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The Children of Men- Jasper is a soldier who served in Iraq that was sent back home because of a death in his family leaving his little sister in his care.. The year is 2137 and humanity hasn't evolved as they predicted, a disease has spread to where women are unable to have children. Those immuned have either miscarriages or stillborns. Hanna and Rosalie are sisters who were abuse by their father when they were young. Rosalie and Hanna made a life for themselves in Forks, Washington, but one night Hanna was raped by a couple of drunk soldiers. Jasper was arrested a couple of days after. Now almost a year later Jasper is sent to Phoenix, Arizona to help a girl in need. (Based off a movie)

Waitin' For A Superman- Various people who live in New York with difficult situations and different problems.

Different Colored Swans- Edward was born in a black family in 1848 but was born with pigmention so he turned out pale. With black blood in him he is casted to work as a slave and Jasper is the plantation owner's son. When Jasper is hurt Edward is the one to aid him since no one was around. They become friends and Jasper can't help but have strong feelings for him. In the 1800's slaves and whites were not allowed to converse and gay relationships are banned. How long can they keep this secret with the watchful eye of their parents and society?

Tainted Souls- Edward and his family move to Dallas Texas and are the new people in town. Edward and his family hold a dark secret, and people start disappearing. Jasper is the boy Edward has his eyes on and so does his family. Edward always wanted a friend but his family won't let him have one. Edward's going to hold on tight to this one and teaching himself to control his terrible urges and hide it from him. Will Jasper end up like him?

Just Another Immigration Story- Liam is a dad of three, two boys and one girl. His family lives in Ireland, and America has great stories of great opportunities and freedom. He brings his two boys, Edward and Jasper, who are twins to america with him. They work day and night so they can send up Siobhan and Maggie to experience America with them. One day Edward passes out at work and Liam is called and is sent to the hospital to meet them. Jasper becomes catatonic, no matter what Liam does for him he won't do anything. Edward's new doctor is Dr. Cullen, a transfer from Chicago and Liam and him connect. Liam writes back to Siobhan about what happened to Edward, and what's happening to Jasper. Siobhan demands to come up and see them both and with the little money that Liam has left he sends her up. Anything can happen in New York City.

Room in Hell for 8 More- A sick vampire, captures 8 humans from their homes and lock them up in cells by 2's. He changes them, and to his own sick fantasies he wants a family of his own. He wants to feel powerful, he turns them crazy, stripping them of their humanity. He makes his own hell, and they show gifts. He wants to start an all out war and the volturi have to put a stop to this. The Vampire hides them, but underneath all this pain and Anger in them, they find their human selfs. They fall in love behind bars and they make a plan to get out of hell. Can they escape? Is there hope?

Driven To The Mile Of Extinction- The world is under attack by an unknown force and takes anyone who steps in their path. Edward and Jasper are vampires without a coven, which is essential in their need to survive. Jasper has to make sure Edward is safe, if they are caught Edward could be used as a lethal weapon. Edward is still a young boy, at age 15, who is very oblivious and curious about everything. Jasper, at age 18. knows better. Will this force take Edward and his rebellion? Or will Jasper stay true to his promise, find a way out and stay safe?

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Under the Waves by mssdare reviews
Jasper is a haunted soul who hates his vampire instincts and gets off by inducing emotions in the humans that he hunts. One day he meets a young, desperate man and everything changes. Angst, slash. Rated M.
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Edward and Jasper meet in prison under compromising situations. They seek refuge in each other, but there are some who will do anything to keep them apart. All human, slash. Rated M for gore and mature themes, as well as my sailor mouth.
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A Demon's Love reviews
Jasper was possessed by a Demon and Edward is what the Demon has it's eyes on. Edward brings Jasper to a nearby chruch and during the exorcism Jasper flee's away with Edward. Carlisle, the leader of the church, needs to stop the demon from doing anything to Edward and unpossess Jasper. Down along the journey they realize something is not right...
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Fire & Ice reviews
Jasper and Edward are dangerous humanoids who always wanted to know what to feel human was like. To be normal and not feared because you were sentenced to something you couldn't control. Aro is ruthless, he'll do anything for power. He had his eyes on Edward and Jasper for a long time. Jasper is very perspective and notices this and runs away with Edward. Can they actually live?
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Waitin' For Superman
Various people who live in New York with difficult situations and different problems.
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The Aftermath reviews
What if the vision came true? What if Aro was right about the humans intelligence and their ways to create weapons to fight against creatures like them?
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The Old Soldier's Son reviews
Jasper Whitlock has suffered through many things. He wasn't meant to be a father or at least not at the time. Edward has wanted to be the boy his father would be proud of or at least tolerate. Jaspers going to war, for what seems like the last time. The Civil war is the deadliest war in American history. Is this the time for Edward to prove himself worthy of his own father's love?
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,115 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 11/23/2012 - Published: 6/26/2012 - Jasper, Edward
Fantasyland reviews
"The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened." Unknown
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The Forgotten Ones reviews
The ones who fade into the limelight... The ones who you see everyday on the street. The Ones you don't give a second thought to, the ones who watch the world go by... They are the forgotten ones.
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Ashes to Ashes reviews
Dad was always the dreamer and the promise keeper.
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