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[Song(s) That Fits Him]

Phenomenon 1000 Foot Krunch:

Dha Werda verda (Rage of Shadow warriors): ://

Shapeshifter Celldweller (Reidak & Shard's Theme):

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Siblings: Shard (Best friend and Brother)

Enemies: Darvel & the new furious five (Owned by ninjacyborgmonkey)

Full name: Reidak Tor Pre Vizsla

A.k.a: Blackout, Shadow, Rei or Reid, The man without fear

Age: 32

Date of birth: 6/25/2066

Place of birth: Vladivostok , Russia

Nationality: Russian & America (Mostly Russian)

Favorite quotes: "Hasta La Vista" Baby

"Name's Reidak- Ain't can No do crackerjack- Somebody's gotta pay- I DON'T KNOW JUST PAY! Now take it like man! (Or bird)"

Τελειώσει! (Finish him)

I'll be back

Wróciłem (I came back)

Screw you Prickhead

A lot of things Robs

If anyone's gonna take that prize it'll be us!


It was nighttime on the streets of Russia. Homeless people gathered around their makeshift fireplaces, desperately trying to get warm, thinking about how they were going to get their next morsel of food. Rats scurried around in the sewers and alleyways, feasting on whatever scraps of rotten food and garbage they could find.

No one paid any attention to the red-clad figure clinging to the cross on the roof of the nearby Roman Catholic Church. A red figure, dressed as the enemy of everything the Christian religion stood for. Dressed as the being sometimes known as The Prince of Darkness, The Father of Lies, Lucifer, Satan, or, as he was more commonly referred to as, The Devil.

But this wasn't the demon warned about in all of the Biblical scriptures. It wasn't the demon that disguised itself as a snake and deceived Adam and Eve into eating from the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and subsequently causing their ousting from the Garden of Eden.

No, underneath the black costume was a normal man. A normal man who had been through a lot in his life.

The black-clad being, visibly wounded from a violent encounter, made his way to the skylights of the church, opened it up, and slowly slid down with his self-invented rappel wire. When he reached the end of the wire, he was only about five feet from the floor of the church. He pushed the release button, and he fell to the floor, with the rappel wire springing back into his billy club. When he hit the floor, he let out a loud yell of pain.

Footsteps were heard, as a lone Catholic priest came into the church to investigate the source of the noise. He saw the black-clad being lying sprawl-eagled on the floor.

The priest ran up to the figure on the floor and removed the horned headgear. When the headgear came off, it revealed the face and glasses eyes of a young, Reddish-Orange furred, Russian-German/American Tiger Who goes by the name: Reidak Tor Pre Vizsla III

The priest seemed to know who Rei was, because he immediately took to caring for him.

"Good God"

The priest brings the candle next to the figure's face before whispering His name



"Son. Son. Please."

Reidak just stared blankly. It was all he could do ever since the freak accident 25 years ago...

They say your whole life flashes before your eyes when you die.

And it's true, even for a blind man...

{25 years ago...Reidak 12 years old}

I grew up in The military.

The politicians and the real-estate
developers call it Hell now.
But a neighborhood,
like everything else, has a soul.
And souls don 't change with a name.

[A bully walks up to young Reidak & pushes him back a step as well as taunting him.]

"Come on, Wimp hit me.I'll give you a free shot." Said Brudis the 'Boss' of the gang

"Hit him again." Said 1 of the bullies
"You fight like your dad."
"Come on, hit me!" He taunted again
"My dad was a champ!" Reidak retorted back

"Your dad's a bum!" Said Slizer

"Yeah, a bum!" Another shouted
"Come on. Hit me!" Brudis shoved Rei again this time pushing him all the way back making him land on his back Rei feeling like he had enough then he quickly turned around & run & refused to look back as the bullies continue talking about him as they watch him run out.
"Yeah, he's a punk, man!" Dert Mocks
"Can't fight." Slizer interferes

"Sure can run though." Another bully mocks
"Pathetic." Brudis was the last to speak
My father was a Warrior

The same could be told about my mentor.
A sportswriter once wrote
that he fought like the devil...
... and the name stuck.
Chak "Fightin'" Jacky
was a contender.
But that was a long time ago.

