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    a shit ton of them

    Chloe Price from Life is Strange -- holy fuk. my heart is killing me. this game is amaze.

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    All the colors in the world. Yes, even the least-liked (that I know), Brown, because BrownMan (Ray Narvaez Jr.) is the bomb!


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    Smash Mains.

    I) Peach - I play her well. I have won tons of games while playing as her, so I am pretty sure she will be my main main for a while until I grow of rustiness. Using her down special only and getting a bob-omb is pretty OP, though. I am totally not complaining. I find it a cool new surprise if you're losing as Peach. It's like a second chance. :3
    II) Toon Link - I have played as him for as long as I can remember, especially when it comes to Brawl. I have grown kind of rusty after maining Peach for so long and not playing Smash as much thanks to school and roleplaying. But, I have played as TL quite a lot, so I won't go down without a fight! :P
    III) Lucina - This giiiiiiirl. Love playing as her, but I haven't in so long! o_o I do not think I will play her as well as I used to, but I can only try. /taunt/ Come at me! \taunt\
    IV) Zelda - Other princesssss! I usually try my best as Zellie, but I sometimes fail. . .I TRY, OKAY. I TRY HARD. XD
    V) Villager - This dude. Very fun to play as. Bowling ball, Tree, and Pocketing moves are pretty OP as fuck, but funny to do either way. Nuff said.
    VI) Link - Mofo got buffed up. Buffed up real good. And I like it. Kind of weird when doing the dash neutral though, but that is probably just me.
    VII) Zero Suit Samus - Uber fun. Still practicing with her, though.


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  • May 16, 2015:

    Coming up with a new story -- well, it will be a one-shot collection, actually. Still writing up the first one-shot, it is still in the beginning, but I will hopefully finish it up soon. Also, I have fixed up this biography yet again.

    May 17, 2015:

    Ughhh. I may not be able to finish that one-shot today. I have so much homework and studying to do, I am swaaaaamped! I have to draw two pages worth of screenshots (12 drawings) for my annoying Media Arts class that makes me hate drawing now, I have to finish my Chemistry chapter reviews, my Chemistry project: The Alaska Oil Spill and How it Effected Us, oh, and, I also have to prepare for the United States History socratic that I have tomorrow -- and I do not like debating about historical events and talking in front of large groups of people with their beady eyes staring me down. And, because of anxiety, I usually shy away, but because I did not participate for the last one, I have to participate for this one to keep a good grade. I AM FREAKING OUT, MAN! FREAKING OUT! This is why I should stop procrastinating. . .sigh. Gooo me.

    May 20, 2015:

    Holy cooow. Life is Strange is taking over my god damn life. I swear, this game is making me cry so much I want to die. Why must Dontnod do this Chloe and Maxine. Whyyyyy. Ughhhhhh. I cannot even. Episode 3 makes me just want to scream and shout and let it all out.

    May 21, 2015:

    First day of finals, woop! I will not have anything published/released as it is time for finals.

    May 27, 2015:

    I am officially a Senior in high school now! BRING ON SUMMER BREAK!!!! Writing will be slow.

    You have reached the end of this biography. Woohoo!

    The Mysteries of Smashville: Smash Mansion reviews
    [AU] - Fifty-Five Innocents, Six Traitors, and One Insane Host all cooped up inside a mysterious and magical mansion. The Innocents must find their way out while trying to stay alive. . .will they make it? - Multiple Character Deaths, Slurring. : Still in a Planning Process.
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