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I am an asshole, Lol.

— Me:
· I am a female.
· Marrrs (Mars) is a nickname that was given to me by a dear friend of mine.
· I only write for Super Smash Brothers. Nothing else.
· I'm a multi-shipper. Don't be surprised if you see me writing about multiple pairings.
· I mostly write about Romance, Humor and Drama, but I will write for other genres, too.
· All ratings are what I will write for. Trying to get into M.
· Alternate Universes are very fun to write about.
· Slow at updating multi-chapter fan fics.
· I am a Senior in high school, so I can become very busy.
· Previous Pennames: DaZeLinker, Multishipping-Extravaganza, Mayelo-Prinsesa, soaringvalkyrie, tuxedomoon, Little MarMar, hyliaa
· I read almost anything - as long as I can understand what I'm reading and it isn't too complex like poetry (I don't like poetry).

— Statuses:

Writing: Semi-Active

Since school is once again, resuming, I will be busy with homework and stuff. I do still write, albeit slowly. Planning is what I'll be doing, mostly.

Smash: Half - Kinda Little Activity

This is it, the point in which I am unable to play much video games as much as I want to. School - I really have to focus because my mom was disappointed with my grades from last school year. I wasn't doing all too well to be honest; depression was kicking my ass Junior year. I was pretty much crying myself to sleep some nights. This year... I will do my best. I will only be able to play on Wednesdays and on the weekends if I am lucky enough to not get as much homework. Wednesdays since I get off at 1:04. If I am on during school days other than the day in which I get out early, I probably finished my homework and am in the mood to beat people up.

— Daily Updates:

August 21, 2015: Smash Stuff

Ohmygod. when you do 90% of the work while you're in team smash. ughh. noobs.

August 22, 2015: Real Life Stuff

I got a new phoneee. An iPhone 5S. c: On Another Note: I just decided to try out with playing a dating simulator, and hot damn... THEY ARE SO DAMN FUN TO PLAY. AHH, POOR KOKORO CAN'T TAKE ALL OF THIS CUTENESS. /screams 5ever

August 24, 2015: Real Life Stuff

I am so tired - you don't even know. Both mentally and physically, I am just burning out. I have very low self-esteem and I have been feeling like total shit lately and my body just hurts. I got my psychology book today and I am in the middle of doing my cornell notes homework. After the first day of school, I was just... done. I don't know how long I can go on with this. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm being overdramatic, but I'm done. Really. I hope this first semester will go by fast so I can relax thereafter. My tiny body is weak.

August 26, 2015: Real Life and Fan Fiction Stuff

You know you should be reading more if you can't understand your homework. sigh. We're reading Platos' "Allegory of the Cave" story and things just do not make any sense to me. I'm dumb. and stressed. and all of these things on my plate -- just nope. I will try to write my entry. Also, looking back at my old story ideas is just so damn hilarious. I WAS SUCH A WEIRDO BACK THEN. I mean, I still am, but I have matured a bit. pls school stop being so hard.

— Smash

Nintendo ID


Mii Name

It's M J.

Name Input

Mar - this is how you know it's definitely me. I always put this.


For Glory: Team Smash - I just love teams, though I usually am screaming at my teammate if they keep losing or dying on me. But, I would never insult them. That's just rude and I wouldn't want that to happen to me.

For Glory: Smash - Giving this one a try. It's pretty challenging since the stages used are Omega and Omega stages are pretty small which makes it more likely that you will receive damage from the other people who are participating.

For Fun: Smash - I go here when I want to relax and be free of the many scrubs in For Glory.

What Type of Fighter

Competitive: 60%
Casual: 30%
Other: 10%

I can be pretty aggressive and tend to take things seriously, so if someone attacks or knocks me out, I will definitely pay them back tenfold. But, on the other hand, I can be chill and I usually stay out of fighting and unless provoked - I will go all out for staying away. If friends are being attacked, though, expect for me to try and assist you. Also, if someone taunts after they KO me... let's just say it won't be pretty. I am a salty human being.

