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Hey guys it's Kanari!(no thats not my name but who gives a crap anyways XD) Well look this is m profile and I can infact do whatever the heck I feel like so I'll tell you a little about myself!

Well I turned 13 recently! All of my friends are older than me so I always feel like a baby/midget while they always feel old! XD Funny how that works! I really love the mangas/animes Fairy Tail, Kaichou wa Maid sama, Bleach, Anima, Pandora Hearts, Black Bird, Hatsune Mix, Vampire Knight, Dog Days, Dragon Crisis, Angel Beats, and Pokemon!(though I hate Black and White the pokemon are so confusing :b) If you have any animes/mangas to suggest PM me I'd love to check them out! Well since I'm a fan of Fairy Tail wanna hear my Zodiac Sign? (if you don't that sucks for you! XD) I'm Gemini! I think Gemini is the most adorable out of all the spirts! (I mean come on who does't love creepy little blue people that float around and tranform into other people to screw up their lives! :D) I like being a Gemini because then I'm like Rin and Len who are my favorite Vocaliods by the way! I really want to cosplay as Rin becasue I am super duper jelous of my friend who has Miku cosplay! My favorie animal is a pug! They are the most adorable thing ever XD! One of my friends said pugs look like their face has been run over by a car. She's so mean sometimes! XD Poor pugs so abused! I actually have two dogs! There both pibull mixes! Pitbulls are the sweetest things, so all haters out there who have never met a pitbull that belonged to a caring owner you have no right to say they are vicous or dangorus! They are sweet and loyal! It's humans fault they have a bad rep. So if you are a pitbull hater levave! If you need more convincing that pitbulls are not bad PM me! I will happily give you reasons why pitbulls are amazing! :D Well I don't really have a favourite food cuz I like them all! Especially desert! I'm a sucker for all things sweet! I HATE working out! My mom started dragging me to a work out class with my little sister and her! How humilating! My little 7 year old sister can to better than me! It's pure TOURTURE! Then to make my life even better my mom has decided to get active EVERY SINGLE DAY! Well now that you know a little slice of a humgous delisous warm pie(can you tell I like pie and that I'm hungry right now?) that is my life you can get a better feel of me! XD (that sounds werid oh well im to lazy to change it) Well as always HAVE A KOOL KAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 nyan


Kanari Glemmens

p.s. if you didn't read this screw you you lazy!!!!!!!! just kidding! I probaly woundn't read it all either! XD such a nice person I am!!!!

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