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Thank YOU for your readership!

Thanks to Sa-Dui and a friend for the artwork!

This series, Gift of the Protector, is part of an ongoing Pokemon saga which I hope you enjoy. The following is the story of Edge, a Gardevoir by the name of Sana, and a mysterious girl from a researcher's convoluted memories.

Chronological Order (Main Sequence): Arc 1: Fractured Unity -- Arc 2: Pristine Embrace -- Arc 3: Radiant Heart

Side Stories: Blossoming Eloquence and Another Late Night are the background stories of the two main characters, recommendation is to read during Arc 2: Pristine Embrace

The other two side stories, Sometimes It Hurts and especially Snow Angels, come with a recommendation to read during and after Arc 3: Radiant Heart, respectively.

Snow Angels in particular is an important piece of the conclusion.

Related Fiction: Heaven's Slice:

The sequel to Gift of the Protector is Heaven's Slice, written under the pen name Solarune. It is a brand-new, original storyline, and actively being updated with recent chapters. You may find it on FFN or on AO3. Heaven's Slice is an independent tale, which may be enjoyed at any time. Reading Protector will expand upon the universe therein, yet if you wish to read my most contemporary work there are no disadvantages to starting with the sequel. Heaven's Slice assumes the fresh perspective of a type and species that naturally prey on psychics, such as the Ralts line.

Pronunciation Guide:

Aliturea: al-TOUR-re-AH

Alterieno: alt-air-rhino

Angelus: eyn-gel-LUS

Arcturus: ark-TOO-rus

Ashiel: AH-shheel

Atherum: AH-thear-E-um (second syllable rhymes with 'dear')

Carese: ker-REES (final syllable rhymes with 'breeze')

Celesta: see-less-TA

Curator: CURE-uh-ter

Ein: ee-in

Engelhart: an-GAL-heart

Enherbra: N-hərb-RAh

Eseale: EE-sel

Eshension: ess-HEN-shun

Estenina: ES-teen-EE-nah

Evarettium: ehVAR-ret-tee-um (second syllable rhymes with ‘pet’)


FI-RAH (The 'eye' sounds just like the thing you use to read; the second ‘e’ is silent)

'fay-RAH' is also a possible pronunciation, and is typically how Feyera is pronounced when it is proceeded by a prefix such as in the example of ‘veh Feyera’.

Florentina: flaw-run-TEE-na

Harqulin: hair-qua-lynn

Irving: ERV-ing

Ivenston: eh-VIN-stun

Jaeger: yay-GER

Jeana: jean-AH

Luxaira: lux-AIR-Ah


When referring to the rare earth element "Mercurium" (which is synonymous in meaning with "Mercurius" and may be used interchangeably): mer-cure-EE-um

When referring to the “Reilken Mercurius” or "Mercurius" in general: mer-cure-I-us (last syllables sound like 'curious')

Moriadvivant: more-EE-AH-add-viv-ant

Navenfell: NAH-van-FELL

Obsidian: uh-b-SID-ee-uhn

Phaeton: fay-tuhn (sounds almost like 'fate-on')

Prima: PREE-MA

Psyonics: sy-ON-iks

Progenitor: pro-gen-i-tor

Prevoy: pree-VOY (first syllable rhymes with 'spree')

ra’leh: RAH-LAY

Rallsen: rall-sin (first syllable rhymes with ‘wall’)

Reilken: RELK-kin (elk sounds like the species of deer, while kin is pronounced like “next of ‘kin’”)

Relius: rell-lee-us (first syllable rhymes with ‘bell')

Renault: ree-NAULT (second syllable rhymes with ‘vault’)

Samson: SAMsin

Sana: SAH-na

Sanaria: SAH-naria (second syllable is the same as ‘aria’ [AR-e-ah] the expressive sung melody with an 'N' in front)

Senarmius: sen-arm-me-us

Seph: seff (rhymes with 'Jeff') short for Sephiteos

Sephiteos: sef-FIGHT-tee-OHs

Serenithium: ser-ren-ith-ee-uhm

Sleye: sal-EYE

Solaris: soh-la-ris

Solarity: soh-la-RITY

Tevis: teh-vice

thas: thAs (similar sounding to 'thus' but with a short 'a' rather than a 'u') short for thaserea

thaserea: thAs-AIR-re-AH

Toxicalia: tox-eh-scale-ya

Toxicosis: tox-eh-cos-sis

Vanutearti: van-NEW-tear-TEE

veh: vAy (long 'A' rhymes with 'they') short for vehtrell

vehtrell: vAy-tree-elle

Vereloria: vear-lore-EE-A

Veseria: veh-ser-EE-A

Xtella: EX-tell-A


ARMOS: Automatic Route Maintaining Operational System (Used in most nautical and aero vehicles as a means of position tracking and guidance)

DBC: Department of Biological Conservation (Division of Silph Co.)

EKNR: Establishment of the Kanto New Republic (Marking the unification of Kanto, Sevii Island Archipelago, and Johto provinces under one banner during the Great War) EKNR is typically written for date-keeping purposes marking the anniversary of this monumental event in history. (For example: 18 EKNR)

IPF: International Police Force (Originally the Kanto Police)

KNR: Kanto New Republic

KNRA/KRA: Kanto (New) Republic Army

LDT: Long Distance Telepathy

PWC: Personal Water Craft

PIT: Pokemon–Independent Technologies

RAIL: Rail Aligning Ion Launcher (top of the line technological firearm)

SENI: Special Extrasensory Neutralizing Infantry (Special Forces)

S-N-Tri: Security Network Triage

SRBM: Short Range Ballistic Missile

Lexicon of Gardevoir Vocabulary:

Aliturea: [al-TOUR-re-AH] (n.) “Nature” or “Natural nourishment”

Cycle: (n.) A complete lunar phase (measured from full moon to full moon)

Enherbra: [N-hərb-Rah] (n. or v.) “Poison” or “Poisoning”

Eshension: [ess-HEN-shun] (v.) “Emptying”

Estenina: [ES-teen-EE-nah] (n.) “Quintessence”

Lune: [lu'n] (n.) “Moon”

Moriadvivant: [more-EE-AH-add-viv-ant] (n.) “Undeath” or “State of undying”

Navenfell: [NAH-van-FELL] (n.) “To the edge of eternity” or “where space kisses time” used as an expression for the “Eternal Return”

ra’leh: [RAH-LAY] (n.) “gravity” or “force”

Radiant state/radiant heart: (n.) “Zenith of power”

Senarmius: [sen-arm-me-us] (n.) “Seeker of the body” or “animator”

‘thaserea’ or ‘thas’: [thAs-AIR-re-AH] (n.) “Bound by heart”

Vanutearti: [van-NEW-tear-TEE] (adj.) “Meaningless”

‘vehtrell’ or ‘veh’: [vAy-tree-elle] (n.) “Unbound by heart” also a derogatory term

Vereloria: [vear-lore-EE-A] (v.) “The fearing state” usually persisting from a display of power or authority

Vestige: (n.) “Of the old forest”

Amazing Grace by Write by Faith reviews
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