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I guess I gotta put something here.

Some updates below

Past times: Sorry about the long time no updates thing, but my inspiration has drifted off. It might be months before I post a new chapter, so sorry about that. But I'll finish it if it's the last thing I do!

I'm going to be starting the sisters series after I finish Gr. 5. It was just an idea I had.

Gr. 5:

A Daughter's Sparkles: Bubbles has always been an only daughter. And always will be. But one day, she finds that maybe she had a sister. As she ventures further in, it seems that even her once perfect life was not as glamorous without the sparkles. (Part 1 of the sister series)

The missing sister: A detailed account on Buttercup's life, and the sister who was missing from it. Setting out to find her sister, Buttercup might finally see that secrets are kept for a reason. (Part two of the Sister series)

The sister I never had: I'm going to try my hand at suspense here. I'll probably publish this after many weeks, but right now it's just an idea: Buttercup and Bubbles were to very different sisters born in the same house hold. However, they must put their differences aside when tragedy befalls their small town. Now, they go on a journey in hopes of finding a save haven, and finding their last sister to complete the triplets. (Part 3 of the sister series)

The sister that never was: Conclusion to the sisters series. When the triplets finally come together, it will be a time of joy. However, they never expected party crashers. Join the girls as they try to stay true to each other and expose the lies. But how can they, when their lives have been a lie all along? And what if one of the sisters, never was? (Sisters series conclusion)

Innocence: Bubbles has lived a happy life all the while with her sisters Blossom and Buttercup. However, when they reached the mark of 14, Bubbles starts to see that the once happy family is now slowly deteriorating, and she has no idea how to put it back together. Especially when her sisters are slowly falling into their own hollow shells.

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