(Rei walks over to his drunken master Who is sleeping on his couch with a bunch of beer bottles next to him, Rei walks over to him & and places one of them that was about to fall On the table next to him before grabbing a remote and turning off the TV.
"Come on, Chak. Get up." Rei replied before helping his best friend who needed help getting him to bed since he was not sober enough to stand up on his legs.
"Who won?" Chak asked still a little drunk from that alcohol he consumed earlier
"Colander." Rei replied
"Yeah?, I beat him, you know." Chak wondered
"I know, Dude. TKO." Rei said to cheer up his sick teenage master
"And I beat Sharpman, Robbers, Wagner..." Chak began to mumble his previous fights in the ring. While seening this, Rei quickly took out the boxing gloves from his master's bed. However; Chak wasn't that drunk to lose his mind. And when he saw Rei with the box.
"Hey, hey, what's that?" He wanted to know what he was doing with his box of gloves
"Nothing." Rei said quickly putting the box back.

"I told you I don't want you fighting." Chak said

Rei sighs in frustration and replies "I tried to walk away like you said but they kept giving me shit!"

"Don't curse, What kind of shit?." Chak then asked but instead of getting a reply his brother only sighed again which on the side of his neck showed a bruise which caused Chak to wince.

Rei sighs and replies "They said that you work for Veck, That you're one of his guys now."

Chak sighed, "Get over here. Sit down. Come on." He motioned for his brother to sit down next to him on the bed.

"Think I'd be pulling double overtime at
The docks if I was working for Veck?"
"What are you, nuts? You don't hit nothing but books. Get me? You be a doctor or a lawyer."
Not like me or your father .
"Dad..." Rei mumbled at the painful memory of his father
"Rei, you can do it." His brother continues on
"You can do anything...
...if you're not afraid."
"Now, you promise me & And your father."

"I promised Chak." Rei confirmed

"Now you promise your father."

"I promise, Dad." Rei said as he looked up in the full moon and a bright shining stars but he was staring at the most brightest star of all it was said in his family religion that the most shine in the brightest star is the ones you love the most is there watching Reidak remembers making a promise with his father before he died and he promised to never give up and he'll promise never to break that promise ...

One day, I took a shortcut
home from school.
What I saw, I'll never forget...
... because it would be the last thing
I'd ever see.

"Chak, I don't want you to hurt me." A voice yelled

Rei could tell that there is a robbery he was just curious cause he could've sworn he recognized one of the voices but then he realized it was his neighbor he wanted to see who was being against him he slowly stepped and turned his head toward the corner but his face turned pale once he saw who the man was it was his brother. Chak.

"I will."
"Chak, come on."

"I had other obligations."

"Chak?" Rei spoke from utter shock and depression

" Ok,I got it-" Chak turned his head to the voice as well then he turned pale when he saw his brother.
"Rei?" He was shocked


"I-I can explain!" He begged. But Rei runs away

"Rei!" Chak runs after him

Rei ran from him as fast as he could

"Rei wait I need to talk to you!" However he didn't want any of that so he kept running before knocking into a random guy.

"Sorry!" as he got up running again. But he needed to hide. So he kept running until he found a small space between 2 buildings but he was able to fit himself through it he was sure that he was safe and out of sight, And he was actually right for Chak didn't see him & continued running. After he outsmarted Chak, he looked up and saw a truck carrying a whole bunch of strange-looking drums in the back, & with a blind man not noticing it."HEY, MISTER!" Rei yelled, running out into the middle of the street. "LOOK OUT!" The man turned to the voice, before Rei pushed him out of the way at the last second. The driver of the truck slammed on the brakes and turned sharply, trying to avoid Rei, and a couple of the drums on the back of the truck came loose and bounced out onto the street and broke open. The last thing Rei remembered seeing was the barrel that said: DANGER- NUCLEAR WASTE, before some of it sprayed out of the barrel and into his eyes. Rei felt his eyes burning, and he let out a scream of pain.

"REI!" Chak yelled. He ran over and quickly pulled Rei out of the street, while Rei kept his eyes covered, still in a terrible pain.

