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Hey to all those who bothered looking me up! I go by the pen name Rosemonde; I'm an aspiring author . . . Young, but still aspiring!

I'm a huge yaoi/shounen ai fan, so I have a habit of writing BL . . . Although typically extremely soft on here, so it can sometimes come across as more of a bromance. I also write straight ff if I find a pairing I really, really like (such as LenxRin from Vocaloid)

Anything, random stuff of fantabulous proportion that you probably don't know about me . . . If you do, then either that's just creepy or you, my friend, are a stalker:

Favorite Color: Maroon

Sexuality: I love Asians. And flower boys - meaning pretty guys. Beautiful men are always nice.

Favorite Animal: penguins/puffins/bunnies

Errrrr Favorite Anime: Well, I've been into anime for 5 years (a significant amount considering my age), so that's saying I don't remember half of the stuff I watched when I was younger (My first anime ever was Vampire Knight). Though, I must say, some of my favorite anime currently are Kuroshitsuji and Togainu no Chi. But Sukichi is a cute, too... It all depends on my mood. I'm sort of a serious otaku, so . . . Hehe

Favorite Manga: This is even harder than the anime, considering I REALLY don't remember most of the manga I've read since there's been so many (mainly yaoi as of late, but still). I really like I Love My Sister, Kamisama Hajimemashita, and doujinshi/yaoi of all kinds. Yes, lots and lots of doujinshi/yaoi, particularly for Togainu no Chi. Also, kinda been getting into Skip Beat recently. It's a nice change from solid yaoi... Especially depressing yaoi. Those of you who are yaoi fans understand my painful addiction to angst yaoi. My favorite mangaka would have to be Shouoto Aya; I love her art style.

Favorite Anime Character: Ulquiorra... Ulquiorra all the way, but quite honestly, I always have a favorite character in every series I read/watch. They also tend to have similar appearances to L, who rivals Ulquiorra for the top... Such as Yoite from Nabari no Ou, etc. (Is this saying something for my preference of guys? 0_o) Ah... And my favorite character always dies. Without fail.

Current Song Obsessions: Nalina by Block B, the Korean boy group; the lyrics are hilariously vain. I've been getting back into Kpop recently, so I don't really want to spam you with songs. The groups I've listened to constantly recently are BIGBANG, Infinite, U-Kiss, Park Jung Min, B.A.P., Block-B, and the list goes on endlessly. I don't like girl Korean groups too much, although Brown Eyed Girls is lovely; something about girl groups in general just annoys me.

Favorite Television Shows: I watch a ton of anime (or used to, anyway), fan girl over Korean dramas (my favorites being Heartstrings, Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, and Ghost/Phantom, as well as the Taiwanese Skip Beat drama), and watch Game of Thrones and The Following. I used to watch Being Human BBC America version before they killed off every single one of my favorite characters within 2 episodes. I'm more of a movie person, quite honestly.

My Most Recent Fanfiction (and my favorite one I've written so far): Hmmm... Can't say I really have a favorite. What do you guys think?

What I'm Currently Doing: Figuring out how to make my characters' dialogue more realistic... If anyone has suggestions, please speak up!

Well to sum that all up, I just spilled my boring information at you as a flower would vomit out a rainbow.

Anyways, thanks for visiting my profile; I love you all! I REALLY enjoy reviews so that I can get feedback on both my plots and writing style!

Also, check me out on as well! I go by the pen name "Rosemonde" on there as well!

If you REALLY want a chapter to be updated quickly, then private message me or write a review saying so, please! I'll try and keep up with the demand!

Thank you for your time!


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