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Author has written 15 stories for Red Dead Redemption, Watchmen, Inuyasha, and Death Note.

(Formerly known as "MagicMan01" from 3/20/2012 until 3/12/2015 and "FreakShowCentral" from 3/12/2015 until 9/16/2015)


Well, hello there! You've just so happened to have stumbled upon my profile page! Congratulations, you win the ultimate prize! What did you just win, you may ask? Knowledge, my friend. Knowledge. And as they say, knowledge is power. So, good for you! Do you feel empowered yet? If not, don't worry about it too much; it usually takes most who come here a while before they feel the full effects.

Anyway, the profile you are currently viewing contains an abundance of juicy stuff, both about me and my work. It is but a seed that has only been planted recently into the literary earth, and with proper, attentive care, it continues to grow larger and larger every day. If you wish to become a branch of this tree, then by all means, please enter my realm of awesomeness. But mind your path, for you may happen to encounter the many evil manifestations of myself that lurk within this very realm, such as the large herd of plot bunnies, the Forest of Obsessive Compulsiveness, the gang of antisocial weirdos who lurk in the shadows, the Lake of Insomnia, the strange ship of character pairings, and the Castle of Distraction. However, if you are able to overcome these dangerous obstacles and make it to my Temple of Fan-Based Literature, you will have complete and unlimited access to my Tree of Knowledge in the great courtyard anytime you wish! And no, not "Tree of Knowledge" as in the Garden of Eden...

Within this tree you will discover much about my works and the many wonders that come along with them. Become entangled in the web of improbable plot lines! Blush and gawk at the random pairings! Patiently wait for the long update periods! Feel free to drop a review every now and then! Use the Personal Messaging system to talk with me if you wish! All of this and more is all yours to explore. No need to be shy! Don't worry, I won't be watching you while you're here exploring and whatnot, for I almost always have many things to think about doing and then procrastinate until I've reached a state of pure bliss. Oh, to be me...

So now that you've gotten a taste of my realm, I urge you to go forth, brave reader, and delve deep into everything that lies here waiting for you! Good luck and Godspeed!

Full Story Descriptions

These are the full descriptions for all the stories I've written and published thus far, as well as the ones I'm still working on (listed in order of publish date from earliest to latest). Note: Characters in [ ] are listed pairings:

TITLE: John the Badass CATEGORY: Games CANON: Red Dead Redemption GENRE: Western/Humor RATING: "M" for graphic violence and language CHARACTERS: Jo. Marston, E. Ross SUMMARY: An alternate ending to the gunfight between the Marstons and the U.S. Cavalry/U.S. Marshals on the Marston farm in which John doesn't die. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Graphic violence throughout

TITLE: Rejuvenated CATEGORY: Comics CANON: Watchmen GENRE: Adventure/Drama RATING: "T" for violence and some language CHARACTERS: Hollis M. SUMMARY: An alternate version of the scene where the Knot Tops break into Hollis Mason's home (in this one, he lives). CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: None

TITLE: Why I Fight for You CATEGORY: Comics CANON: Watchmen GENRE: Drama/Mystery RATING: "T" for some subject matter CHARACTERS: Walter K./Rorschach SUMMARY: Rorschach explains why he fights for the people of New York City and why he is who he is today in a sort of journal entry format. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: First-person WARNING: Some dark subject matter (i.e. rape)

TITLE: Until the Sun Rises CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Inuyasha GENRE: Drama/Suspense RATING: "K Plus" for some suspense CHARACTERS: Inuyasha SUMMARY: Inuyasha takes us through a typical night for him when he is forced to become fully human when the new moon appears, including the challenges and dangers he faces when in this weakened state. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: First-person WARNING: None

TITLE: Prelude to Insanity CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Drama/Mystery RATING: "T" for some language CHARACTERS: BB, Roger SUMMARY: An original backstory of mine for how Beyond Birthday eventually went insane and left Wammy's House before committing the serial murders in Los Angeles, California. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: None

TITLE: Flawless Victory CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Crime/Suspense RATING: "M" for some graphic violence and language CHARACTERS: Light Y., Mikami T., Ryuk, Near SUMMARY: An alternate version of the events on January 28, 2010 at the Yellow Box warehouse in which Light and Mikami defeat the Japanese task force and the SPK. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Some graphic violence and several character deaths

