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Well, as it turns out, I did get a brand, spankin' new Dell laptop as a graduation gift. :) However, my well of ideas in regards to SNK has ran completely dry. I'm currently stuck two paragraphs after starting chapter eight. So, I've decided to take a little break. I promise to update at least once over the summer, but for now, I'll be working on an original story on my fictionpress account. It have the same name there, so if you're interested in a fictional fantasy story, go right ahead and nip over to check it out. I could honestly use the publicity.

I'm sure there are others who read SNK, but I really appreciate your patience, Yukari Rin. I apologize for my procrastination when it comes to updating.

Well, look forward to the next chapter dattebayo!


You obviously can't expect me to spend all too much time on this profile, considering the amount of catching up I have to do on SNK at the moment. But just because I'm currently suffering from a case of reluctancy to do homework along with a nasty bout of writer's block, I'll indluge the general public's fascination with reading these little things.

I don't really think reading this will tell you much about me except that I'm quite the frightening enthusiast in regards to the proper use of the English language, but that's a start. I try to use the grammar and spelling skills I've been leaning since I was born as much as possible, especially in my stories. It's true, I can freely say that my earlier works suck tremendously compared to recent updates. But progress is the name of the game, and I've been playing for a while now. I hope to improve these skills as I continue writing my stories, as the career I'm aiming for is that of an author. It's best to nip my ambition in the bud, I believe, and I'll need all the practice I can get before actually considering making the moves to put my career in full motion.

I probably seem awful rigid, and, well... Crude, in the way I've been writing about myself for the past few minutes, but I've never been very good at carrying myself around strangers, even if I can't see their faces or even tell if they're there, for that matter. But I can assure all of the unfortunate people still reading this that I am, in fact, but a teenage girl with nothing better to do than make herself look like a prick at the moment. I don't care to elaborate further on the subject of just who I am, but if you take a peek at my fanfictions, you may be able to catch some of my personality in the author's notes.

I'll admit, that plug was fairly shameless. But I really want nothing more than the people supporting the fandoms I write for to stumble across and enjoy the stories I make time for on occasion to put together. Then again, the odd review once in a while is nice, but I'm satisfied just knowing that at least a few people have read my works. I seem to be getting more and more uptight-sounding by the sentence, so I'll leave it at that, but if you're sure you want to dive deeper into my affairs, follow the homepage link to my LiveJournal and get your bathing suits ready.

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Maybe: Oneshot

Shin-Ra: Oneshot

Cold Hands: Oneshot

Two Chances Missed: Oneshot

Whatshername: Oneshot

Shi no Koe: In progress

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