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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Welcome, I guess. Call me Io.

I'm one of the weirdest persons you'll meet, I'm paradoxal, loud, harsh and I hate ass-kissers.

As a short description, I'm a 'dark' person, I have brown/green eyes, red-brown hair and I'm pretty tall. That's all I'll share. See you around


Uzumaki Naruto- Maybe he is the hero, but I honestly think Kishi overdid his sunny attitude, also making him too...stupid may I say? It's clearly visible that Naruto is not as stupid as he is depicted sometimes, but oh well. Other than that, I can't see how he can be so... devoted to everything that he believes in. Then again, this is manga, it's not supposed to be realistic.

What I hate is when writers depict Naruto in their stories as being a total moron- he's not! Even in the manga, Kishi mentioned that Naruto often made stupid things just to stand out more, not necessarily because he's got the brains of a newborn.

Haruno Sakura- The perfect example of a girl that doesn't know what to do with her life- She can do remotely everything, with her determination and knowledge, yet she chooses to concentrate on useless things, such as drooling over Sasuke. It's like fighting for a lost cause. Oh, and the pre-shippuuden Sakura annoyed the crap outta me, always thinking she's better than everyone else (except for Sasuke).

What I hate is when writers depict Sakura as being a calm person, and agreeing with everyone. She never does that- if anything, she's the first one to start bashing. Besides, remember inner Sakura? That's the real her- Sakura is not above cursing and acting like a boy sometimes, although she can be as feminine as you can get when trying to charm someone. But remember THE fist. She's dangerous- deal with it.

Hinata Hyuuga- I'm sorry if I'll get hated for this, but I feel like she's that one character that really makes no fuckin' difference when she appears. She's a coward and a half, and even though she made the first step in admitting her feelings for Naruto and even confessing, she simply resumed to that. Whatever she does, to me it seems half-assed.

What I hate is when writers depict Hinata as being either too cowardice, either too courageous. She's somewhere in the middle, get your facts straight. Oh, and also, who the fuck came up with the SasuHina pairing? They're probably the most ridiculous pairing I've heard about, even SasuSaku is better, even though it's a stereotype. But, oh well, it seems to have a lot of fans, so I'll shut up.

Uchiha Sasuke- I've never been quite against him, I guess... At one point, I really thought of him to be a total asshole, especially when he killed Itachi, I was cursing him out loud for being such a dickhead. But that doesn't mean I don't understand him- Even when he went to Orochimaru. The guy had a goal- kill the motherfucking brother that killed the whole clan. So, the end justifies the means. But he's still very thick-headed with all the revenge obsession.

What I hate is when writers depict Sasuke as being submissive. Yes, his name does end in -UKE, and he probably is better suited to be bottom, but hell he's anything BUT submissive. If it were to give him a personality review, he'd be the Badass Uke. Yes, he is the fuckee, but he's still dominant, got it?

Uchiha Itachi- As people often call him, he's the Mary Sue of the story. Unfortunately, I'm in love with his story, although I generally hate Mary Sue's. Itachi is the perfect balance between a hero and a villain- He hurts people in order to keep them safe- Everything he does has a reason and is, in the end, a huge sacrifice from his part. Itachi is that one character abused for being too good- made to fight for peace. And nobody knows the truth, ne?

What I hate is when people depict Itachi as being abusive- with anything, it doesn't matter. That, or when he's described as childish and/or revengeful. Itachi, being the Mary Sue he is, would accept being stabbed in the back numerous times without complaining, and without wanting revenge- That's Sasuke! And, shocker, Itachi, although being older than Sasuke, with all the mountain-load of experience and power, he's the perfect example of submissiveness. Believe it or not, I see him as a Don't fuck with me seme. Despite his submissive character, he never lowers his head in front of anyone he doesn't also respect- And that's proof enough. Although I see him as Uke, I absolutely can't read a SasuIta unless it very well written. The ONLY seme for Itachi that I will never contest is Madara. Enough said.

