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Nicknames: MarMar, Mari, Mars, Marsble, Jellybean.

Disclaimer: This writer does not own any of the Franchises that she attempts to write for. She only owns the Plots and Original Characters that she uses, unless stated otherwise.

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Update As of March Twenty-Eighth, Two-Thousand and Fifteen

Greetings, fellow FanFiction.net dwellers. I am finally on my needed Spring Break after many very stressful weeks of school -- yay! (There are six more weeks of school left, but oh well.) Anyways, I may be writing some things up because a few days after I get back from my break, I am required to do placement tests that will determine whether or not I am college ready. The subjects are English and Mathematics. And so, I thought, 'Why don't I try to write some fan fiction to polish up on writing?'. I wish that I will pass those tests with good scores. . .because if I don't; I will feel really, really, really stupid. I will have another year to redeem myself during college to take it again if I don't pass this year, though if I don't pass that one, then I'll have to take remedial classes which will cost me some money -- which I do not want to pay, because it costs a lot and takes up time. Ughh, I really hate how tests like these make your self-esteem plummet down to the Earth's core. They also seem really biased. I can only hope that I will not have to take remedial classes. Sigh.

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