems to be crashing down on him, so he runs away. But years later his friends find him with a new family, can they accept it? And who has been lurking in the shadows all these years, waiting for just this moment to strike? Find out in, Runaway Mudboy. R&R plz
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Endings and Beginnings by Ranowa Hikura reviews
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Apollo by ReeferMadnessInExcellence420 reviews
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Human Anomalies by Asilda reviews
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"That was your brother boys. That's my son Artemis." She relished her next sentence. "He's come back." -Takes place a few hours after The Lost Colony.
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The Mysterious Stone reviews
Opal Koboi is back! What happens when she kidnaps Artemis with another plan to take over the world? Rated t for torture... mwahahaha!
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