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Brief Biography

My great-grandparents came from Germany to Brazil for nearly a century. Paraphrasing Holden Caulfield : I was born, grew up and now I'm here.

It is very difficult to write about myself. I am 15 years old girl who likes writing/reading stories. I'm very sensitive, but while quite demanding. Seriously.

Sometimes high school sucks . But I'm sure when this is gone , I'll miss my classmates and teachers, even the annoying ones. Like Caulfield.

I really do not know babbling about me but maybe it can help a little :

My favorite TV shows are: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half man, Buffy, CSI... Every week I find a fresh and cool sitcom.

Unforgettable Books : The Catcher in the Rye, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Twilight,Eclipse,The Hound of the Baskervilles, Dracula, Pride and prejudice...

My favorite singers/Music Groups: Lady Gaga, Kate Perry, Rihanna, Liv Kristine, Elis Regina,Madonna, Xandria... Within Temptation, ToT. This list goes on...

My favorite actors: Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, James Dean, Marlon Brando, De Niro ...

Actresses I like best: Grace Kelly, Natalie Portman, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple, Kristen Stewart...

I enjoy a lot of different authors: Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephenie Myer, Machado de Assis, JD Salinger, JK Rowling...

Favorite movies : Fright Night ( 85 and 2011), Lost Boys (only 87's), Rear Window, Disturbia,Twilight saga,Terminator's series, The Dark Knight... a lot of movies. :D

I think starting from the data above you can already get a glimpse of who I am. Just a bit . Because I even do not know who I really am.

On Writing

I write and read. It only lacks from me publishing something. First of all I start writing on things I would like to read. I guess it is the best thing about being a writer . If I want a story to come to life I just start to write it up. I like finding ways never pioneered. Or I pick a theme fairly common and take a novel approach to it.

Sometimes I got obscenely inspired, while on other days I am not able to write a line. I went through a very long writer's block , and it is the worst thing about writing. Nevertheless, I can not just sit around and wait for inspiration coming back, I need going out to bringing it back. I never drop out a story that I've started. I can take a long time to post but I will never leave a story without end.

I can take up to a month to draw up a chapter, but it's because I'm a perfectionist one. I don't want to get embarrassed when I reread what I've published within three months , such as. And alway will be the danger of writing master-piece of sh#@t. Such concerns stem from the fact that I am ambitious on creating an immersive storyline which get carried away and trigger my readers.

I have a very strange and complex relationship with what I write. At the same time that I feel uncomfortable in posting them to the world, Something within me is pressing to show them into the world. Currently I'm trying to sketch out some lines to make up a narrative about Fright Night 2011. I know how the story is over and as it gets started, but its kernel remains an empty space for me. I want to take a different turn though the characters are kept as indeed they are. Now I know more than ever before that writing is an ungodly painfully hard task.

For me writing is a kind of therapy, a way of exorcising my weaknesses, sorrows, when I put them out I feel better.

What do I expect from this website?

I intend to become a great writer and screenwriter and this website allows me to train/test my creative skills and receive feedback from readers.

I want making friends too. Feel comfortable to contact me, either through reviews or private messaging. I am very welcoming about it. I like meeting new and interesting people.

Some thoughts of mine on fan fiction world :

I think stories which crisscross different universes need being better prized by readers . I could see there is a foolish bias on original characters. It is enough an author writing a character of his own for the jokers on call start to bug the hell out of him/her by saying that it is yet another case of Mary Sue .

Nonsense. I pride myself on having already read a bunch of stories on this website and I can guarantee that there are very few genuine Mary Sues, the crowd around here is very gifted and work like hell to build up plenty of interesting tales.

I really do not understand why some stories, even though pretty good, fail to get large audience, while others far less cunning or consistent, catch a lot of reviews. It got me to reach at the conclusion that we can not rate a story only based by how much comments it received.

No one appeals to everyone. Not Shakespeare or the Beatles. So you have to concentrate on your own work and try to do something the best you can, using your self-criticism and accepting feedback from readers. And he or she can never make do with the first draft of a tale.I have a philosophy: For every tale I read, I leave a shout for the owner of. I think it's a form of kindness. Everyone else needs encouragement.

Major mistakes of an aspiring writer around here:

Do not planning whole or at least half from storyline before posting something. Owing to this , we see an absurd amount of tales dropped out .

Writing over one story simultaneously . Doing such a thing , ends up draining you creatively besides undermining the storylines development . Nevertheless , I've bumped into a few authors who write more than one story at the same time and end up not hindering the development on both. Unfortunately they are not found in large number .

Do not interacting with your readers or not thanking them for the comments that you have been given. However, if you receive lots or even thousands of reviews will be almost impossible to thank everyone who has posted something.

Writing chapters far too long ( but when the wording is nicely done as well as scheming , no problem , just is not worth attempting to rebuild the wall of China verbatim ) .

Do not putting dialogues into separate paragraphs. This hinders the reading. A nicely formatted wording is the first step.

Do not accepting constructive feedback. I know it hurts hearing criticism, but everybody is able to understand there is a far cry from someone playing the troll and a worthwhile review that can help in developing of the plot .

Putting lyrics in the midst of the chapter. It takes away the reader's merger. A few storytellers own a remarkable ability of doing it without bringing damages to reading.

Putting aside a story out of the blue. A complaint of mine geared towards those who draw up wonderful narratives and drop out them without further explanation. However, when a story is poorly written, I'm even relieved when it does happen. When a storyteller takes for publishing something, I respect it because I know every one needs moments of introspection with his or her story , to give the best to readers. But giving up a great story once and for all piss me off.

Do not prompting outside help, either a beta reader or someone next. I really feel sorry for those who think they are good enough and refuse hearing the opinion coming from others.

Harvesting the fruit before it is ripe. Talk to your story, know which it is and wants to before posting something.

No making comments about the stories of others. How do you want your story to earn comments, if yourself do not do it with the stories of your fellow writers?There's no point of complaining for nobody posting comments on your stories.

What else do you should know?

English is not my mother language, so I sometimes have trouble in reading/writing in such language. So it's likely that me from committing some linguistic blunders. But I promise I'll do my best for my readers. Writing in another tongue is a fearful undertaking, although even English native speakers struggle with their own language. And I sometimes do crap into Portuguese.

I am quite sweet and polite when I do reviews because I own a thorough respect for someone else’s efforts, but I cannot stand jerks on duty. I can go off the deep. To sum up : Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.

Nobody is flawless. I have a bunch of failures. I'm undergoing a tough learning. I have learned a lot while reading tales from my gifted fellow writers, but it is a long journey. And I'm just in its early. I know in advance my writing learning process is endless because I need making mistakes and learning from them. I have tried different styles, playing with language, until I find out what works and what doesn't in fiction . Writing is like running bike, we all break up until we can sit up properly.

I've never written slash fiction or intend to do. I really enjoy reading stories owners of such content, I thought it funny, but I have no literary penchant for this kind of fiction . I love reading them, but i don't know writing them up at all. But I do have a big crush on OC , Crossover as well AU.

"I will not stop until I get what I want.I know that the path is difficult, tortuous, but at its end I'll get rewarded ."

Miss F.

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