Rei soon woke up to a weird sound and noise that woke him up rudely for what he didn't expect, he was experiencing something that had never happened to him before. He heard the sounds of the sounds of other patients being rushed in and out of the ER, and he could see the sound waves. He could actually use the sound waves to see clear, dark blue and white images of the things that were creating the sound waves. It was behaving almost exactly like the sonar radar on a submarine or a bat. Rei began to panic. He had no idea what the hell was happening to him!?

He started to get up from the bed but fell to The floor and groaned in pain. Images kept popping up he could actually hear people from outside to play I can even hear the airplanes could see the city could see it, He could see everything! He actually didn't like this but then he heard heartbeats then he realized he could see a lot better before and so that he could get used to this, but now is not the time.

Just then, the door to his room opened, and his mother and The elder blind man along with Chak stepped in. Saci reached out and embraced her son, tears in her eyes.

"It's okay, son." She said. "Mommy's here for you." She began to cradle him, just like she had when Rei was an infant. Rei almost immediately began to calm down.

"Lad." The blind man said. "Very sorry this had to happen to you."

"Don't worry, Sir." Rei said. "It wasn't your fault. I was the one who sacrificed my eyesight in order to save your life."

Chak sat down on the bed. Looking down to the floor with a guilty look in his eyes, refusing to look at the bandage eye covers on his brother.

"Rei, I talked to the doctor earlier today to check on you & he said-"

"I'm blind, I know" he interrupted. Chak was stunned but decided to find out how he knew. (Well of course if you can't see through your eyes anymore then you know you're blind!)

"well how could you know?" He asked

"I heard you talking in his office I heard everything." He replied

"Somethings happened to me, Chak...and I don't know what it is"

Chak sighs in in disappointment but deep in the back of his head he thought that something in the chemical must have something to do with it, but also he realized that he must've heard due to his good hearing but then that means he really is blind if he heard him outside talking.

"I'm sorry, Rei." He was about to breakdown into tears

"i'm so sorry." He began to sob but his brother slowly walks toward him and embraces him in a hug.

"it's okay, Chak, It's okay at least I'm still alive."

But with all the support that Rei was getting from his foster family and Chak, he still could not get over what had happened to him in his hospital room.

Over the next few days, Rei was taught by the blind elder how to use a blind man's cane and how to read in Braille.

We made each other a silent promise...

The blind man and doctors were surprised at how much of a quick learner that Rei was.

... to never give up.

To be fearless.

To stick up for the long shots like us.

We were two fighters

on the comeback trail.

I had lost my sight,

but I got something back in return.

My remaining four senses functioned

With Superhero sharpness

But most amazing of all, my sense of

He was still seeing sound waves. He had read somewhere that when a person loses one of his or her five natural senses, the other senses would get stronger in order to compensate for the lost sense.

sound gave off a kind of radar sense.

Rei was at a nearby gym, testing out his abilities, and he had learned that the new radar sense he had came in real handy, especially in gymnastics.

High above the roar of the streets,

I've learned to train my body and my senses.

He was becoming quite the acrobat, being able to do back flips and front flips and cartwheels and the rest.

& acute sense of touch (Reidak does cartwheels spins and flips)

Gave me both strength and balance...

Pretty soon, Rei was jumping around in junkyards, on rooftops, pretty much, the entire city of Washington DC had became his playground.

... until the city itself became my playground.

There were a couple of times that the police had almost caught him for jumping around in the alleyways and rooftops, so he decided to cut it out for a while.

I was the boy without fear.

(Chak wins another round in the boxing championship league)

"Dezman!" The announcer said as he raised Chak's arm up


"Hey, Vizsla! Round two." Of voice yelled from behind but Rei New exactly who it was: The bullies

"What's up, freak?" Brudis said as he walked up and pushed him back (again) [just like he always does]

"Look at him, man. Look at his eyes!" Slizer he as he waved A hand in front of Rei's Face.

"Kick his ass!" Dert interfered

"Go ahead, fight me. I dare you. I. Dare. You." Brudis taunted fiercely

"Yeah, Vizsla." A bully said

"We dare You!" Another Bully challenged.

