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Hello there, I have wrote one full syot. It is set after Mockingjay where the games have came back (all is explained in the story).

For the Entertainment: The 76th Hunger Games

Arena: Hotel

Status: Complete

Victor: Harabel Lucsley (District 4)

Here's some stories that I've submitted tributes to:

Title: Madhouse, Author: jakey121, My tribute: Cynder Duke (District 5 Male)

Title: Shot in the Dark, Author: Cashmere67, My tribute: Evan Aleces (District 5 Male)

Title: The 102nd Hunger Games: Fantasy World, Author: androidilenya, My tribute: Harora Aldred (District 9 Female).

Title: Lost, Author: Jabberjayheart, My tribute: Austal Eridote (District 4 Male).

Title: Written in Ice, Author: District11-olive, My tribute: Brennen Dwyloe (District 2 Male).

Title: Claustrophobia, Author: Jabberjayheart, My tribute: Hamlet Althen (District 5 Male).

Title: Painted Crimson, Author: District11-Olive, My tribute: Toriton Aszero (District 5 Male).

Alternate Events

It was the bloodbath of the 74th Hunger Games. All actions remained the same only when Clove Tatum threw her deadly knife, Katniss Everdeen was not so lucky.

The serrated blade carved into her innocent flesh and the nation watched as her sacred body fell to the ground.

Peeta Mellark watched on, frozen to the spot. The girl he once loved was reduced to a bloody mess. He did not see Thresh's blade until it was too late. District 12 were wiped out in a matter of minutes.

The survivors of the bloodbath were Glimmer, Marvel, Clove, Cato, the District 3 boy, the District 4 girl, Foxface, the District 8 girl, the District 10 boy, Thresh and Rue. More than half of the tributes were deceased.

The games carried on as usual only Clove Tatum was a lot more confident in herself having wiped out the outer district girl with the high training score. Glimmer Opaque grew annoyed of her and whilst the younger girl was asleep she slit a knife along her throat, only ten tributes remained.

The careers did not know who the betrayer was and so they assumed Oceana Fairclough, the District 4 girl, after all she was only in the alliance to make up the numbers.

Marvel Winston did not give Oceana time to explain herself, in stead he forced a spear through her stomach.

The Gamemakers knew the games were going too fast. It was only the morning of day 2 and only nine tributes were still alive. They slowed down day two and day three making sure none of the tributes came into contact with one another.

On day four, Thresh ran into what was left of the Career pack. He put up a valiant fight, injuring Marvel in the process but Cato Kelly ended his life with a simple knife to the skull. Eight tributes remained.

Thriving off his kill Cato took it upon himself to go hunting whilst Glimmer and Marvel stood guard of the cornucopia.

He searched and searched for tributes and whilst stalking through the forest he saw a large shadow. Warwick Allister, the District 10 boy knew he was as good as dead. He tried to run but Cato's knife struck his back and the boy's cannon sounded within minutes.

Cato returned to camp with a smug smile on his face. He didn't expect Glimmer and Marvel to be plotting behind his back so he didn't expect Glimmer's arrow to strike his shoulder. He tried to put up a fight, but it was two against one and Cato's cannon also sounded that day. District 2 had disappointed their district.

Day six was uneventful, as was day seven. It was only at day eight that Glimmer and Marvel realised what an advantage they were at, it was them against four weak outer district tributes.

Glimmer took it upon herself to take out Marvel that night, just like Clove he didn't expect it. Only five tributes remained.

Tina Drew, the District 8 girl, died the next day. She had ran out of supplies during day six and eventually gave into nightlock that day. Four tributes remained.

Day nine paced away and day ten followed.

It was day 11 whilst Glimmer was out hunting that the Gamemakers announced a feast. It would commence in the next half an hour. She made her way back to the cornucopia and waited in the bushes.

When the table came out of the ground she did not expect Finch Hayter to come leaping out of the cornucopia and she didn't have enough time to react. She drew her arrow but the elusive girl was already into the bushes.

Glimmer waited and when Rue Oslo and her ally Tito Damon, the District 3 boy, came running out of the bushes she shot with precision. The arrow pierced Rue's neck and she fell to the ground. Tito gasped and ran without his bag-pack.

Three tributes remained.

The finale came on day 13 as the mutts drew the tributes in. Finch, Tito and Glimmer all raced towards the cornucopia in fear of the creatures behind them.

Finch fell at the last hurdle as she leaped towards the cornucopia. One of the larger mutts took a large bite from her leg and continued from there.

Only Tito and Glimmer remained.

It would be wrong to call it a battle, more of a race to see who could get to the cornucopia first.

It was Glimmer's token that was her downfall. Her emerald ring glistened in the darkness and attracted the nearby mutts who tore her down in a second.

Tito Damon was shocked. The 16 year old had went in expecting death in the bloodbath but in stead he was the victor.

The boy presented no rebellious spirit and so District 13 remained in hiding.

The 75th Quarter Quell did not reap all victors as District 12 were unable to reap a District 12 female victor. In stead, 19 - 25 year olds were reaped. It was a vicious game with no touch of rebellion at all. A 24 year old male from District 2 walking away victorious.

It didn't take long for Snow to find out about 13 and they were detonated once again.

President snow was wary of his victors and so the 64 that were still alive went under intense interrogation. Only 16 proved to President Snow they had nothing to do with the rebellion and so they were spared. All the others were executed.

The remaining victors were:

Gloss Salvoi (District 1 Male)
Cashmere Salvoi (District 1 Female)
Enobaria Denser (District 2 Female)
Rennet Koster (District 2 Male)
Brutus Ericcson (District 2 Male)
Kole Anderett (District 2 Male)
Egor Oporeta (District 2 Male)
Alise Kingsley (District 3 Female)
Tito Damon (District 3 Male)
Halder Averly (District 5 Male)
Talera Dale (District 6 Female)
Urelia Samerson (District 8 Female)
Red Jenners (District 9 Female)
Olive Ferr (District 10 Female)
Grenen Drune (District 10 Male)
Birch Enderly (District 10 Male)

The Hunger Games would carry on and the future wasn't bright. If only Katniss Everdeen could of avoided that serrated knife, everything would be so much different...

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