Currently Maining

Villager & Peach

Others Include

Ness, Roy, Lucas, Zelda, Mario, Lucina, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, Palutena, Yoshi, Toon Link, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus, Robin, Ike, Link

Little Tips

  1. When using Smash Attacks never do them more than once in a row. If they didn't hit your opponent the first time, don't try it again. You are more likely to miss after the first try. I do this all the time when I am angry and it takes control of my gameplay. If you use a smash attack, make sure you know it's going to hit even though it may not happen all the time if the other fighter has good evading skills. Be careful and space out your attacks. Try to come up with a good combination to use.
  2. Try doing different things other than the same tactic as always. You are most likely to surprise the other person if you change up your fighting style. You are least likely to be read by them if you do things differently than before.
  3. Practice, practice, practice! Whether it be against CPU or actual people, it is always best to practice and train so that you can become better. For months, I've gone against level 9 AI 1-on-1, trying to sharpen up my skills and I actually have gotten better - but I am derpy when online, haha.
  4. Don't spam the counter! I know, countering can help tons when you're in trouble and you want to protect yourself from receiving anymore damage or getting knocked out, but if you constantly counter, you are easy to punish once the other person figures out your motives. Remember that using your shield and rolling are other options to keep yourself safe.
  5. When falling from the air with no safe place to land because your competitor is preventing you from doing so, try to get to the ledge for safety. Don't try to attack your opponent head on! It's not a pretty ending for you if you are close to being KO'ed.
  6. Don't taunt while in the middle of a battle. It makes you look like an asswipe. Plus, if you lose, it makes you look dummmb.
  7. Nair is your friend. Use it when you're trapped and for combos.


Verdant in Victory
08/20/2015 - 08/27/2015

Team Link vs Team Palutena

» Team Link: Link, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser Jr.
» Team Palutena: Palutena, Bowser, Toon Link, Little Mac

participating for: team palutena. . .14pts.

#teampalutena[number] for replays of conquest.


Send in your replays to me! I will definitely give them a watch - especially as a friend just sends hers to me without me even telling her. You never know... maybe I'll send one right back at you! (...If I could make any good ones to send to you; which I probably won't be able to.)

— Headcanons:

» Town Name Change: No longer will I name the town in which the smashers live in 'Smashville', no. I will now call it 'Starry Haven' - for various reasons. One, because Smashville is just plain overused now, and I want to be unique. Two, because Starry Haven sounds like a beautiful and friendly place. And ultimately, I don't want to name everything with the word 'smash' anymore. The only time in which I will use the old name is for The Mysteries of Smashville.

» Smash Mansion: I won't be writing about this at all - except for the one alternate universe I am still planning for in the future. Instead, our dear smashers will be living in separate dorms, just like the private school/college life. Girls with girls and boys with boys.


  • Curfew is at 11 PM. Everyone must be sleeping in their assigned dorm rooms. If anyone is caught loitering about, they are banned from competing in any fights for 2-3 weeks.
  • Fighting outside of the Smash Brothers Arena is prohibited.
  • If in Starry Haven, fighters must be back by 8 PM.
  • Smashers are allowed to leave for home whenever for as long as they please if they do not have an upcoming match. If there is an emergency, they are excused.
  • Visitors are welcome during certain points of the year. If it is fighting season, smashers will not be available until it is over.
  • » Smash Brothers Arena: Where all fights are broadcasted in. Each fight is shown as holographs in every universe for those to spectate. Only actual matches are done here. Training is done in the training room.

    » Currency: The money used in Starry Haven will just be called 'credits'. Credits will be able to be accessed only through cards, just like credit cards. There are no physical forms for credits but the cards. If lost, users can request for another one for 5 credits in return.

    — My Classes this School Year:

  • 1st - American Democracy
  • 2nd - Asian American History
  • 3rd - English/European Literature
  • 4th - Game Development 2
  • 5th - AP Computer Science
  • 6th - AP Psychology

  • — Other Facts About Me:

    · I love flower crowns they just look so adorable.
    · AlpharadTV is my favorite Smash YouTuber. He is my idol.
    · Sailor Moon is like the best!
    · Though I am a multi-shipper, I do not ship NaLu. I sink it, in all honesty. Instead, I sail with GrayLu.
    · This is my final penname. I swear it.

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