"Yeah, that's what I'm saying, man." However Reid just stood there

"Kick his ass." A bully said faintly. The bullies decided they should just leave since nothings happening and now they see that it would be rare to beat on a blind person which could also lead them into severe consequences. But they were wrong for the tables have turned.

"Come on, man, let's just go." But just before Brudis could walk out of the alleyway a red end on a cane staff was right next to his face and leaning on his shoulder and he knew the only person that held that staff was... Reidak

"Okay." He said. Brudis now realizing that he wants to fight he's got a fight he turns around to a land punch on Rei but he dodges and starts hitting the bullies on the foreheads with the end of his cane going back and forth. Before he whips his cane back on the ground. The bullies was surprised but not Brudis now feeling slightly angry that he actually got the first hit but was surprised it wasn't a run he just stood there. Brudis charged at him again only to get his arm whacked on the knuckles by Rei's cane and before he can regain his attention back he was whipped behind the legs and thrown on the ground falling on his back. The bullies were somewhat impressed and shocked. But not Slizer. He charged at Rei but only got thrown aside and he fell in a pile of trash cans. Dert just stood stayed in his position in surprise shock and slightly a little fear but also was paralyzed to what he was seeing. But the other bullies however, had enough & decided to run away and those who actually had the guts and decided that they were going to take a chance to take him down the center they didn't want any part of this if they get caught so instead ran away with the group leaving only Dert to take care of himself against The 'blind' teenager Dert Was only kicked across the ground falling straight on his back breathing in surprise and shock. Rei was spinning his cane finally landing it and pointing toward the ground for his radar sense helps him tell that all the three bullies were defeated and he actually could've sworn he heard one of them mumbling: "I never doing this again" He smiled victoriously b4 turning toward where he was walking earlier & heading back to the military base.

"Chak, it's been a while." Chak's former crime boss said

"I don't work for you no more, Veck." Chak said

"Chak, you never stopped."

"Did you really think

you won those fights on your own?"

"You're 24 years old."

"Dun, Blackout, Lock."

"They're all my fighters."

"Just like you."

"And now it's your turn to take a fall."

"think about your brother, Chak"

"I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

WHAM! The punch sent Chak spiraling into the mat. It was so comfortable there; Chak didn't want to move. And it was the fourth round, why shouldn't he stay?

"One!" The referee slammed his fist down next to Chak's aching head.

"No, come on, Chak! Come on, Chak,"

Chak wasn't going to move. He was much too comfortable, lying there on the mat. He could see his brother from here.

"get up! You can do it, Chak Come on."

"Two!" Chak just stared at Rei a lot like his father. They both had the same eyes-well they used to. Rei's eyes were gone now.

"Three!" Veck was nodding his head, smiling like the Mona Lisa picture, as if he and Chak shared a secret. The smile made Chak feel sick, but he stayed down.

"Come on, Chak. Get up! Come on!"

"Four!" Chak stared at his brother again. His brother was weak; he needed to be protected.

"Let's go! Come on! Come on,Bro!"

"Five!" Chak watched as Rei sat glued to the edge of his chair, his face forward, as if he could see. Another pang of guilt washed over Chak. He knew he deserved it for what he'd done to his brother. It had all been his fault. Rei would never have been out that day, in the path of that truck, if it hadn't been for him.

"Six!" Rei was so still. His best friend was jumping up and down, but Rei was sitting like a cat, barely moving an inch. He was so confident. Chak wanted to smile, but the movement would look strange, not to mention aggravate the developing facial bruising.

"Seven!" Shard was trying to get the man sitting behind them to pass their drinks. Chakra had always suspected he didn't care for boxing all that much and apparently he'd been right.

"Eight!" Shard stood up to reach the drinks.

"Nine!" Someone knocked into Shard, sending his cup flying. Chak's heart jumped as the drink came sailing closer to Rei. It was going to hit his brother, cover him in a sticky, icy substance! But then, just before the cup could hit, Rei moved, almost imperceptibly. The drink crashed on Veck who was beside him.

Rei smiles and salutes b4 waving his hand off and before nodding his head.

Suddenly, Chak knew. Chak understood everything. Rei could take care of himself. He didn't need to be protected.

