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Welcome to my profile! This is the Foxy Goddess Scotchy. Friends may call me Scotchy! :D

I've been part of fanfic for quite a while! I'm a mom of two, a teacher, and online mother to a lot of people on here, helping people out and all sorts of things! OwOb

As all my online pups already know I'm Brittish...But also part Irish and Scottish too! I game more then I really should, in a wide range of genres from Dark souls to BioShock, Persona and the SMT franchise to Ratchet and clank. It's all good to me so long as I enjoy the plot or gameplay! PlayStation monstly but I do have by Nintendo handhelds occasionally! :P

Shout outs to all my friends on here: Im Cerby, KoolKen 256, Lost Guardian Nexor, Pirate King Navi, Nara the prince of crows, Onyxshade7, Yellomage, aquaian 525, Raging Firefox, Clarissa (Dictator muffin) Panda cub wub, Rittie, Cinna 216, Romania-Chan, Beautiful Catastrophe, Star the dog whisperer, Nyarlanthotep

You're all awesome and I'm glad to know all of you! :3