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Hi, I'm JayJayinMay, or Jay, to those who hate typing names out full (like me...)

Here are some basic details about me, for the curious ones (like me...)

PenName: JayJayinMay

Country of Origin: Republic of South Africa (Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica)

Languages: English

Afrikaans (My secondary) (For those who don't know, it's pretty much the African twist of Dutch)

Gender: Male

Age: Teen and proud of it

Occupation: High School Student; School Library Captain (I have no idea how I got that title, but the story leading up to it is one of heartbreak, betrayal, and Australia...)

Current Location: The East Rand

Religion: Modified Christian (What happens when you mix a Catholic, a Methodist, an Atheist, the ideals of Reincarnation, and a yearning for spiritual peace? I'm not sure either, but I'm it)

I enjoy reading (a lot), writing, video games, and spending time with my maniacal friends.

My fandoms of fundom: Transformers; Transformers/Beast Wars (even though I'm a bit too young to remember most of it); Portal (gotta love that sarcasm); Twilight (occasionally, thanks to a year long English project); The Hunger Games (Go, Katniss, go!); Mass Effect (because, no matter how hard you try, you'll never be better than Commander Shepard); Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan (Ah, Hange Zoe, you're after my heart, and Armin is just awesome! And Mikasa, Eren, Levi... You get the point.)

There are others, but these ones I visit the most. Of course, I don't mess with the last few. Some stories are best left the way they are, in my opinion. Besides, I don't have the imagination to manipulate The Hunger Games, the heart to kill off Edward (Team Jacob, stupid English project), or the true power to work with the sarcastic and sadistic GLaDOS (A pity, because I really liked her, after I got past the whole 'hates humanity and tests them to death part, no exceptions' part). My knowledge of Japanese culture is lacking, so I don't have the skills to write anything on Attack on Titan (I could never grab Hange's insanity. Well, any of their insanity, but the Major has a special place in my heart. Especially because of episodes 14-15). I have a few ideas for Mass Effect, though... Hmm, ideas...

I have an extraordinarily, irritatingly busy mind, and an idea will plant itself often, especially when I'm reading random stories completely unrelated to it all. However, I believe in finishing a story first, so I have to be patient... I also have to decide which stories I have to focus on, much to my brain's complaint ("Why can't you post them all?" "Because then I'll have to finish them all...")

As such, I'll let my followers decide for me. As always, I am open to ideas at all times, and will try remember to credit everyone and anyone who inspired an idea. If you like an idea, PM me (it should work, because I allowed it to) if you want me to consider it next, or for more details about the story, or if you have an idea for that story that you think I might like (and I probably will, because I will always appreciate the idea).

So, here are my story ideas, and a rough summary of what they are all about. I'm not putting the stories I already have up in this list, because you'll have to find out what they're about for yourself.

The Pretender

Dark Cloud was sent to Earth two years ago to infiltrate their society and retrieve the glasses of Archibald Witwicky. When Plan A failed, he decided to go for Plan B: wait for backup. Now, the other Autobots are incoming, but how will will Sam take it when he discovers that his best friend, Luke Davidson, has more to him than meets the eye?

Rating: T (because there's no couples or anything.)

There are OCs (Dark Cloud and Luke, for example)

I have made a few new connections to make my OC Dark Cloud fit in. (After all, an Autobot needs something, and someone, to fight for, and who better than his nephew, Bumblebee?)

The 2007 movie and beyond, through the eyes of The Pretender

Definitely not coming out. Anyone say Mary Sue?

Sibling Bonds

Warren watched as his creators were murdered, and he was left alone to take care of his three siblings, with only Uncle Ratchet for help. He'll do it, he has no doubt about it, but, how will Stormbringer, Dustcloud, and Ruby react when they realise that their older brother isn't like them, and will the war tear them apart even further, when the location of the Allspark is revealed once more?

Rating: T (no pairings, no insanely bad 'watch 'em die, detail by detail' death scenes)

Plenty of OCs, although they fade out towards the middle (apart from Stormbringer, Dustcloud, Ruby, and Warren, who are the 'stars' for this one)

Uncle Ratchet is the actual Autobot medic, and the link between the kids and him are all fictional (they're my OCs, so...)