TITLE: For Whom the Bell Tolls CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Hurt/Comfort/Romance RATING: "M" for sexuality and some language CHARACTERS: [Light Y., L, Rem SUMMARY: Light is at a crossroads concerning L: his true self wants to love him, but Kira wants to kill him. Even more, Light gets an ominous feeling that L will be dead by the end of the day unless he can do something about it. He'll have to make a choice of whether to save L by giving up the Death Note or let him die by just standing by and doing nothing. Time is running out for L and Light must make a decision quickly. CHAPTERS: 5 POV: Third-person WARNING: Yaoi

TITLE: Safety Net CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Hurt/Comfort/Romance RATING: "M" for sexuality and some language CHARACTERS: [BB, A] SUMMARY: A has always thought of Beyond as his safety net; there to catch him if he ever fell and protect him from harm. But one day, he begins to question just why Beyond even bothers with him at all and feels that he should relieve the boy of his burden by taking his own life. However, Beyond sees differently and decides to show A just how much he really means to him in the most intimate way possible. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Heavy themes dealing with depression and suicide, and yaoi

TITLE: I'm Sorry CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Hurt/Comfort/Spiritual RATING: "T" for some violence CHARACTERS: [Light Y., L] SUMMARY: Light is dying from his wounds sustained at the Yellow Box warehouse, and in his final minutes, he reflects on the countless sins he's committed with the Death Note and the many lives he's ruined and taken away. But before he dies, he is visited by the last person he would ever expect to sympathize with him. Even more, this person offers him the chance for a new life, but at a price. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Heavy emotional themes and yaoi

TITLE: One in a Million CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Humor/Romance RATING: "M" for sexuality and language CHARACTERS: [Light Y., L, [Mello, Matt] SUMMARY: Light invites two of his best friends, Mihael and Mail, to tag along with him one Friday night to a local dance club near To-Oh University to get away from the many stresses of midterm exams. When Light notices L sitting by himself in the lounge section, he manages to get the shy boy to dance with him and... maybe more? CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Yaoi and a reference to date rape

TITLE: Doppelgänger CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Supernatural/Suspense RATING: "T" for moderate violence and language CHARACTERS: [Light Y., L] SUMMARY: While trying to relieve a headache, Light comes face to face with Kira, who has become a living, breathing manifestation of him after materializing out of his body and into the real world. Kira reveals that he plans to "help" Light by murdering L to get him out of the way so they can create the new world. But there's just one problem: Light loves L and isn't willing to allow Kira to just kill him without putting up a fight. Kira leaves to do just that and Light must race against time if he wishes to save his lover from Kira's wrath. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Yaoi

TITLE: You and I CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Romance/Drama RATING: "M" for sexuality throughout CHARACTERS: [Light Y., L] SUMMARY: A short little lemon between Light and L, all from the former's POV. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Second-person WARNING: Yaoi

TITLE: Guess Who? CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Humor/Adventure RATING: "M" for language throughout CHARACTERS: L, Watari SUMMARY: After a long day at school, I just want to get home and do absolutely nothing the rest of the night. However, life has other plans for me and I end up having the experience of a lifetime involving an international criminal, me embarrassing the living hell out of myself, and apparently the world's greatest detective. Not exactly an ordinary day, huh? CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: First-person WARNING: Non-stop swearing and whatnot, as well as this just being a self-insert in the first place

TITLE: God and Disciple CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Romance/Drama RATING: "M" for sexuality and some language CHARACTERS: [Mikami T., Light Y.] SUMMARY: It has been six months since the fateful incident at the Yellow Box warehouse, the incident that finally gave Light Yagami and Teru Mikami the one thing they'd been looking for since they set out to accomplish their mutual goal of changing the world for the better: total peace. Now living together in Okinawa Prefecture, they take advantage of one particularly beautiful evening to remind themselves of just how much they love each other. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Yaoi

TITLE: Trick or Treat CATEGORY: Anime/Manga CANON: Death Note GENRE: Humor/Romance RATING: "M" for sexuality and language CHARACTERS: [BB, Naomi M., L SUMMARY: Coming home from a long day at the FBI office in downtown Los Angeles, the last thing Naomi wants is any more surprises or drama than she's already had so far at work. But being engaged to someone as unpredictable and off-the-walls as Beyond Birthday only increases the chances of these kinds of things happening when she's around... for better or for worse. CHAPTERS: 1 (oneshot) POV: Third-person WARNING: Het lemon and some horror stuff