The ref was pulling back, getting ready to call the last number, but he never got the chance.

Chak was up, because now was his moment. He'd found . Now, however, he plastered.

"Yeah, yeah! Come on, Bro. All right!"


"You all right? Dezman, you all right?"

"Okay, let's fight.!"

Chak Gets up and uses all the strength to make the final punch and soon he took out Axzil & finally beats the last round.

"Down! He's out. Fight's over."

"Ladies and gentlemen,"

"the winner, by way of knockout..."


"This one was for you,Rei."

I waited outside of the Olympic

for my brother.

In some ways, I'm still waiting.

"Finish him, off!" A voice yelled in the background. Rei turned to the corner to Follow the voice and the noises and quickly headed his way where Chak was being beaten.

"Chak!" Rei yelled as he ran toward the scene. The carriage drove away leaving his best friend's dead body behind, but not before leaving a gunshot wound behind.

The late age teenager Kneels down next to his former living best friend, putting his hand over his face as he grieves with sorrow tears.

"I can't see you, Chak." He says as he puts his hand over his chest and where the Rose was and crushed it with deep hate and anger.

"I can't see you, Chak." Rei sobbed

No one cared about the death

of a washed-up prizefighter.

Nobody but me.

I would keep my promise.

I would help those

that others wouldn't.

I would seek justice.

One way or Another

& That was a long long time ago.

Favorite bands/Artists: Black Sabbath, the Clash, Gorillaz, Ub40, Green day, Metalica, Average White Band, Daft Punk, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Matisyahu, Stephen Marley, Jaret Reddick, The Green, Ice Cube, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Pharrel Williams, Nile Rodgers, Mos Def, Bobby Womack, The in Between, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Eminem, Jay-Z, Anuhea, Malino, Celldweller, 1000 Foot Krunch, Ly-Mani Marley,

Favorite Horror Films of all time are Zombies!: Return of the living dead-1,2,3,4,5 / Dawn at the dead-1,2 / Day of the dead 1,2/ Zombie :Flesh Eaters / Dead Snow / Flight Of The Living Dead / Detention Of The Dead / (Sharks) Jaws-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 / The Evil Dead / The Driller Killer / Child's play: 1,2,3,4,5,6/ The Nightmare on Elm Street: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,?,?,/ Friday the 13th : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,/(Special Event) Jason V.S. Freddy/ Leprechau:n: 1,2,3,4/ Chainsaw Massacre, Gates of Hell, Scream: 1,2,3,4

My deviantART Account:

(Stories : 2014-2015)


Rio : Return of the Living Dead [Release Date: 6/30/2015]


At a Military Experiment lab supply warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky, the supervisor Hank tries to get his Job done so he can go out with his wife he finished the job and left the charge to his co-worker Tom the Frankenstein helping out the company's newest employee, Henry, by showing him military drums that accidentally wound up in the basement of the building. The drum contains the remains of an army experiment gone wrong While Tom was busy Reidak was trying to steal the drums unfortunately Henry & Cody (another employee) see him before he could take it out of the window but they cause Reidak to jump out with the gas but accidentally breaks 1 of the drums that unleashes the toxic gas (Trioxin or TTX) the barrel. Henry and Cody discover that the body inside the tank has disappeared, believing it to have probably melted. The gas reanimates a corpse inside a Coffin, forcing Henry and Cody to call upon Tom and warehouse owner Hank Gio to help them deal with the situation. When the three fail to kill the Walker because of no guns It ends up killing Tom and decapitating Hanks Bat, Hank decides to bring the zombie to the nearby Cremator to have the corpse burned in a gambit to destroy it once and for all but unfortunately Tom rises up from the dead and attack the trio but left Henry & Cody Alive (Dead because of the TTX that turned them into Corpses) Soon the duo turn into Dead walkers do to the Trioxin. Soon the disease spreads through out the military base before finally breaking thru the open cages (That were left open by the survivors) and soon the Zombie Horde begins their Quest of Hunger for flesh (that's how the infection started)

(A/N: If this makes a full score or at least half a score for the First Zombie Story then I will do The 2nd with the help of Alex The Owl)

Rio : Return of the Living Dead PT2 [Release Date: TBA]