I've played with a lot of the timings and actual, canon story line to make this one, but the idea didn't want to die, despite it all.

Eventual '07verse

Didn't like how it kept coming out. Ended it on my computer, and that's that. Maybe another day.

The Last Human

Mitchell Witwicky has never lived a normal life, thanks to his dad, and his granddad, but life on the Ark with the others wasn't so bad. Until Wheeljack's Space Bridge practically blew up and scattered the others into particles. Now, he's alone with the Autobots for the rest of his post-teen life. Optimus, feeling the guilt of failing the last of the human race, offers him the deal of a life time : join the faction. Never one to stand down at a challenge, Mitchell's willing to help search for the Allspark, the very cube that had destroyed planet Earth, along with all its inhabitants -51 people.

Rating: T (no gruesomeness or romance planned, although I have plenty of idea for freaking the poor kid out)

One main OC, and several small, sub-plot OCs after a lot of story has past.

No ties, unless you count his guardians as bonds.

I fiddled with the pre- and post- movies stories, especially with the Allspark and Grandpa Sam and Grandpa Will (hint... hint...)

After the first three movies, with no intention of working with a lot of what happened in them anyway. (Say hi to a few dead faces...)

Sadly, this story never... developed much of a plot. The middle didn't exist, and the beginning sucked. Oh, and Mary Sue alarms went off in my head.

Surviving the Hunt

Storm Coetzee has always known about the Autobots. Having a high-ranking military father working with them sort of gave him a little help. So, when the Autobots need help from a human ally, one willing enough to risk sitting in one of Que's inventions for several hours, he didn't think twice to volunteer. It helped that he was the only person who could volunteer, too. Now, he has to deal with the effects of the latest odd-shaped Cybertronian relic, the sphere known as 'The Cyber Module'. If that wasn't bad enough, the sphere happens to have a few plans up its... sleeve-like thing-a-ma-bob.

Rating: T

NEST OCs, plus Storm.

No ties

Starts right after the third movie, with some changes. (I like Ironhide and Que and Jazz and... you get the point)

A serious story, but I mock the fact that every Cybertronian relic in the movies is a different shape (The cube, the pyramid, the cylinders (Space Bridge pillars), and the S (or the Matrix, for those who don't see that one)) I introduce to you the device that will make or break the war (like all the others that blew up or did nothing dangerous-to-humans in particular (Mr S-shape...))

Also, the idea died slowly and painfully, with the character thankfully going with it. Brought out the OOC in everyone. And I already suck at writing characters.

Patience and Virtues

Autobot tactician and Second in Command, Prowl, can be described in many ways. He's analytical, strict, observant, unsurpassed, a workaholic, amongst others. There is one thing the Autobot forces never did think they'd call Prowl, though: a father. A father to a techno-organic, of all things, too! Now, he's joined the Earth bound Autobots and is working for NEST, with his son there to help where he can. After all, like father, like son. But, where there's an Autobot police bot, a certain Decepticon might just appear as well.

Rating: T

NEST OCs, a few humans here and there,and the techno-organic (still working on the name...). Would Prowl be an OC? He's not in the movies...

Hmm, mention of a past Prowl/human OC (no oh-la-la, sorry guys).

Right after the first movie. I may or may not bring back Jazz. I like him; he's funny. Definitely a lot of changes to the plots.

The muse died before chapter one was written. Which sucks, because I sort of liked it. Kind of. Maybe I'll look into it again some other time...

Bridging the Gap

The galaxy managed to defeat the Reapers, with the help of Commander Shepard. Now, his crew manages to find their way back to Earth, and find out whether or not their commander, friend, lover, helper, and so much more, is still alive. But, with so much damage after the attack, will they ever truly find out, especially with Shepard's tendancy to... not live.

Rating: T (Nothing explicit, and I don't kill anyone. Yet. Maybe, we'll see.)

Plenty of OCs. But, I need them, and they're not actually important.

Hmm, hinted Garrus/Male Shepard (no bromance in the story). Hinted Liara/Male Shepard and Tali/Male Shepard (both one-sided, because Shepard is a one-turian kind of man)

Follows the events of the Destroy Ending (the better one, where everyone lives (except maybe Shepard)), after the end of Mass Effect 3, with definite hints at Mass Effect 1 and 2.

