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People keep checking my profile so I might as well actually put something in here.

I'm male and I was born in 1985.

I enjoy reading, gaming, and riding my motorcycle. I prefer colder weather over warm weather because there's only so much clothing you can take off, but you can always put more on (Even if it conflicts with my riding. 2 wheels plus ice = suicide). I prefer silence to noise.

I dislike looking at people when they talk to me. I don't use my eyeballs to fucking listen, let me multitask, damn it. I dislike large groups of people and loud noises.

So I mentioned at the end of Without Hatred that I have a couple ideas that may or may not be written up or posted here for others to mess around with. I'm going to put a couple here. Some of these seem to be used quite often, but they're usually a minor part of the story rather than the focus. (These aren't the titles I'll use, they're just to give you a quick idea of what each one is.)

1. Hyoton Naruto

Namikaze translated is roughly "wind and waves". The same two elements for Hyoton(wind and water). I haven't done a whole lot of searching but I've yet to come across a story where it's actually a bloodline from his father. Who's to say a member/branch/etc of the Yuki clan didn't flee Kiri and take up a new name? Maybe Minato's parents saw the coming purges and fled but were later caught by hunter-nin.

There's so much more that can be done with ice, too. Fem!Haku and restoring the clan anyone? There's also that whole damn country that's all about snow and ice. Why not set them up in Yuki No Kuni? A ninja village that specializes in Hyoton techniques would love a bloodline that can create it rather than simply manipulate it. And if they got him under a CRA and spread the bloodline around the village? That could seriously boost their overall power.

2. Kyuubi Naruto

This one I actually saw as a challenge posted by a user on yff a couple months before the site went down(I just can't remember the guy's name. I think it was Maverick something). The sealing of Kyuubi at Naruto's birth goes wrong. Kyuubi's soul is devoured by the Shinigami but Naruto gets killed in the process. They plant him in the Kyuubi's 'body' thus turning him into the new Kyuubi.

You'll see this one done occasionally but it's usually a minor plot point. That's so much bullshit, especially when they almost always have Naruto suffer the traditional fanfiction villager treatment. How would you react if everyone your entire life called you a monster and a demon and you find out you really are? Chances are you'd flip your shit and kill everyone, right? What if the villager treatment wasn't that bad and he became some sort of immortal protector for the village? This one could really go either way. A darker Naruto that wishes to destroy Konoha(or at least leaving it and never looking back), or the protector.

3. Rikudō Sennin Naruto

This one was actually based off of a review from someone named sowdowwen. I'm not sure if I got it right, but here goes...

You've all read time travel and Rinnegan Naruto fics. What if you combine the two? What if Naruto is the sage? What if Naruto ends up in the past and lays the groundwork for his future self? Defeating the Jubi, sealing the body in the moon, and creating the other nine biju. As well as having the children that found the Uchiha and Senju and all that.

Has that been done? I think there's some potential here.

4. Unification

This one could possibly be combined with either of the first two. Think Sengoku Period or the Three Kingdoms era of China. This could be done from either the ninja or Daiymo side of things, I suppose. The canon Naruto world is stagnant as all hell. All of their 'fighting' is pointless bullshit. The only semi-realistic battle is Orochimaru invading Konoha. I imagine Danzo would play an important role in this sort of story.

Poll closed. Obviously the Hyoton story won. The first chapter is being rewritten and should be out soon.

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