Plot: TBA

3 Brothers 1 Dark Heart

Plot: TBA


Teenage Years

Plot: Just growing up as best friends


Say what you need to Say

(Coming soon)

Family matters: 2 sons & 1 daughter

Engagement : Divorced & then remarried

(Wife: Celeste 2086- 2091)

(Wife: Christina 2098- present)

Caesar 'Cletus' Ender Vizsla

Age: 14

Date of Birth: 7/15/2086

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Relatives : Reidak (Father) Celeste (Mother) Xavier (Younger StepBrother) Christie (Younger Stepsister)

a.k.a "CJ" is Reidak's only Eldest Son he was named after his great great grandfather. His mother is Reidak's 1st wife but most people don't know who she is apparently he thought his father knew who she was but apparently he probably forgot or probably doesn't want to remember her. As a little boy he was fine at first, Until tragedy happened...when he was 5 His father was putting gas in his master's scooter and answered a call from someone probably his mother which caused a mass explosion he got into a black coma for a year and during that time he was raised in England by his friend Ace Jackson. he has scars on both his eyes like his father and the right side of his face is swelled and he has Reidak's eyes he apparently looks exactly like his father. He first appeared when Kroh (owned by YoshiiPoshil) introduced him to his half responsible father (Reidak) in capture, He is part Russian (Father) & American (Mother) He also has a Russian accent like his father since he was raised in Russia. the thing is Reidak hated his Life, his Wife, Even his son because he actually doesn't know that his son actually didn't die but yet actually hates his life because he wasn't ready to be a parent and blames himself for his son's unreal death.Then from there on He calls Reidak, his "awful father" because his father sometime supports him for most of the time he knows that his father wasn't ready to be a supportive father he poorly supports him. Cletus both loves and hates his father Who failed to be with him as he grew up.

Rancis 'Xavier' Dutchmen 'Vanko' Vizsla

Age: 11 ( 9 minutes older than Christie )

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 3/5/2089

Place of birth: Essex,Crawley-England

Relatives : Reidak (Father) Christina (Mother) Cletus (Older StepBrother) Christie (Younger Sister by 9 minutes)


Xavier Vanko Vizsla was born as 'Rancis Dutchmen Vizsla' in the English Village of "Layer de la Haye" and raised in Crawley, East Northen Essex. His father Reidak who wasn't there at the time he was adopted by Circus actors 'Wringing Brothers'. His adoptive father Nicholas a Jamaican scarlet macaw who worked as a Circus pet clown and interest of fairground ownership while his adoptive mother Barbra who was a great green macaw was also a circus pet Nurse. He hit his head as an 6 year old when he tried to fly but ended up falling from a tree, which caused his Hair to fall out. When it grew back it was an azure spike blue. He first wanted to become a Pet actor and then he wanted to paint (inspired by Banksy's graffiti works). He developed an interest in musicals whenever he and his father played the keyboard and he sings along a song he plays his favorite band is The Human League and the second his favorite funk band: the Average White Band He apparently was interesting and other bands as well like funk , blues and jazz he was also interested in Slow rock and Country rock, but he also liked rock bands like the Clash

Black Sabbath, Gorillaz, Green day.

it was recently stated by Xavier ,that Kroh (Owned by yoshiposhil)"kindly" had Xavier gassed and shipped to Brazil, where he was forced to ba a experiment for his life.

Christie Pandora Vizsla

Age 11 ( 9 minutes younger than Xavier )

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 3/5/2089

Place of birth: Essex,Crawley-England

Relatives : Reidak (Father) Christina (Mother) Cletus (Older StepBrother) Xavier (Older Brother by 9 minutes)


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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Why is he so hateful? reviews
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List of stories I plan to make (I also want help from the best Rio Authors to help give me ideas and write stories & write chapters if you're interested and good at the story writes let me  know Please PM Me)
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Почему он так ненавистно?
Почему он меня ненавидеть? Почему? что сделать, чтобы заслужить это?-Blu. Почему действуем так жестоких & Sadistic? Как он может простить меня? После всего я сделал ему?-Reidak осторожностью T безопасность для символов смерти и матом
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