Character Appearances

Can't remember everyone who makes an appearance in a certain story? Have no fear, for this section contains the lists of all the characters who show up in my stories! I'm just a nice guy like that. Oh, also, characters with their names in bold font are OC's (listed in order from characters part of stories chronologically published earliest to latest, and in order of appearance for each story):

John the Badass - John Marston, Edgar Ross, Archer Fordham

Rejuvenated - Nite Owl (Hollis Mason), Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter)

Why I Fight for You - Rorschach (narrator)

Until the Sun Rises - Inuyasha (narrator)

Prelude to Insanity - Beyond Birthday, Roger Ruvie

Flawless Victory - Light Yagami, Near, Detective Tōta Matsuda, Detective Shūichi Aizawa, Teru Mikami, Commander Anthony Rester (Anthony Carter), Special Agent Stephen Gevanni (Stephen Loud), Special Agent Halle Lidner (Halle Bullook), Detective Kanzō Mogi, Detective Hideki Ide, Ryuk, Misa Amane

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Light Yagami, L Lawliet, Kira (mentally), Light's soul (mentally), Rem

Safety Net - Asher Fallman (A), Beyond Birthday

I'm Sorry - Light Yagami, L Lawliet, Sachiko Yagami, Sayu Yagami, Chief Sōichirō Yagami

One in a Million - Mihael Keehl (Mello), Light Yagami, Mail Jeevas (Matt), L Lawliet, Nate River (Near)

Doppelgänger - Light Yagami, Kira (physically), L Lawliet, Watari (Quillish Wammy), Chief Sōichirō Yagami, Detective Tōta Matsuda, Detective Shūichi Aizawa, Detective Kanzō Mogi

You and I - Light Yagami, L Lawliet

Guess Who? - L Lawliet, Watari (Quillish Wammy)

God and Disciple - Light Yagami, Teru Mikami

Trick or Treat - Beyond Birthday, Special Agent Naomi Misora, L Lawliet


Let's be real here: keeping track of all the pairings going on in stories can be a major pain in the ass sometimes. Luckily for you, I've compiled a list of all the notable pairings within my fics as a reference source in case you forget who's fucking who (listed in order from pairings part of stories chronologically published earliest to latest, and in order of appearance for each story). Note: Characters with an * next to their name are OC's:

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Light/L

Safety Net - BB/A

I'm Sorry - Light/L

One in a Million - Mello/Matt, Light/L

Doppelgänger - Light/L

You and I - Light/L

God and Disciple - Mikami/Light

Trick or Treat - BB/Naomi, Light/L (implied)

My Thoughts on Certain FF Stuff

This is just a bigass list of my ramblings/rants concerning my thoughts on certain stuff here on FanFiction.Net. Honestly, most of it's just stupid bullshit, so my feels won't be hurt if you just scroll right through this:


First-person: I guess it's just a pet peeve or something, but I usually don't like anything in the first-person very much; be it fan fiction or professional novels.

Second-person: Let's be real here: does anyone even write this way?

Third-person: My personal favorite out of the three POV's for various reasons.


Anonymous reviews: In general, the two kinds of reviews I get from anonymous users are as follows: either extremely short reviews (usually under ten words long) that give a brief "loved it" or something of that nature, or long ones with nothing but criticism, and usually the nitpicky kind that are more opinionated than helpful. So generally, I don't really like anonymous reviews very much.

Constructive criticism: If you say something that honestly helps me out with my story or just my writing in general, then you will receive an Internet cookie and unlimited free hugs from me. However, if you give me bullshit that doesn't help me, well then fuck you, too.

Flames: Look, I consider myself to be a pretty nice guy, and if you give me a really nice and/or really helpful review, then I'll probably shoot you a PM thanking you for it and maybe even strike up a conversation with you just because hey, why not? But if you purposely give me a review just to piss me off or act like a total asshole, I'm going to let you know about it. Let me just put it this way: if you're going to be an asshole, you better damn well be prepared for me to be an asshole right back. Also, if you flame me or give me bullshit criticism under an anonymous/guest account, then I'm sorry - well, not really - but I will forever consider you a coward of the biggest kind.

Positive encouragement: No matter what kind, I always enjoy positive encouragement!

