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Ok b4 i start with my profie i KNOW that psycho isn't spelt right in my name, that is intentional, if u dont like, in the words of my friend laura, you can bite my shiny metal ass

Hi I’m just as crazy as my friends and if you knew them you would be scared...very scared. But I lost my Prozac waaaaa. If you haven't already I suggest you read eeny meeny miny mo because it will change your perspective on harry potter forever. Mwa hahaha. It was written by my friend’s Kat and Frannie who are on the craziest side of the crazy scale which is really scary even for people as insane as us. Also please r/r my other friends poem at fanpress called the deed by Tanx because she’s getting depressed and we don't want that. If you do ill give you a cookie i know you want it waves cookie in the air
(by the way i am not able to be held responsible for any cookies not been delivered as they where probably eaten by my friends muse changed to Aeris by deed poll)
I like to write but I’m not good at it. You can e-mail me and tell me otherwise if you want (lies will be accepted)
I like guys such as Tom Felton and Orlando Bloom
my fav harry potter couples are
And anything else that’s funny
I’m not totally against slash since I 'read Semus is Semus and you are yourself' which is a funny Draco/harry slash
Bye now hee hee
Yay I found my Prozac
P.S. hypercaz says read her fanfics or else
P.P.S. Please revew my chapters because otherwise i will NOT continue
P.P.P.S. Frannie said to inform the world about our plans to capture all the hot guys in the world drools so if you see someone hot send them to me
if you see a green skined, blue hair hot guy its frannie and kats(really it is) so send it to them if you see Tom felton send it to franni or erin or they will kill you to get him. Its for your own good (truly gives puppy eyes)

P.P.P.P.S Read Beaumontrulz
P.P.P.P.P.S I need someone to right the smut 4 me cos i can't so please ppl if you can write it send it to me(my e-mails up the top) thanx
oh and one more thing i can't spell. thats your only warning
luv ya
Crazy phyco girl

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