Uchiha Madara- The epitome of arrogance. Really, the guy is 100% sure he's the middle of the earth and that everything fades in comparison to him. Fun fact, he really IS ridiculously powerful. So, all that ton of arrogance is more like... awareness to his real value.

What I hate is when people depict Madara as being all sentimental and shit- Yes, he does have feelings, but I can't see him moping in a corner, whatever the reason. He would even DIE smirking and mocking you, and he never shows weakness. I love seeing him as a caring uncle for Itachi and Sasuke, though! It's really nice seeing them as a big happy family. Oh, PS: Madara never embarasses himself. He just doesn't.

Things I don't understand:

KisaIta fics: Yes, it would be called a 'normal' pairing, seeing as they're partners and shit, but it's so relative... If you really look for a realistic pairing, this one won't do. Kisame is considered to be the Seme, right? (Because he's taller and older). But, here comes something that shouldn't be there: Kisame is always giving Itachi the dominant slash leader role. Kisame always does as Itachi says, and that certainly contradicts all the dominant/submissive relationship we're all looking for. See where I'm getting at? Also, Itachi would never be a suited life/love partner for Kisame. Not when the latter considers him better than him, and not when they have almost nothing in common.

SasuHina fics: Again, this is a crack pairing, I guess. At least, I can't consider it otherwise. Sasuke is nothing like Hinata. Hinata would probably have a heart attack if Sasuke would ever decide to fuck her. She's waay too calm to fit Sasuke's effervescent behavior. Also, how on earth would they understand each other? Sasuke is all revenge-ish, while Hinata is more like 'make love not war'. It just doesn't fit. Besides, we already know that Hinata prefers 'sunny' guys like Naruto, and Sasuke is 180 to being 'sunny' and happy.

ItaNeji fics: They're not so frequent, but I've seen plenty of them. It's one of the pairings that I do understand, but I also realize they have no chance together. At least, no chance to be happy. Neji is made to be Seme, in my opinion. But Neji would never be able to understand Itachi, or Itachi's reasons. He is the perfect example for an egoist guy. Itachi is anything but egoist. They're both misterious, both have long hair, both are powerful and set an example for their little siblings. But, that's exactly the problem. While they seem to be so alike, they're actually very different. They have different methods and different mentalities, but also different lives. Neji is a narcissist, always considering himself both perfect AND the eternal Mary Sue. When he would come in contact with Itachi, (whose story is infinitely more tragic), he would drown in envy. That is also because, bwahaha, he's found someone stronger!!! Anyways, it's not a pairing I support.

TobiDei fics: Unless it's a parody, I shall facepalm. Numero Uno, what 'Tobi' are we talking about? When it's about half-retarded Tobi, I think it's just... Bleah. Deidara, in all his childishness, would NEVER bed that idiot. Especially not let him be seme. When it's about 'Tobi' who pretends to be Madara, who actually is a nameless guy, it's also strange, because then, Tobi would NEVER bed Deidara. It's all about psychology!

Pairings I support!

ItaSasu (Uchihacest at its finest)


MadaIzu (Whorish Uchihacest)

THE ULTIMATE U-CEST: Madara, Sasuke, Itachi & Izuna. Just... PERFECT.

SasoDei (self-explanatory)

SasuIta (IF done properly, and generally, it would have to start as a rape... dunno why.)

NaruGaa (I find it terribly funny.)

ItaKonan (I LOVE this pairing, although it's not quite popular... too bad)


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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,206 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Published: 1/6/2013 - Itachi U., Sasuke U.
Fire In Our Eyes reviews
Sasuke sees just how much his brother changed in the years they've been apart- Now, at 15, Sasuke also discovers many things about Itachi and even himself that he had no idea about. The eyes that can't cry, the emotionless facade, the urge to touch and how he gets burnt every time. Also, Madara's secrets come out as well, causing a change of picture. Uchihacest, M for future chaps.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,549 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 10/27/2012 - Published: 9/29/2012 - Itachi U., Sasuke U.