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in memory of. . .mr. monty oum -- june 22, 1981 - february 1, 2015

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The effort you put forth transcends yourself.

For there is no futility in death. "


Keep Moving Forward.


01. twisted

category: super smash brothers

characters: princess zelda, link

genre: mystery

rated: t

summary: alternate universe. -- when she woke up - all she could remember was running. running from what? she didn't know. everything was a blur to the woman, it. . .it happened so fast. now, she was in some weird, unknown place. how will she ever get back home?

intended amount of chapters: undetermined

synopsis: honestly, i never thought i would come up with an idea such as this one; and i do not even know how long i will make this as. but, i will try to think harder about what i want to do with this as i continue on.

intended publish date: unknown

02. mind if i sit?

category: super smash brothers

characters: sheik, ike

genre: humor, romance

rated: k-plus

summary: alternate universe. -- every day, she sat at the same table, alone. reading the same exact book, at the same exact times. he visited the café every other week, and never really paid much attention to her. soon, she had captured his attention on one fateful valentine's day. let the shenanigans ensue.

intended amount of chapters: undetermined

synopsis: ahh. i just love plots like these. also, i got this idea from otpprompts on tumblr. i will paste the prompt on the first chapter - so other can use it if they ever wish to.

intended publish date: unknown

03. the weakest link

category: super smash brothers

characters: toon link, link

genre: hurt/comfort, friendship

rated: k-plus

summary: weakling. it was what he was called constantly, and he had never been given the chance to show he wasn't. that was. . .until the match-ups were announced. will he succeed?

intended amount of chapters: two /or/ three chapters

synopsis: see here, i was bored one december night; and i thought of toon link and how 'clones' are usually treated. and this idea was. . .born, i guess.

intended publish date: unknown

04. the cold princess and the sweet bounty hunter?

category: super smash brothers

characters: princess zelda, princess peach, samus aran

genre: humor, friendship

rated: t

summary: sick of her two bestfriends constantly bickering, she decides to cast a spell upon them to teach them a lesson. that spell was a. . .a body switching spell?!

intended amount of chapters: approximately seven chapters

synopsis: this fan fic will be back, written better than ever-! as requested by a friend on iwaku. i hope to finish this as soon as i can.

intended publish date: unknown

05. a smashing guide to: prom

category: super smash brothers

characters: link

genre: humor

rated: k-plus

summary: semi alternate universe. -- prom coming up so soon? any ideas how to plan out what you need for your soon-to-be amazing night? if not, a smashing guide to: prom is the book for you! : perhaps the very first book to a new series.

intended amount of chapters: undetermined

synopsis: prom is close for my school and i have seen so many people being asked in many spectacular ways - so why don't i have the smashers participate on such an event? ;D

intended publish date: unknown

06. she once had loved

category: super smash brothers

characters: princess zelda

genre: drama, angst

rated: t

summary: alternate universe. -- he was everything she had ever dreamt of. . .or she so blindly and foolishly believed.

intended amount of chapters: perhaps a one-shot

synopsis: this is a. . .kinda depressing fan fic.

intended publish date: unknown

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