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Henry's Wifey

I'm on hiatus!

Previously known as many other names, but you may call me Mar.

Henry of Fire Emblem Awakening is M I N E-!

Nya ha ha!

Life Updates

[11 / 24 / 15] : Thank the Goddesses, it is finally, finally time for Thanksgiving break. I have longed for this break for a while now, and now it has arrived! Though I have a lot of homework, I am absolutely psyched for being able to stay at home instead of having to lug around my backpack while walking through the loud, crowded af hallways. Oh! I also got my SAT scores, and let me tell ya'... they ain't a pretty sight at all, ha-ha. I got around a 1300, but I don't really care, because I have decided to head to community college first before going to a California State University. I am probably even going to flunk that Math Placement Test so that I can take a remedial class or something so that I can catch up to everyone else; or perhaps my friend can tutor me.

To be honest, I still don't know what I want my major to be... Do I want a Bachelor of Arts degree? Or a Bachelor of Sciences degree? It's so hard to decide. Photography sounds like an interesting thing to do in the future, but would I be able to support myself? Computer Science is pretty difficult and I have been struggling in AP Computer Science lately. Do I want to get into Game Design? Do I want to become a Counselor of some sort so that I may be able to help people and to give them support when they are struggling and are in need of someone to help them up? I. JUST. DON'T. KNOW. All I know is that I have given up in trying to be in the medical field. Too much school, I think I would just straight up drop out around the middle if I tried to become a Veterinarian or a Pediatrician. Blab, blab, blab. I have droned on and on about college and it's beginning to scare me. I'm going to graduate soon, holy cow!

Fun Fact: I got a 470 in Reading, a 480 in Math, and a 370 in Writing. For someone who sucks in Mathematics, I got a pretty good score, lol. I legitimately was not trying at all while I was testing. You can tell that my writing skills have gone caput due to my inability to write much during my times of breaks.

[11 / 27 / 15 ] : Doin' nothin' but procrastinatin' when I'm supposed to be doing my homework... ha he ha... oopsie daisie! Well, at least I'm doing the whole load of cleaning that I meant to do for several weeks. Good thing I'm doing it now. I hope to get Rune Factory 4 during that eShop thing. Stay away in the meantime, December 2nd! I also hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving like I did - as well as Black Friday. I gots a new telly! : D

[11 / 29 /15 ] : I now have my own personal laptop where I can freely write my fan fics and play some vidya games. I am now playing Elsword -- a game that my friends have been dying to make me play ever since I'd seen them playing it. It's pretty fun and addicting. MMORPG's are super duper fun! It's on Steam and it's a free-to-play game that you should totally give a chance! It's 2AM right now and I should probably go to sleep now... oops!

Fan Fiction Ideas

Note: These are my original ideas that I have just recently thought of. Do not take them wholeheartedly as things that I will be writing and posting in the future. I am still working out the kinks of plot holes and figuring out if I am actually going to portray certain things to their fullest potential.

1: Male Character and Female Character are a married couple and are waiting for their new arrival that is soon to come! Everything is well and Male Character goes out with their friends on a night out, only to get into an accident and gets admitted into the hospital. A few days later, they awaken only to be bewildered. When he looked at himself in the mirror, why was there someone else looking right back at him? Was that truly him? Why could he not recognize anyone? A story about the cognitive disorder, prosopagnosia, or face blindness.

2: Male Characteris a teen who --

Nintendo 3DS

My Friend Code: 1092-1501-5206

If you wish to add me, please do Private Message me yours so that I can add you back!

My Current Games Are: Fire Emblem Awakening & Tri Force Heroes. Soon to buy more after I cash in my paycheck from my day of working at the election polls, woohoo! I will probably get Super Smash Brothers 4, Rune Factory 4, and Animal Crossing or Tomadachi Life or Pokémon since my friends have been telling me to get those games. I am also psyched for the new Fire Emblem game that will be coming on February!

Nintendo Wii U

My Nintendo ID: maribearie

I add just about anyone who adds me, so be sure to send me a request if you want to add me!

My Current Games Are: Mario Kart 8 & Super Smash Brothers 4, but all I ever play now is Smash. I will try to play daily, but if I have homework and all that other jazz... sorry! I am open to playing with friends, whenever, though. Hit me up and we can play together! I am usually found in For Glory, Team Smash and I also post some of my replays to YouTube when I have the chance to. I cannot wait for Zelda Wii U and Twilight Princess HD! N'yeeEEEssSsssS. I have been wanting to replay TP for quite some time now, since it is the first Zelda game I have ever beaten.

Super Smash Brothers Wii U/3DS

Characters that I Play as Often:

1: Lucas {Current Main}
2: Toon Link
3: Lucina
4: Pit
5: Zero Suit Samus
6: Villager
7: Zelda
8: Yoshi

Characters that I should Practice More As:

1: Ness
3: Link
4: Robin
5: Ike
6: Peach
7: Roy
8: Wii Fit Trainer
9: Captain Falcon
10: Ganondorf
11: Mario
12: Shulk

Sorry if there are typos everywhere, it's difficult to type in this biography while using an iPhone. x_x

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