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Hi;) I am Gh0st R1d3r. Nice to meet you.

THE RULES!!(please read)

1. Please be nice. I don't like flames. I'm sure you don't either (if you are an author). Constructive Criticism is allowed, as long as it is POLITE.

Example of a flame: Jeez, you suck. Go learn how to write.

This is sh, go die in a hole

Example of Constructive Criticism: This has potential, just some errors that I would like to point out...

This is okay, you just need to make the characters in IN CHARACTER. If not, Please put OOC (out of character) :)

2. Feel free to PM me. This also applies to rule 1. I will report it if it is to the point where it can be seen as cyberbullying. A thirteen year old girl killed herself due to cyberbullying. It is harassment. And horrible. Never insult anyone. Ever.

3. I'm not the best writer in the whole world, so please forgive any errors.

4. My updates tend to be slow. I have to update my stories on my school computer. This is hard. I type/write whenever I can, but the whole "updating on the computer" part is my weak point.

5. I do write request fictions:) If is about something I do not know, I will do my best to find out any needed information to write it for you.

6. If you want me to squeeze any of your OCs(original characters) into my stories, just PM me the info. If you do not have an account, well, you can make one. Or log in with an account from a different site (FaceBook, Twitter, Gmail...) Then, if you can, give me the info:)

7. All of my OCs ARE mine. I create them. I write their history and draw them too (if you want to see any of them, PM me your email and I'll email it to you. Don't worry. I will NOT give ANYONE ANY of your private information. EVER)

8. I like yaoi (boyxboy love), but I am willing to write yuri (girlxgirl love) and hetero (girlxboy love). Just be nice.

I think that is all the rules, but I just might add more over time. So keep a lookout!


Call me Gh0st R1d3r.

16 yrs old

August 22nd is my birthday.

I'm a girl.

That's all I'm telling you.


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