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Author has written 14 stories for Saints Row, Prototype, DC Universe Online, Payday: The Heist, Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, and inFAMOUS.


Hey there... What? You brought yourself here, not vice versa. Well, if you're staying, you might as well look around and enjoy yourself, okay?

The name's Karen or Kathleen, K.C/K.K (as my friends call me), I'm 16, Jamaican, Camerounian, British and apparently Spanish (my science teacher claims I have a Spanish last name :P), and right now, I'm living in London. My first ever story was when I was 10 years old; it was a half script, half drawing kind of story consisting of three best friends going through drama, love and friendship. Really and truly, I'd post it up but it'd make no sense whatsoever since it only contained one-liners. I'd stopped writing because I thought I was bad at it until when I was in secondary school, a particular book literally had my inner self standing there with her jaw hanging. You might know it, it's called Skulduggery Pleasant. This book was so gripping, so amazingly epic that I read SP: Playing With Fire and SP: The Faceless Ones. Especially with Playing With Fire did I get excited when Valkyrie clicked her fingers and summoned fire and Skul said "Magic." Ah, can never forget that.

As I was saying, I followed the SP series and at Christmas I thought "Why not write up a story of my own?" I made two; Cassie Brooks: Dusk Is Calling and Cassie Brooks: Complications. At the time, it was really good but now that I can actually write, it's actually quite bad. Paragraphs are my pet peeve in literature and so I didn't manage to make one ANYWHERE. I scrapped it and must have searched it up and that's when I found Cyanide-Princess-666's fanfic Wistful Kisses. At first, I was like "Hmm, interesting..." but when it came to the ending, I screamed. That fanfic is amazing, Cyanide is part of the reason I'm writing and also Derek Landy, the guy behind the whole SP series. And so I just browsed this website and signed up to it and wrote a couple stories of my own. I'm an action-packed, full of violence type writer. I'd usually include someone with power in a fanfic, otherwise it's not mine. I do play a lot of FPS (first person shooter) games and read A LOT of books (as you can see...). If you want, here's the list of my stories that have either been completed or still in progress, starting with Guns & Roses since that's my most popular and most successful story (The rest is in random order.), and with education pulling my strings, I still go out on a limb to produce stories just for my dear readers. Aww, aren't I nice?

Side Note: Constructive criticism is allowed as you shape the story and make it better. Well, 10% of it, at least. No stealing, bombing or flaming. Especially flaming. I'm sorry to say 'Guest' but CAP-LOCKING IS REALLY NOT THE EQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING, it's more when you need to emphasise words when there's no italics in sight. And if you do, you've just wasted at least 10 seconds of your life complaining about how bad my story is. While you're fuming, I'll be laughing so in Johnny Storm's words: Flame on, b*hes. :)

Guns & Roses

An ambush, a fight, and one glare was all it took for former SWAG member Amber-Leigh DeFizz and Nathan Collin, Leader of the 3rd Street Saints, to fall immensely in love with each other. As time passed, Amber switches gangs to become closer to Nathan and finally, they are together. With a surprise kiss and irradiated Saints Flow, whatever will happen with the Saints?

A couple OC's and the original Saints. I wouldn't say the Boss is an OC but he kinda is because I created him... Somehow, the 7,000 readers (Guys... We've hit out target! Thanks to everyone who's actually dedicated their lives to reading my first fanfic. The greatest gift a writer can get on her birthday! *) didn't seem to mind the Amber/Nathan pairing and finally, Guns & Roses has been completed so on to the sequel! Also, shout out to xXl3xxiXx mainly because she's been there for this story all the way. You're welcome, girl! UPDATE: I got bored and drew the famous pairing. Click here!

Chaos & Bloodshed (Title has been changed)

Amber swore on that day that she will find every single person that caused Nathan to fall into a deep 3-month coma. Having to play boss, she's become closer with the Saints she thought possible and has made new friends along the way. With more gangs flying into Steelport, she has three weeks until Nathan is discharged from the hospital to take those gangs down. And does so with bitter-sweet revenge.

Again, OC's with the Saints. I've altered Amber's personality in this one so now she's more sinister than before. It's finally finished, yay! So read on and let murder time be fun time.

Guns & Roses: Counterplay

The Saints have really done it, The New Era and the Syndicate are gone. But what if something happens and people close to you die? What if your wife almost died in a car accident? What if your own media group turned against you? You do one thing; perform your counterplay. They wanted a brighter future and a better life. The future couldn't be more colder.

Finally, Guns & Roses: Counterplay (the last installment for the Guns & Roses series and the sequel to Chaos & Bloodshed) is out! I'm so excited for this story because it's in the future and I like thinking ahead. (ha, get it? No..? Okay, then...) Thanks to every single person who have read/followed/alerted/favourited the two stories, I never would have gotten this far without you.

[UPDATE: I'm actually gonna restart this whole thing. Yep, redo it from the beginning. It's gonna be bigger and better than this, so please be patient guys. I'm planning on posting the updated version next year (seems a long way but time flies, trust me) and by doing that, I have time to focus on my other fanfic. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Absolutely Saintly

What happened to the Saints after the New Era situation? Drunk-dialling your cousin-in-law, vehicle-surfing a VTOL and streaking in Stilwater, that's what happened.