Praises: I always like praises, and especially when someone says what they specifically enjoyed about a story or why they like it so much. This not only massively inflates my ego by like two hundred percent but also helps me out with future writings.


Bad spelling/grammar: A pretty big pet peeve of mine that I tend to be quite finicky/picky with. I'll just leave it at that.

BDSM: To be perfectly honest, I actually don't mind a little light bondage. But when I say "light," I mean really light; wrist/ankle binds, regular handcuffs (not like pink fuzzy ones or whatever), blindfolds, those kinds of things. But anything more than that and you can count me out. Latex gimp suits, zipper masks, whips, chains, body piercings, hot wax, mutilation, sex toys... no. Just... no.

Breaking the fourth wall: I don't mind author notes when the author directly addresses their audience - I mean, hell; I do it all the time - but if you do it in the middle of a story rather than before or after, then that sort of thing really bugs me. It just looks really sloppy when you directly speak to your audience in the middle of a sentence that's supposed to be part of a story.

Character bashing: All right, I can understand if you hate - hell, maybe even utterly loathe - a certain character in a series you like, and that's completely fine; your own individual opinion, your own choice. However, it really rustles my jimmies - wow, I actually just said that - when I see an author who makes it quite clear just what they think of said character simply by the way they rip them apart in their story, be it in the narrative or through actual dialogue. It just looks really immature and unprofessional, and yes I realize it's only fan fiction and not an actual book or anything, but honestly, it just looks bad. I suppose it's all right if it falls in the Humor and/or Parody categories, but still... On the flip side, I've met some authors who have written stories in which characters they don't like too much appear and interact with the ones they actually do, and though they - the unfavorable characters - still mainly got the shaft in those fics, it was still done in a very mature, unbiased way that I not only wholly respect but also envy. I guess my main point is that if you're writing in a character you don't particularly like, please just try to do it maturely and neutrally without allowing your emotions to get the best of you, okay?

Collab efforts: I don't really do them for various reasons, but if you and someone else want to co-author something of your own, then go for it!

Creepy fan girls: Look, I'm not trying to be sexist or anything, but the amount of fan girls to fan boys on this site is really disproportionate. And that's perfectly fine and all - hell, I don't care what gender you are; if you like fan fiction, fan art or whatever, that's all cool with me - but some of the fan girls I've seen on this site honestly scare the living hell out of me. I really, honestly haven't seen a whole lot of fan boys on FanFiction.Net - let alone ones who creep me out - so that's why I say fan girls instead of fan boys; once again, not trying to be sexist. Like, I can understand if you love a certain character in a series or a specific pairing in one, but when it gets to the point of unhealthy obsession and where you're basically like, "I want to kidnap this character and do very unsavory things to them against their will in the torture chamber I have in my basement!" then just... whoa. Please stay the hell away from me, because people like you almost want to make me curl up into the corner of my bedroom and slowly rock back and forth while reciting the alphabet backwards from "Z" to "A" over and over again. The same would apply to any creepy fan boys I would happen to come across in the future.

Crossovers: I'm not a huge fan of crossover stories, but if there's a certain crossover I favor and I happen to find a story that's able to really pull it off, then I salute you.

Demanding authors: I've only seen this a few times, but it really pisses me off when I see an author who says something like, "Give me 'X' amount of reviews or I won't continue the story!" Like, really? Once, I even saw this guy who said something like, "If I get 'x' amount of reviews or if you request it, then I'll make 'Character A' rape 'Character B!'" Needless to say, I almost threw up in my mouth.

Forums/Communities: I really don't search for, read, create, or participate in any forums or communities. Like, ever. However, if I happen to see that one of my stories was added to a Community by someone who liked it, then that's pretty cool.

Futanari: No, no and FUCKno.

Gender swapping: I just... I really don't... I just don't get it.

Harems: Nine times out of ten, these just don't work period, so as a rule of thumb they're not my thing.

Het: I'm pretty much okay with guy-on-girl stuff. As with any pairing, though, if I don't like it, then I won't read it.

Incest: Ha ha ha, NO.

Knotting: This is, by far, one of the weirdest things I've ever encountered in pretty much any fandom out there. I'm not a fan of it because it's something that animals do rather than humans, and that's all I'm going to say about the subject.

Languages: I only speak English, so if your story is in anything but English, then no offense, but I'm not going to read it. I just don't want to have to learn a whole other language simply to read one story, feel me?


