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Author has written 2 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, and Harry Potter.

Okay, I am a fan of writing fanfics but I never shared it before because I never heard of this site until I met with an old friend of mine who goes my the name of RavenShooter here in

I read many mangas but rarely watch anime due to three reasons:
1. I don't have Animax channel due to stingy parents.
2.I am not a big fan of watching TV.
3.I don't like watching anime in general.

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Um... So where do I go? Gryffindor or Slytherin? O_O

Safe and Sound- DC onehsot

In Progress:
Blood Brothers- Harry Potter fanfic. I have a feeling that this story would take a very long time to complete.
The 'book cover' for this story is from I just tweaked it a bit and that was what I got. Cheers for paint!
And this story would be going to be a very slow updating one. I kinda lost by muse so... well, y'know. Dx

A little info about the Seven Lords of Elementia:
Well, six of the brothers are OCs and it is very hard to include them into the story when I have to explain their personalities and such. Thus, I will be explaining them all here, as some sort of background information, to make the story a little more rich in detail.

First Lord of the Shadows, Reigning Lord of Elementia, Holder of the Throne of Darkness, Holder of the Elemental Key, Minister of Foreign Relations, Holder of 2 Seats in the Wizengamot, Secretary-General in the United Wizarding Nations Organization
15, as of start of the PS
Dark hair, like Harry, only darker. Midnight black eyes, Lean and tall (basically, imagine a teenage vampire)
Personality: Calm, confident and strict. He is loving to his brothers and his subjects but cold, yet polite to people outside Elementia. He is a workaholic, and spend much of his time holding meetings with leaders in his land, or attending international meets.
Affiliations: The Element of Darkness and unsurprisingly, Dark Wand Magic as well as Necromancy
Notes: He has not appeared in the story as of yet. He is the only blood descendant of the original Lords of Elementia. He is a Prefect in his school, Durmstrang. He has a near- genius intelligence. Most of the world magical leaders fear him because of the fact he holds the Elemential Key, which is the Key to the world's balance of physical and magical.

Titles: Second Lord of the Star, Holder of the Throne of Light, Holder of the Treasury Key, Minister of Finance, Holder of a Seat in the Wizengamot
Age: 14, as of start of the PS
Looks: Pale, Golden eyes, Platinum blonde hair, sinfully handsome (don't blame me, Secundus is my fav), tall (almost 6 feet)
Personality: Arrogant, enjoys playing pranks on people. He likes to annoy his younger brother, Tertius, and would do anything just to be on the receiving end of Tertius' flames because he knows that the other brothers would hold the irritated third brother from burning him alive, making Tertius even more sour and Secundus even more happier. Despite his playful, childish and arrogant demeanor, he is very sensitive to his brothers feelings (yes, including Tertius, only that he does not show it) and is an expert into reading people's behavior. He could predict outcomes easily and this helps him in the world of finance as well as the world of pranks.
Affiliations: The Element of Light. Light Wand Magic, Warding.
Notes: Appeared in Chapter 3 of Blood Brothers. He is the current record-holder for having the most number of detentions in Durmstrang

Titles: Third Lord of the Flame, Holder of the Throne of Spirit, Minister of Internal Security, Holder of a seat in the Wizengamot
Age: 13, as of the start of PS
Looks: Red hair that looks more like fire because of the flecks of orange and gold. Black eyes with gold, purple and red sparks in them. Lithe
Personality: Very haughty, believes in the traditional way of life. An extreme upholder of rules and values. Hates idleness, fun and absolutely despises pranks. He is usually very stiff in personality but when Secundus comes into the picture, the cold, calm Tertius broke down to become an spitting mad, irrational Tertius. He looks down on everyone except his brothers, excluding Secundus, and avoids any sort of communication with people.
Affiliations: The Element of Fire. Transfiguration Wand Magic, Destructive Magic and Wandless Magic.
Notes: Appeared in Chapter 3 of Blood Brothers. He is probably the most feared of the brothers due to his harshness with outsiders. Unlike Primus, who believe that people should be respected, Tertius believes in showing who's boss at the first encounter. He has a soft spot for his brothers, excluding Secundus, especially for Harry, who he adores beyond the rest. Tertius reportedly has an IQ of a genius and has published some papers on experimental Transfiguration.

