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Author has written 10 stories for Matrix, Castlevania, Tomb Raider, Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingdom Hearts, Watchmen, and Star Trek: 2009.'s been so long since I've done this ahem:

Greetings, welcome, and have a muffin. I started writing fanfiction on here waaay back at the tender age of thirteen, and now, here I be..again. It comes in flashes, you know how it is. Anyrate, I've decided to update this thing (as it desperately needs it). I've actually decided to get rid of alot of stuff on the top, because I don't feel it really necessecary anymore.


Ortega: A Legacy of Darkness. (Castlevania 64: Legacy of Darkness) It's been a while since I've updated it, and I think I'll have to finish it (since it was one of the first fics that I ever posted on this website). I've got a better idea for this one. Make it short and sweet.

The Degenerates (The Matrix). Don't bother reading this one, it's wierd and it sucks. And, from the wise words of...that person whom I can't remember: 'nuff said.

The Mummy (The Mummy)...(what a clever title) Ooh, I'd lurve to finish it, but, the only problem is that I haven't the files in an accessible place anymore, so when I do get them, I'll finish it (I hope -_-;;)

Unrelenquished Dreams: (Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness) Wow, I hope I get the motivation for this one again, because it was super cool, and I had some great things planned for it. So...hopefully...soon...

Out in the Darkness: (Pirates of the Caribbean) Yep, a slasher. It's done. (yummeh...Jack and Will) slurp

Sushi XIII: (Kingdom Hearts II) An AU, and I'll hopefully get the next chapter in soon. Thanks for the reviews guys! I'm really enjoying writing this one...that is until my motivation began running out. I've just been really tired lately, and I'll update as soon as I can, so...yeah...I've thirteen chapters planned for this one ( novel -_-;;) more to go! (c'mon...a chapter in the works counts too...yeah?)

Scarlet Chains: (Kingdom Hearts II) An AU AkuRoku with cameos from D.Gray+Man. I'd really love to get back into this one. I've got the near completion of Chapter 3 floatin' around somewhere.

Behind Flames: (Kingdom Hearts II) An AkuRoku one shot. Complete

The Ten Ficlet Watchmen Challenge: (Watchmen) It's essentially some drabble with assorted characters. Just pick a song and go from there XD. DONE!

Dead Space: (Star Trek 2009) Chekov/OC. The title might give stuff away if you're familiar to the game XD. It's now looking to be about...thirteen/fifteen chapters.

Image of Hannah:

And a cute one of Chekov I couldn't resist:

And this is what the zombies should sound like:

Upcoming fics?

Dust in the Wind: (Fallout 3) Oneshot. One of my friends has been playing this (I kinda have too, but it's more fun to watch. I'm more of an Oblivion person anyway). Just about how Big Town finally fell (when you hear about it from a scavenger). I guess spoiler alert?

Before the Stars Fell: (Star Trek: 2009) Dood, I really like Hannah...alot. And I'd really like to have a look at her past.

Dead Space: Beholding the Dark: (Star Trek 2009) The second installment in the trillogy

Dead Space: Last Eulogy: (Star Trek 2009) know...

The Threads of Destiny: (Nightwatch series) Original story based on an RPG I was running in the Watch-verse. If you haven't read the books, GO READ THEM! By Sergei Lukyanenko. OH THEY'RE FANTASTIC!

When I saw Teeth I was kind of inspired to do maybe like...two fics. So maybe if I get bored or something...XD. And there was one for Avatar...

UPDATES!: (1/19) Two pages in on chapter eight. Only five/six more left (plus an epilogue...which might be a chapter...I dunno). Really excited to start the next installment...I mean, REALLY!

I seriously feel like writing more fics (even though I know I've gotta finish up some). Anyone got any prompts? I've been lookin' to do some Star Wars one...or Nightwatch. Just throw some at me, and I'll do my best to please you . ALSO! I found a really cool plan that someone was doing of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) at this link! ( have to become a member, but it's free ).

ALSO! Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki is AWESOME. Use it wisely .

Special thanks to Chigai, Laurentine, Thimm, and St.Valentine for helping me with my stories, and Evil.Chicken-Hobbit.Girl-Thing for putting up with my stupid banter about pairings that she can't understand.

It feels kinda good to get back into this stuff. My writing style changes so much every single time I come back here.

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Dead Space reviews
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