M-preg: It is physically and scientifically impossible for men to get pregnant, and being a guy, this kind of thing honestly kind of creeps me the hell out. Seriously, what the fuck?

PM system: If you have a question or just wanna shoot the shit, then feel free to PM me! I love chatting with other readers/writers here.

Polyamorous relationships: In other words, a threesome or even more. I'm not too sure how I feel about these. If the characters involved actually all love each other and really want a lasting polygamous relationship with each other and I really think it could work, then I suppose I can accept it; however, if it's just one big "friends-with-benefits" orgy based on little more than raw sex, then no thank you.

Prologues/epilogues: While I like the fact that FanFiction.Net allows you to both number and name your chapters, I really do think that the site should include an option for both a prologue and epilogue per story. I don't really do them, but I've read plenty of stories where the authors have made chapter one the prologue and because of that, every chapter number after that point was off by one because there was no option to call it "Prologue" instead of "Chapter 1."

PWP: Plot always makes for a good story; simply put, if you don't have it, it usually doesn't work. However, if you write a oneshot that has no plot whatsoever and is mainly just sex, as long as it's tasteful and well-written then I don't really mind. I prefer whatever I read to have some kind of plot in it - even if it's just a simple, short lemon oneshot - but once again, if you don't have it in the oneshot yet still manage to make it good, then all the more power to you.

Rape/non-consensual sex: If you take it seriously and are trying to show just how horrible either of these things are and how traumatic they are for whoever experiences them, then I can respect that (as long as it isn't part of some sick sexual fetish or something). However, if you're incorrectly replacing "sex" or "making love" with the word "rape" or have it happen to someone and make fun of it in a story that's supposed to be serious, then that's when I start to get pissed. First of all, there is nothing "sexual" or "beautiful" about rape in the first place, so how you could possibly be attracted to it or find it sensual in any sense whatsoever is just beyond me. Also, if people are going to have sex, then just say "sex"; "rape" is obviously not the correct word in that context.

Reader inserts: This is more of a deviantART thing than a FanFiction.Net thing, but I've still seen it here before. It never works and, in my opinion, it's just a really lazy way of writing.

Self-inserts: These usually don't work in my opinion, so I generally don't like them... and yet I've done it myself.

Songfics: I really don't like these. However, if you happen to throw in song lyrics every now and then or have characters sing them and I like the way it works, then kudos to you.

Tentacle porn: How 'bout NO. You know exactly what I'm talking about here; don't lie.

Yaoi: It's what makes up more than half of this site and pretty much all other fan fiction sites on the Internet, so it was only a matter of time before I eventually ran into it. It's what most of my work consists of and I can accept it, so long as I think the pairing in question could work.

Yuri: In general, yes, I like yuri. However, compared to yaoi and even het, there doesn't seem to be too much of it here...

"Interesting" Facts About Myself

A self-made collection of useless trivia about me and my work here on FanFiction. As I just said, this stuff is pretty much useless to the average person - unless you have some weird obsession with me or something - but you might want to write some of this down for future reference. I mean, if one of these ever pops up on Jeopardy! or something like that, then you could strike it rich! You better split it fifty-fifty with me if you win, though:

Search filters I hardly ever use: Anything in the Sort category (other than "Publish Date"), Time Range, anything other than "English" in the Language category (since I only speak English and bad English), Length, and Status.

"Without Filters" I use: "Tragedy" in the Genre category. Yep, that's just about it.

Pet peeves and dislikes: Microsoft Word's Spellcheck telling me I misspelled a word or somehow fucked up a sentence when clearly neither of those things are actually true, bad spelling/grammar of others, my own bad spelling/grammar I don't catch before uploading something here, anonymous reviews that typically contain flames, flames in general, songfics, M-preg, incest, demanding authors, breaking the fourth wall in the middle of a story, 384-character limit for story summaries, two-story-character limit for the Pairing filter in story descriptions and the two-pairing filter limit per story as well, four-story-character limit for the Character filter in story descriptions, sixty-character limit for story titles, two-canon limit for crossover stories, two-genre limit in the Genres category in story descriptions, FF.Net's fucky content ratings system, non-descriptive lemons, really short lemons, people who don't know the definitions/premises of "rape" or "non-consensual sex" and try them in a story anyway, authors who put stories in the "General" genre, most self-inserts, every Mary Sue ever, creepy fan girls/boys, hardcore BDSM, character bashing, gender swapping, tentacle porn, knotting, this site's review system in general, harems, reader inserts, and the lack of an option to make prologues and epilogues for stories.

