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Who am I? Just an average writer on this website.

Gender? Male.

How old am I? Somewhere between 18-22.

Occupation? Broke College Student.

Favorite Animes?

1) Code Geass--Only Anime, I've ever cried over...

2) Bleach --The Story sucks, but the Action and epic moments are just too much of a draw to ignore.

3) FMA: Brotherhood--Very enjoyable Anime.

4) Naruto--Good Anime, but I feel like every time I'm reading the manga now I feel like I'm getting trolled.

5) Deathnote--If I graded this one ONLY on before L's death, it'd be higher. Unfortunately, I didn't do so.

Favorite Book? Harry Potter...Not even close really.

Hobbies? Video Games, Friends, Reading, and Sleeping.

Political Stance: Moderately Liberal.

What I like Fanfiction?

1) Humor--Stories that put a smile on my face always are great.

2) Action/Adventure--I always enjoy good plotlines

3) Good Grammar...For the love of God...Please have good grammar...

My predictions on how the Naruto manga will end as of November 30th, 2012.

1) Sasuke and Orochi-pedo will show up at some point in the next few chapters.

2) Obito will either A) find out that Madara was manipulating him and doesn't actually wish for peace or B) will actually listen to Naruto's vision for peace and stop fighting along side Madara.

3) And my bold prediction is that someway somehow Naruto will be able to use Yin-Yang Release by the end of the manga. Whether it's because someone donates him a Rinnegan eye (i.e. Obito) or full synchronization with Biju, I don't know, but Yin-Yang Release is the only way I can see Naruto actually winning against the Jubi.

Side Notes: Unless of course, we find out Tailed Beast Bombs react like Spirit Bombs in DBZ in which case Naruto will create a Bijudama from Chakra from all the ninjas in the world.

Why do I think this will happen? Because I feel like Kishimoto has been trying to troll us ever since Obito was revealed to be Tobi. And this is the best Troll I can think of to end the manga.

EDIT: As of May 8th, I KNOW that Minato is going to give Naruto and Kurama back his Yin half! And then he can go (somewhat) one-on-one against Madara and the Juubi.

The family of Namikaze Minato.

Kishimoto has a way of dropping hints of major 'Revelations' during the series. Naruto being Minato's son, Obito being Tobi, and Madara not being Tobi are all examples.

There have been a few hints that Minato (and as a result Naruto) is part Senju.

First, EVERY (known) Kage has been part of a Ninja clan, except for Minato and Yagura. But Yagura was a Jinchuriki so I won't count him. Mei Terumi has dual Bloodlines so it can be assumed that she's from a clan. Gaara's family has always hosted the Kazekage title and A's family has always hosted the Raikage title. Onoki has been Tsuchikage forever. And the Senju and Sarutobi clans have been 4 out of 5 Hokages.

It just sounds a little out of place for perhaps the strongest Kage EVER--up there with Hashirama--to be a clanless orphan.

Second, I happen to think Minato is somehow related to Tobirama Senju. Not do they look similar (i.e. spiky hair) and they are the ONLY TWO ninjas to be able to use Space-Time Ninjutsu without the use of a Bloodline (meaning Obito and Kakashi).

Personally, I think the chances of Minato being related related to Tobirama are low. But I just can't believe that a clanless orphan was the most powerful Kage ever. So it's likely that Minato was probably from a clan. And the only ninja that I can see him being related to is Tobirama.

Some Possible Story Ideas I'm Tossing Around

1) Before Itachi can kill his parents, he finds some of Danzo's Root ANBU Ninja extracting the Sharingan eyes from dead Uchiha. What would happen if Itachi could 'blame' the Uchiha Massacre on Danzo?

2) What if Naruto's lineage was revealed to the village along with his Jinchuriki Status? Now, instead of being hated by his village, he is loved and adored. But now, Tobi, Iwa, Kumo, and even Orochimaru are after him. How much different would his life be?

3) I'm tossing around the idea of a Naruto crossover with many other AUs. The most obvious one would with Avatar: The Last Airbender, but the problem would be how to balance the AUs. No one can use more than 1 element besides the Avatar, but in the Elemental Nations you can learn ALL the elements with enough practice. I'm currently reading the Percy Jackson series at the moment and I can see a little 'connection' that most people haven't made yet. The PJO fandon talks A LOT about 'Chaos: The Creator of the Universe' in the background as an omnipotent God...What if 'Chaos' was actually the Juubi? O_O

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