This is basically one-shots all clustered together for everyone's entertainment. Everyone can get involved but this won't be published until Counterplay's done so stay tuned!


Jessica Phase Miles might not have been your ordinary assassin but when her fate changed, everything changes with it. Now being the former host of the WHITELIGHT Virus, she fights alongside ZEUS and other allies to stop the most powerful threats combined. Heller is gone and PARIAH is on his way. Will they be able to save Manhattan from ultimate destruction?

Oh, you've gotta love my OC's. I have dramatically changed the whole concept of Prototype (i.e. The Children) but my 5,000 readers (And counting!) didn't care in the slightest, although I tried my hardest to keep it original. If you're liking the summary so far, you can proceed to read it in your free time. Is finally finished and planning a little something *wink wink, nudge nudge*. Also, I'd like to thank CardiffRift (Caitlin; We have similar names :O); Believe it or not but this story would've ended if Anwen Harper and Lex didn't pop out of nowhere.

Top Of The Food Chain

Alex Mercer has never felt better. After tackling Heller and consuming him, the city is officially his playground. But as the virus evolves and more people get infected, he finds out that some people survive and some don't appreciate that.

A quick one-shot that I wrote up one boring day. Contains quick OC's that end up dying anyway and Alex Mercer, the founding father of the BLACKLIGHT Virus.


If you were somehow sucked from Earth and transformed into a Meta-Human, what would your thoughts be?

A somewhat one-shot in my perspective. I got bored (again) and wrote that also. Whatever you do, please don't read it. And I'm not trying to mislead you in anyway.


This so-called woman called Rebel joins Dallas, Chains, Hoxton and Wolf in the Diamond Heist. Have you ever wished for the heist to go accordingly, no matter what happens?

This story I enjoyed writing as I found out the new Wolfpack DLC came out that month. So I wondered "What could happen if you sneak past security guards without being heard and manage to drop a couple storeys without literally being injured?" My mind answered with "Be creative." And with that, I did.


The city has been saved and Alex is now called a hero. After taking down Greene and Cptn. Cross, all is well until he discovers something unbelievable. Teaming up with his sister and two new Runners, Sgt. James Heller and Hazelle Withers, they fight their way to tackle the biggest threat known to man. Himself.

Let's put this in a more simpler way: What if the explosion made two Mercers? With Heller, Dana and a brand new Runner Hazelle by his side, only one is to fall. You're guessing Zeus, right? But which one?

Completed! Thanks to everyone who's supported Pandemonium from simply favouriting to commenting, and those who are supporting its sequel, Devils of Manhatta. Really appreciate it!

Codename: Sorrow

Why? That's all Lilith Kyle wants to know. Why is she a Conduit? Why did her parents die? Why is she the supposed threat that Gentek are trying to capture? At the same time, Jessica discovers something she'd never thought would've been possible.

A sequel to CODENAME: ANGEL but this time, my American bud CardiffRift is actually co-writer so whatever I typed up, she's tweaked some of it. A cross-over with inFAMOUS and Prototype including an original storyline. Just a couple chapters up, if you wanna read.


"Never in her life did she think that she'd make love like that with the Leader of the 3rd Street Saints, never. He was the 'Butcher of Stilwater', a gang-banger, a corporate whore just waiting for the paycheck but to her, he was more than a man with the time to spill blood and create disorder just for the sake of creating it in the first place."

As a Media Studies student, we have to do very out-of-the-box analysis and taking 'Diamonds' by Rihanna, actually listening and 'reading' the lyrics to the song, I've come up with this. It took me one whole day to write this and I've gave it my all so go ahead and read it. You will not be dissapointed!

Lost in Time

For years, Ryder had been blinded by the truth but when it was revealed to her, all she wants to do is to get revenge. With her mother trapped in Nirvana and her father being punished in Hades, she must face her inner abilities of her hybrid state and see what it takes to destroy the Code. The tables turn and the fate of Pandora and the rest of mankind is in her hands. Question is, will she save the world... Or destroy it?

I shall be posting le story on Quote V

He honestly didn't didn't like his birthday because they would always be something or someone to mess up his happy mood. But his birthday might be considered to be the best day of the year thanks to someone.

ANOTHER ONE-SHOTTER! This was posted on my birthday, so now the Boss and I share the same birthday since I was unsure on what day he should have his birthday on. This was random but I was too much in a happy mood to leave FanFiction untouched with my love. Plus, I also called it Birthday Luck because, surprisingly, my luck was pretty amazing on that day. Had a French listening exam, a bit too easy. Everyone was happy, so I was happy. Yay, spreading the lurvee...

Devils Of Mahnattan

He thought it was over, he thought saving New York from the BLACKLIGHT Virus would save everything else, even himself. But it only made matters worse. Raiden only had one mission to complete: secure Siryn and bring her back to Denver, that was all. But when things take a turn for the worse, the three are forced to work together to save the city from oblivion. Two's company, three's a crowd but four's a party.

