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Top portion written by Gar, lower portion written by Ryn. Yay.

Hey guys, Gar from Flipnote Hatena here. This is Ryn and I's FanFiction account. We probably won't post that frequently, as Fanfics take awhile to write and we both work on Flipnotes. Anyhow, the types of Fanfics you can expect from us are Invader Zim Fics, obviously. We generally write dark/horror Fics, so our mission is to unnerve or scare. So, in other words, we try. We may do other genres of Invader Zim Fics occasionally, but we'll mostly make Invader Zim horror fics. Anyhow, all of the characters/OCs that appear in our Fics are either from Invader Zim itself (we do not own Invader Zim or any of its characters), or OCs of Ryn's or mine from Hatena. So, yeah... since I'm much too lazy to write descriptions for them all, here's the link to my Hatena page containing the bios of my OCs: So yeah, anyhow, I suppose that's it for my description. Oh yeah, we also despise Mary Sues and Sue Fics, but we do enjoy a good laugh by reading them. TrollFics are amusing.

Fics in progress: Vitality.

Good lord, I have nothing to write. How splendiferous. Any who, for those who are obviously complete imbeciles and don't know that this ISN'T Gar, I just happen to be Ryn. By the way, that's spelled with a backwards R. AND IF YOU EVEN DARE FORGET THAT, I SWEAR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND-eheh... heh... silly me, always forgetting to be sane in the most civil of situations. You'll get used to it eventually. Key word there being "eventually". As I never actually mentioned earlier, I too have a Hatena account, though I care far too much for your poor, crippled sanity to attach a link. That and I don't really post that often. How tragic. Have I given you a brain aneurism yet? Huh!? Huh!? HAVE I!? WELL, HAVE I!? ...Oh. Well, I should be shutting up now, wouldn't you agree?
Ryn out!