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What you are about to read, will blow your wig right off of your head...

Are you ready for this...?

Are you sure...?

Ok, Here it goes...



I know right...

Here is an even bigger shocker...


My sister is an auther on here. So I made a profile to stalk her. >] MWAHAHAHA!

She is actually pretty good. You should check her out! YoungKittenWhitlock

Moving On... Im on Twitter under @TweetYoMother Check me out! I like to put funny crap up.

My favorite fics are about superheros, but I also read Twilight storys. Because that is all my sister writes.

PS... IM BACK!!! and I've been gone for a while!

...Don't forget about my Twitter!


How am i feeling today? Boot Hill :Stevie Ray Vaughan

Will i get far in life? She's My Momma :Fat Joe

How do my friends see me? Boogie Oogie Oogie :A Taste OF Honey

Where will I get married? Bad Girlfriend :Theory Of A Deadman

What is my best friend's theme song? I Think They Like Me :Bow Wow

What is the story of my life? With You :LMFAO

What is high school like? Hey Y'all :Chris Cagle

How can I get ahead in life? Take It Easy :Eagles

What is the best thing about me? Long Way From Home :Stevie Ray Vaughan

How is today going to be? Deuces Are Wild :Aerosmith

What is in store for this weekend? Too Good Is True :Rascal Flatts

What song describes my parents? Temperature :Sean Paul

To describe my grand parents? Livin' On The Edge :Aerosmith

How is my life going? To Catch A Predator :ICP

What song will they play at my funeral? Vera Lee :ICP

How does the world see me? Lonely Lover :Shaggy

Will i have a happy life? I Know :Uncle Kracker

What do my friends really think of me? Super Charger Heaven :White Zombie

Do people secretly lust over me? When You're Mad :Ne-Yo

How can i make myself happy? Gets Me Through :Ozzy

what should i do in my life? Toy Box :ICP

Will i ever have children? Supernatural :ICP

What is some good advice for me? It Takes A Man :Chris Young

How will i be remembered? Red Neck Hoe :ICP

What is my signature dancing song? Look At Little Sister :Stevie Ray Vaughan

What do i think my current theme song is? Fifteen Years Ago :Conway Twitty

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Poppin' My Collar :Three 6 Mafia

What type of men/women do you like? Like You :Bow Wow

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One-Shot. Emmett has the worst luck with new neighbors. First the Whitlocks. Foul mouth beer drinking rednecks. Now a hermit who plays her music way to loud. But when he starts to fall for this broken, lifeless hermit, will he follow the rednecks advice and stay away? NOT A HEA! AH/AU
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