How I get the ideas for my stories: I honestly get like two, maybe three ideas for stories per day... or I at least used to, anyway. If one really sticks with me and I seriously believe it could work, then it becomes an actual story of mine. This is why I consider my ADD to be both a blessing in disguise and a curse from hell.

Favorite FF story genres: Adventure, Crime, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, and Suspense.

Preferred POV within stories: Third-person (omniscient or limited, I don't really care which).

Will I ever report something? No. As an American citizen, I believe in the freedom of speech and will allow you to say whatever you like, be it within a story, a review or whatever. However, I do highly encourage you to think before you speak to avoid something unpleasant from either myself or someone else.

How often am I on FanFiction.Net? At least once a day, whether it's just for five minutes to check something or several hours to read a story.

Do I use the "Pairing" Filter? Yes. If there's a major character pairing - or two - in a story, I'll be sure to mark it as such so you'll easily be able to tell who's banging who.

Will I flame you if I don't like your story or something in it? Hell no. I honestly despise flamers, so I'll either try to give you as much constructive criticism as I can or just not review at all if I don't think I can say anything nice to you.

Do I write explicit stuff? I'm not sure what you would exactly consider "explicit," but yes, I'd say so. Even if I do something under "Fantasy," "Supernatural," "Sci-Fi," or any other story genres, if something happens, I'm going to write it and try to explain it as if it were really happening. So, for example, if someone gets shot and killed or if two people are having sex, I'm going to go into detail about either of those things.

Do I make my own cover art? Not to brag or anything, but yes, I do. Unless it's just my avatar pic, then I personally created it and used it as cover art from my deviantART account.

Do I do collab efforts? This is nothing personal, but typically no, I don't. I just like to have complete control over my own work and honestly don't really have a whole lot of time in the day as it is, so if I turn you down for an idea, then please don't take it personally. I would, however, highly encourage you to either find someone else willing to work with you or to maybe even try it yourself!

How organized am I when it comes to my writing? About as much as the box of five-dollar DVD's at Walmart. I rarely outline or do anything of the sort before typing; I just write whatever the hell comes to my head whenever the hell it happens, and for some reason, it seems to work out pretty damn nicely for me.

Do I give credit where it's due? Hell yeah, I do (or at least I think I do). If I was even remotely inspired by something that gave way to an idea for a story or even a small part of it, then I'll mention it in an A/N beforehand.

Am I a weeaboo? Ehh... I mean, I guess a little bit. I try not to be, I really do, but sometimes it can shine through and blind the shit out of whoever I'm attempting to have a relatively normal conversation with. Personally, even though I'm American, I find Japan's entire history and culture highly interesting. I'd really love to go there someday when I actually have enough money to do so, because I've never even been out of the U.S. before and I think it would be awesome to visit and experience a foreign country. I'd have to learn at least some basic Japanese and, once again, have actual money to go there, but it would definitely be one hell of an experience, I know that much.

How do I update my stories? I used to update all my multi-chapter fics how almost everyone else here does it: sporadically and whenever I had the time. However, this has only worked with one story I've ever written that had more than one chapter in it (For Whom the Bell Tolls, if you really want to know), and that was just due to some incredible, sheer stroke of luck that I'll probably never have again. I eventually got sick and tired of constantly stringing dozens of story followers along with update gaps that tended to be several months apart, if not even more than that, so I now have a new method of updating multi-chapter fics: I'll write each story completely and then upload every chapter of it five days apart until it's finally completed. It's kind of devious and a very unusual way of doing things, and it's honestly not really what I want to actually do, but this is really the only way I can think of to both update with some kind of a routine and also keep my reader traffic.

Other Sites I'm On

Believe it or not, I actually do have a life outside of FanFiction! Albeit, not a great one or a very social one but a life, nonetheless. Here are some other profiles and accounts I have on the web besides just this one for FanFiction.Net:

Archive of Our Own - ForeshadowedFate

deviantART - PixelRebellion

tumblr - holyschlitz

YouTube - RegisteredCinephile


Well, it's been fun, but I suppose that we all have to part sometime. Leave and do as you may, but rest assured that my realm will await you upon your next return. Until we meet again, dear reader!

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