Well, they spend a lot of time on Earth, and they'll spend a lot of the story there. I'm not sure if it'd go to the point where they fix the Sol Mass Relay or not, but if it does, then not much further. Definitely some Hurt/Comfort, and possibly Angst. I don't know yet.

If I was better at characters, and longer one-shots, then I'd write this out properly. That said, I was sort of proud of my proud_mother!Chakwas moment.

I have others, but I didn't like the plots after a few chapters in my head, so they're staying away from here. I will admit, though, that one of them followed Transformers Prime, and the other the movie-verse (which I am more familiar with, due to my bad memory of things further back than 2005)

Until then, I have nothing else to say. If you have suggestions, or want to know more, I'm always listening out for them!

My stories posted so far:

When in the World

After an explosion in the Decepticon Space Bridge, Jack, Miko, and Raf are stranded alone on separate planets, while the Autobots try desperately to get them back. But who are these strange bots they've met? Why do they look so familiar? And what does Starscream mean by saying he's been gone for years?

Rating: T (because I like the letter, and there's no romance or gruesome death)

Some OCs, but they are there only to keep the planets populated (besides, how would you like it if your God/creator/science/fate just called you a useless OC that was only there to populate another person's story? My OCs already have to undergo OCness therapy, and it's starting to get expensive)

Transformers Prime universe (which I have to watch online, but enjoy when I get the chance to see it), but with a twist. (Before the whole thing with the relics, but after the Orion Pax episode, but with Smokescreen, and Wheeljack. I call this my quiet zone. It's definitely before the four episodes where Team Prime split up for the relics, because the brainchild was born before then, and the story lives before then. But Smokescreen is in it. Hmm, just call it an AU, and save us all the headaches.)

Hmm, I suppose you could squint a little, and tilt your head, and you might see Miko/Bulkhead, but I promise that's not the case. She's human, he's not, and they're bestest friends. Arcee and Jack are strictly partners. Jack is like Miko and Raf's big brother, because Jack doesn't roll that way with either of them (well, in this fic. Personally, I could see a Jack/Miko pairing actually working out, as per the Convoy chapter. Tell me you didn't see an almost kiss between them.)

I'm open to suggestions for this one (especially for Miko, who is on a 'boring' planet, and Raf, who has plot, but needs filler). Jack wouldn't mind some help, and Arcee and the Earth bound 'bots are always bored without the kids there.

Credit to Anonymous BW FG for some chaos already, and I promise that, while it wasn't what I think you were hoping for, I plan to make Miko endure a little bit (read: a lot) of your suggestion. The poor girl, she might need some therapy after I'm done with her. To you, because you gave me the most brilliant idea for Miko, to keep her story going. Chapter 4 and after just wouldn't be the same without your help.

Riyappe Paws, I owe you some too. Miko's story, as well as the events on Earth, got a little extra spice with your idea. Maybe not what you were thinking, but I liked it, either way.

Deceived Romance

After a long battle in an Energon mine, Optimus has bad news for the Autobots: Megatron has kidnapped Jack. To make matters even worse, Megatron is following an ancient Cybertronian tradition that will either end with Jack dead, or bound to the leader of the Decepticons for the rest of his life.

Rating: T (despite it being a romance, I don't plan for it to get M rated. And yes, I planned it.)

No OCs, surprisingly. Well, nameless characters don't count, do they? Either way, it's Jack, the Autobots, the Decepticons, June, and maybe Fowler and Miko.

Transformers Prime universe (which has apparently ENDED! hmm, should probably watched the season 2 finale... I've been busy...). Set before the season 2 ending, but inspiration hit at about the same time, so it's influenced up until that point. Season 3... does not exist. Period. Full stop. Next paragraph. Why? AU, that's why.

Jack/Megatron, with a bit of one-sidedness in the beginning. No other pairings at all. None, whatsoever.

I know I haven't updated you in... eight months (eep!), but I actually plan to update you. I just... haven't had the inspiration. I'll finish it, probably after When in the World. I think it'll only be 15 or so chapters long, so we'll see. Suggestions are welcome, but the basic plot is actually set already. I'm... just not in the mood to write it at the moment.

Happy Reading!

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