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I have always been fascinated by the abilities displayed throughout the Naruto universe, both the original series, Shippūden series, game series and Movie series. We have see so much displayed potential and I've always asked myself, 'why not have Naruto know these abilities too?'

FanFiction allows us to use some of the abilities that have never been displayed very often in both FanFiction of Naruto or crossover FanFiction of Naruto and have relied on the Masashi Kishimoto's concept of Naruto or a slight OC and AU but still remain true to the character. I'm not saying that is bad and stories like that are great to read, but I am in it for the multiple possibilities within the Naruto universe and using the character Uzumaki Naruto as a medium for those unique abilities that we've seen throughout the years. And it would be hypocritical of everyone to say that it would be a stupid idea considering there are FanFiction stories and crossovers of Naruto being Godlike with him being the Jūbi Jinchūriki or having the Sharingan or Rinnegan (all of which I’m okay in reading so long as it isn't all pointless drabble.)

In all my stories I have changed a single or multiple events where Naruto chose to forsake his ties with Konohagakure. He was trained by Hiruko—the 3rd Shippūden Movie antagonist—and was taught the ‘Kimera Jutsu’ (Chimera Technique) and followed a path similar to Hiruko where he kidnapped people with special abilities and Kekkei genkai. Naruto had plenty of ways to go bad in the show—Yami-Naruto or Dark Naruto was proof that Naruto had a hatred against Konohagakure, and his Genjutsu Counterpart Uzumaki Menma who became evil after bonding his hatred with the Kuro Kyūbi (Black Nine-Tails).

So I ask before you find yourselves judging my stories, think about some stories that you may have read that had Naruto follow in character and given multiple abilities rather than just relying on the ’Rasengan’ (Spiraling Sphere) along with the variations of its other forms and ‘Kage Bunshin-no-Jutsu’ (Shadow Clone Technique). This is my opinion so, thank you for at least giving it some thought. Also, some techniques are temporary and aren’t the main abilities that Naruto will possess. Meaning I won’t use them over and over.

I will always put a small warning involving my stories, in the summary and in each Author's Note I will put "A Chimera Story" that informs you all that all of my stories are related to this idea I have made and will involve an OC and AU Uzumaki Naruto and possess multi-Kekkei genkai and other special abilities. Each story is different and not all is the same. Not only will Naruto have different abilities but also different kinds of powers that have been shown throughout the entire franchise. Example some of my stories that feature the word "Gelel" in it and the word originates from the 2nd original Naruto Movie, "Naruto: Legend of the Stone of Gelel."

But not only that, there will be oncoming stories in the future that will feature another Naruto character, and that character is Uzumaki Menma. This idea has Menma play as Naruto's twin brother and influenced from the 6th Shippūden movie both are capable of leaving Konoha simply because they could or from single or multiple events that made them turn against Konoha and together they would be taught by Hiruko and follow the same pattern as in the 3rd and 6th movies where they kidnap people with Kekkei genkai and special abilities.

The possibilities are endless and all the Kekkei genkai will be used depending on which universe will be picked.

Thank you for reading.

These are my stories that I had deleted due to them being failures.

"Yautja Apprentice: The Dark Blade Clan"

"The Old World: Tales of the Wandering Warrior"

"The Chimera: Tales of the Wandering Ninja"

"Sword Art Online Obscurity"

"Organization Cipher: Tales of the Shadow Trainer"

"Neon Genesis Evangelion's: Naruto & Menma's Journey"

"Evil is Upon Us"

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