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Well. . . Hello there! Welcome to my uh. . . Bio?

Yeah well my name's Chase well it's not really it's Edward but Chase sounds cooler so I go by Chase. I was born on July 15 for your information, I'm from St. Petersburg (that's in Russia if you don't know) although I live in sunny England well. . . As sunny as it can be when it's not raining. . .

So. . . I'm Half Russian and half Scottish (Scary mix eh?) there's a tonne of other nationalities in there but I won't go into that I just mainly said I'm a RusScot. There you go that's what I am mainly.

I love sport, one thing you can talk to me about is sport I've done so many in my life. . . It's just AMAZING! But my main activities are Freerunning or Parkour known to some other people. I like to jump over and around all kind of obstacles in cities and every other place I'm in. I've done martial arts since I was about 4 and again it's just another thing I love to do. I train down the gym most days during the week with my friends before heading out for a tour.

So . . . Onto my writing. I suppose I'll start on how I actually got into writing fics and the whole shebang. Go back about 13 years (1999) if you want to be precise, now imagine a five year old boy sat in a house in the middle of a storm with nothing to do. Okay that's me, so the boy gets up and wanders into the library where all the books that have been bought over the years have been stored. He decides to take out a book by J.K.Rowling and he takes this book and goes and sits down on the windowsill with the rain pouring down the window and starts to read it. . .

This is where the passion for decent literature began since then I collected and read every book in the Harry Potter series and I am proud to say have read each at least 5 times. My favorite characters were Hermione, Snape, Remus and Bellatrix. It's an odd mix but there you go they were my favorites.

So in 01 the first book was turned into a film (my only wish was for this to happen). So when it did I got my parents and made them take me along to the cinema to watch it. From there that was it. I was hooked. So five years later I'm dragged by a friend to look at this website in which there are RPGs the website was a chatroom - Habbo. So I join and there I find a HPrpg they had forums and so I began to create characters who I began to level through the schooling system by attending classes earning grades and gradually increasing my status there. Over the years I began to grow out of this method of RPG and turned my attention in search of new horisons. So in 2010 I found that people roleplayed on pages on Facebook. So there I created two pages -

Barty Crouch Jr & Adrian Xavier Crouch the latter being my OC account. I began to find friends and from there began to gradually learn and grow better at RP. To this day I still Roleplay on Facebook using accounts the main being - Siŕius Misteŕ-Pädfoot Blääck & RodolÞhus Ceraius Ḻestrange.

In total I have 13 HPrp Accounts and One other which I won't name for you.

So all I have to say now is I hope you like my work - Pairings noted below and please Read and Review!

Much thanks



Harry Potter.-

Draco & Narcissa Malfoy

Draco & Bellatrix

Rodolphus & Bellatrix Lestrange

Salazar Slytherin & Rowena Ravenclaw

Sirius & Andromeda Black

Sirius & Bellatrix Black

The Hunger Games. -

Effie & Haymitch

Finnick & Annie

Katniss & Gale

The Vampire Diaries. -

Elena & Damon

Katherine & Damon.

Klaus & Katherine

Klaus & Caroline

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