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Aine: Hello minna! It's us!

Arata: The RoyalAssassinSiblings97!

Aine: We're EXTREMELY sorry we haven't updated in a while.

Arata: It's because our mom changed the password for our other account because she didn't know we made it and grounded us for 2 months. -_-

Aine: We managed to convince her to give us another chance.

Arata: Anyways on to the subject of our upcoming stories.

Aine: Onii-chan!!! You can't tell them that yet!

Arata: Oops! Sorry! Slip of the tongue!

Aine: Anyways we will update our stories and some might be familiar to you guys!

Arata: So please wait and see!

Aine: We're happy to be back!