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Hello Everyone!!!!

I know it's been a VERY LONG WHILE since I updated, let's say it's a writer's block sickness. And believe me, I really nedded it.

Anyways, now that I'm back. I pose no threat no more!!!! For I will continue all my stories!!!! =)

NAME: Aicha Celina
NICK: Ai-ai
PEN NAME: Angel-trmup, angel_skie
FAVORITE ANIME: Digimon, Yuyu Hakushu, Zoids, CCS
FAVORITE COLOR: Blue!!!! ...and green
FAVORITE PAST TIME: I like being busy so as long
as I have something to do, I'm
HOBBIES: Dancing!!!! Singing... Writting stories
and poems, playing badminton
LIKES: I like to sleep...8-10 hours would be
great. EATING!!!! I can't live without
food! =)

Stories in Progress:
This is a YUYU HAKUSHU fanfic and is a BotanxKurama. The story started when Yusuke finally knows that he actually had a younger sister who was separated from him. Turns out, this sister of his was Botan. Unfortunately, Botan in the mean while, was struggling with herself as memories both from Sora(her past self) and her own memories were mixing up. Not only that, another Dark Tournament is taking place. This time, the sake of the Ningenkai world is at hand. Will the gang be able to hold up after all these mess? And will Kurama be able to finally let his heart take into action?

Meteor Garden
Taichi isn't the best guy you'll ever have. Rich, obnoxious and totally stubborn are his best qualities. Together with his childhood pals, Yamato, Kouji and Ryo, they take on life with a mere meaning. Not until they found the perfect people who would make them understand the beauty of life and how it is to fall in love...

So Away
Leena leaves the Blitz Team to find out her true self and have a deeper meaning to what she really is. Years later, the Blitz Team receives a letter that Leena had died saving a lot of people. Then and there, Bit realizes how he truly cares for Leena and how much he loves her. But one thing leads to another as the Blitz Team fights with an unknown new group. Pulled by his emotions, Bit begins to feel proud and carried-over during the battle. But when they found out that one of the team members, was actually Leena, alive and well, will he be able to get her to remember him? and even save Planet Zi?

I Need You
Taichi and Yamato are one of the richest people in Japan. So, their parents keeps on setting them up and trying to let them get married to well-off people who they can really love. After endless dates and parties, they finally found their perfect match. But what if these two girls are actually afraid of falling in love with them? Will Taichi and Yamato be able to let them understand that love is really meant to get hurt and that what makes the world go round?

So...those are the four stories in progress. I'll be updating them soon, so watch out!!!! Rememeber to review and always enjoy!!!!! =)

"I walked on the endless road of life.
Meeting different people,
Meeting different desires.
I learned to be stronger as the days passed on to night.
And nights passed on to days then to years.
I never know where I would be going,
Never knew what i should be really doing.
Because what really matters for me,
Is that I end up in the place where I should be.





That's for all of us to find out."

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