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Author has written 5 stories for Grand Chase, Soul Calibur, and Armored Core.


Motto: Let go of your fears and subjugate them.

Name: Justin Lewis O. Bullozo

Pet name: Tino

Likes: Grand Chase, DoTA, sauteed bitter gourd with eggs, writing poems.

Dislikes: Shameful defeat; worthless fights; errands; being amidst a throng; and most of all, being disturbed when playing!!!

Hobbies: Playing, writing, sleeping, hanging out with friends.

About school

Favorite subject: Physics

Hated subject: Math

Favorite school facility: Canteen

Hated school facility: Bathroom

Personal issues

Interrogator: How many siblings are you in your family?

Answer: 3

Interrogator: What do you usually do when you're bored?

Answer: Play games, eat then sleep

Interrogator: Do you have a girlfriend?

Answer: No, cause I got busted.

Interrogator: Who is she then?

Answer: Hey, buzz off will ya...

Interrogator: Do you like fan-made fictions?

Answer: Well that depends...

Interrogator: How do you describe yourself?

Answer: Handsome, admirable, pimp, a little flamboyant and hot-headed sometimes, lazy.

Interrogator: Do you like lemo-

Answer: Just shut up with this stupid questions!!!!!

Interrogator: ok...

Randomness...('tis my favorite!)
For a random reason, I like Asin x Rin and Rufus x Lime pairings.
For a random reason, I enjoy laughing at myself.
For a random reason, I like making lousy fanfics.
For a random reason, I like to drink tea while typing on the keypad.
For a random reason, I hate Dio.
For a random reason, I think that I can beat Layfon in swordsmanship.
For a random reason, I'm too epic.


I only have one OC and his story isn't much but here is the data.

Name: Skye Cyrus

Age: Somewhere around his mid20s... but is supposedly immortal.

Community: Grand Chase

Race: Half Demon/ Half Elf

Job: Ex Rune Knight and Bounty Hunter

Arsenal: Lance, Scythe, Runespear, Runes, Kinslayer

Likes: Candies and Coffee

Hates: Iron Dragon Soul and Rufus

History: A survivor of the Kounat war who is still alive due to his special ability to live a number of lives equivalent to the number of souls he's eaten. A top ranking knight and one of the four chevaliers from the Order of the Rune Knights who also collapsed against Duel/Void. Given the title of "Chevalier le plus honorable de supplice", he fought on the frontlines and brought down a lot of demons but was greatly mortified when the soulstone exploded. He spent his years living as a bounty hunter after a 100 years passed when he discovered that one of the souls he ate has an unbelievable rate of recovery. His journey with the Grand Chase started because of a childish fight between him and Rufus, another bounty hunter. His story carries on when he discovers a crystal that causes the blue flames of Lass and Rufus to react violently leading to a voyage towards the underworld where Rufus and Lass discovers his real and frightening capabilities.

Combat ability: As an Elite Rune Knight, he has high magical capabilities and mastery of spears and polearms. His runes are mostly composed of advanced runes that make him hungry and tired after cast. He is able to summon multiple runes at the same time and stack their effects to forge a new rune. He can also summon a rune weapon called Runespear. The Runespear is a weapon whose capabilities are based on the current runes that are attached to it. However, his ultimate weapon is the Kinslayer. The Kinslayer is his ability to suck souls and turn the empty vessels to stars. Runes can be attached to the Kinslayer to increase it's circumference and suction power. The devoured soul's former power can also be used when the Kinslayer or Cyrus himself is dead . The stars that the Kinslayer generates are highly magical and brims with mana. Its original form can be taken again when a soul is placed inside it.

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From R to LA to O reviews
Researcher survives the fall of Exavil and is on the lookout for a new job. Thing don't go well when a nerd is on the loose. I suck at summaries. Please read and review. Tell me if you want the story to continue.
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Bounty Hunters? reviews
Discontinued... Yeah, sorry bout that but duty calls so here's the summary: A man with a lot of random abilities and habits get into the chase because of a mistake involving rufus and bounty hunting.
Grand Chase - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 9,440 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 1/13/2013 - Published: 12/11/2012 - Rufus/Lupus/Luxus, Lass
Lass's Past reviews
Lass's past is revealed starting from nightmare circus till' he finds Grand chase.
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