With deep thinking and drafting up several beginnings, I've finally decided to write a sequel to Pandemonium. Yay!! But there's a twist, it's going to be a mash-up! Prototype clashed with Metal Gear Solid's Raiden and Infamous' Valérie, my OC I created just for this story (only because it's post all games). Smiles all around, Alex Mercer is back!

(EDIT: Operation: ReStart has begun! Now that I've completed all my college exams, this fic and one of my others are gonna be my main focus from now on. So stay tuned~!)


After all that time, Robyne Ghost, a.k.a. Rebel, has been pulling off her own evil schemes for taking money via the 5-Finger Discount. But when a familiar voice calls her back on the team, she can barely resist the offer.

A couple of people told me how cool the original Rebel was and I was pretty much happy to write up its sequel. Thanks to the release of PayDay 2 not long ago, I can perform some switcheroos from world 1 to world 2.

Press Start

It's hard realising that Earth will never be reconstructed back to its original state, 7 billion people vapourised within a blink of an eye. But it seems the Saints have discovered something fascinating... It seems like Kinzie has managed to create 'Game Levels' that include Devil May Cry, Dragons Dogma, inFAMOUS and any more. Only problem is that she accidentally uploaded them into the simulations of most of the crew. What ever will happen to the Saints?

I'm SOOOO excited about writing this. One of my closest friends on the site, SaintsRow4Ever, is gonna be my co-writer and... I just can't wait!! If you didn't get the summary, get this: The Saints, game-jumpin'. 'Nuff said. *drops mic*

What Cay's Planning (Do or Undo):

  • Press Start: (title subject to change) a Saints Row fic [COLLABORATION]
  • The Saints & The Devils: a Saints Row/Devil May Cry fic
  • Never Surrender (title subject to change) a Bleach fic [IN-PROGRESS]
  • Gender-Bent: a Saints Row OR Devil May Cry fic
  • Not Amused: a Prototype fic
  • Take It Off, Vergil: a Devil May Cry fic [DONE]
  • The Nightmares: a Saints Row fic [UNDO]
  • The Iron Maiden: a RWBY fic [IN-PROGRESS]
  • Smoke, Ash & Aerosol Cans: an inFAMOUS fic [IN-PROGRESS]
  • Risen From Ashes: an inFAMOUS fic
  • Ghost in a Machine: a DRAMAtical Murder fic [IN-PROGRESS]

  • Misc.: I'm a Heartbeat, a K-Pop and Creatures fan. Anime is my newly found style of drawing and Dante (from all games) is my new husband... Ish. I ADORE music, especially dubstep and its wubs (Saints Row, oh, you love me so). Oh, and I'm in LOVE with MGR:R OST, especially Rules of Nature and Collective Consciousness. If you watch VSauce, TetraNinja's/TheRadBrad's walkthroughs and/or RWJ, you're awesome! My favourite games are Prototype (1), Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, Batman: Arkham City, Payday: The Heist, inFAMOUS 2, The Sims 3 (The Karma Powers are very drastic, especially the Firestorm.), DmC (Dante's redo is just so hot, but there's just no love for him.) and much more... Yeah, that's right! Ima gamer!

    Random Notes: I've finally figured out my height. Many people say how tall I am, I'm only 5'6". I'm hella short. Oh, and Noiz is my husband and you can't tell me otherwise.

    Favourite Quotes: "I am Lightning. The rain transformed." - Raiden

    "My name was Alex Mercer and my work here is almost done." - Alex Mercer

    "Hot dayum, do you look good!" - The Protagonist (Male Voice 2, SR:TT)

    "You of all people should know there's plenty wrong with me." - The Joker

    "You can look into people's hearts, and crush them to pieces." - Noiz (DRAMAtical Murder)

    "Don't worry, everyone loses to me." - The President (Male Voice 1, SRIV)

    "Individual pieces of dust swirl together, becomes a force storm." - War Still Rages Within (MGR: R)

    "Dad! When I grow up, I wanna invent ice-cream!" - Eren Jaeger (Attack On Titan Abridged)

    "You can never be strong without knowing what being weak feels like." - Vinie (SR OC)

    So, that's it guys. You actually managed to read my profile without leaving... I'm proud! But, if you want:

    PSNetwork - BabiKay (Saints Row IV or Grand Theft Auto V Online anyone?)

    DeviantArt - ItsKayCay (I'm starting fresh, so here's my new account.)

    Instagram - MassProduced/ItsNoiz (where you'll mainly see my weird and wonderful life and artwork)

    QuoteV - KayCay (EDIT: I'm going to be posting my original story Lost In Time on there.)

    I'm officially a Beta-Reader, guys! I've always wanted to be a beta for while and was kinda put down when I knew I wasn't reaching my standards. I'll help you through thick and thin, through the raging seas and scorching deserts. Don't worry, I don't bite!

    And as always, Enjoy Reading! :)


    [ GAME OVER ]

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