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Hey I'm LyonSaki and I'm a decent writer in 9th grade, though still a beginner. I like to play video games and play sports. I don't usaually watch tv but when I do, I usaually watch the walking dead, Grimm, adventure time, and some other stuff. My friend skullcrusher206 got me into watching my little pony friendship is magic, and me and him thought it was pretty awesome. We got our friends Swilkie and Kitkat1834 to watch it too. (Buck yeah! Adding to the herd!) My favorite characters of MLP would be Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie

FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES: Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy 7, Silent Hill.

I play ps3 once in awhile, preferably Black Ops Zombies. Here's my psn username:leo-sword2

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Golf, tennis, parkour, video games, playing guitar, writing and eating

I have got three OC's right now: Bass, Cloud Chaser, and Nova Star.

(Bass and Nova Star is in Equestria:Zombies, and CLoud Chaser is my profile picture)

Pm me of you wanna use any of 'em

I got two fanfictioner friends on this site:Skullcrusher206 and Swilkie

Be sure to check those guys out.

Well guys, be sure to read my upcoming stories. See ya.

Random question:

If the moon were made out of spare ribs, would ya eat it?

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