Title: Fourth Lord of the Sea, Holder of the Throne of Soul, Minister of Agriculture, Holder of a seat in the Wizengamot
Age: 13, as of the start of PS
Looks: Thin but with well-built arms and legs. Blue eyes that twinkle and earth brown hair. A kind, smiling face.
Like Quintus, he is the one of the most caring and sweet guys of the brothers. He understands the meaning of his position and name and can act accordingly but he prefers to spend most of his time swimming and playing with the boys from the Water Colonies in Elementia. He enjoys humour and he prefers getting his hands dirty and knowing his work completely instead of sitting in an office, directing everybody to do work.
Affiliations: The Element of Water, Charms Wand Magic, Healing
Notes: Appeared in Chapter 3 of Blood Brothers. He is friendly with many politically powerful Light families. He often goes out into the Muggle world and disguise himself as a rich businessman to contribute to World Food Program. He donates a lot of his money to charities in both the Muggle and Magical worlds.

Fifth Lord of the Earth, Holder of the Throne of Creation, Minister of Citizen Affairs, Holder of a seat in the Wizengamot
Age: 13, as of the start of the PS
Looks: Brown eyes, brown hair. Kind, compassionate face. Stocky built.
Personality: Easygoing and quite emotionally mature. He is the pillar of support to his brothers because he is a very good listener and gives good advice. He is humble, willing to work hard and enjoys chatting with people of different backgrounds and status. He loves nature and hates to injure the Earth in any way.
Affiliations: The Element of Earth, Defense Against the Dark Arts Wand Magic, Nature Magic
Notes: Appeared in Chapter 3 of Blood Brothers. He has many friends spread throughout the world, including creatures such as vampires, hags, fairies, goblins and leprechauns. He ventures into the cities in Elementia to address concerns of the people and resolve their problems. He enjoys Muggle clothing more than wizarding clothing but only wears them in the comfort of his home.

Title: Sixth Lord of the Wind, Holder of the Throne of Breath, Minister of Internal Relationships, Holder of a Seat in the Wizengamot
Age: 12, as of the start of PS
Looks: Stormy grey eyes, turned up at corners. Small and slender. Hair that borders on the colour of grey and white.
Personality: He is often described as 'lost in thought'. He is soft-spoken and gentle and very sensitive. He does not speak much and rather show his emotions through actions. He hates violence and sadness and he often tears up after watching a harsh act or hearing someone cry. He is very compassionate, especially to orphans, animals and disabled people. He cares deeply about everybody he met, eventhough he only met them for a while.
Affiliations: The Element of the Air, Charms Wand Magic, Psychological Magic
Notes: Appeared in Chap 3 of Blood Brothers.He has established a chain of first-class orphanages throughout both worlds and he is a main sponsor for St. Mungos and other popular hospitals. He is sometimes described as being able to read minds and that is almost true. He can hear surface thoughts and sense emotions, but this come without him wanting it to. He is often lost in his own thoughts and because of this, he sometimes forget that he is supposed to be attached to the earth and ends up floating around. The Headmistress at Beauxbatons had to tie him down to his chair on the first night of the school year because he scared the new first-years into hysterics due to their belief that he is a ghost since he was flying around, lost in his own world again.

Titles: Seventh Lord of the Blood, Holder of the Throne of Life, Minister of External Security, Commander-In-Chief of the Elemental Army, Holder of a Seat in the Wizengamot
Age: 11, as the start of PS
Looks: Midnight black hair, rather unruly but could be tamed. Pale and striking green eyes.
Personality: Quiet, thoughtful and quite the pessimist. He is very paranoid, and is often checking that he never leave any traces behind. He is rather introvert and prefers to be with his own thoughts and left alone. He is loyal to his brothers, loves them all very much. He is serious at most of the times but could appreciate a good joke now and then.
Affiliations: The Element of Blood, Defense against the Dark Arts Magic, Light Magic, Destructive Magic
Notes: The main character of the story. He is in fact, Harry Potter, the younger twin of the Potters. Upon becoming Septimus, he tried to forget about his painful past but could not do so. He attended Hogwarts out of curiosity and a wish to make his previous family pay. He is in Slytherin, a rival of Avery Potter and is absolutely hated by the entire Gryffindor population, feared by the rest. He has never met any important political of the wizarding world yet (except Lucius Malfoy and Dumbledore) but his affiliation of the Blood Element and him being the highest ranking officer in the 2.5 million strong Elemental Army scares many of the world's leaders. No one wants to meet with him nor anyone wants to anger him. This level of fear that Septimus reigned over is beneficial to him since he enjoys being alone to think.

A Detective Conan fanfic. Not sure about it though.

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