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Hello! Janet here!

I call myself Janet Mufasa for a number of reasons, the first being to protect my actual identity and name and the second and only other important reason is because it was a cute name that my friend and I came up with years ago, so in a way it holds a lot of good memories for me.

I came here to write fanfictions because it's one of the best forms of literature that I do.

EDIT!!! Just because I don't update my profile doesn't mean I haven't been on since my profile update date!!!

Also! Note: One of my OCs, Rotbart Von Schwarz, is currently being 'loaned out' to a reader of mine for their fanfic of my fanfic.

Since I'm not currently using him right now, they are using him, but just know that all the character development and the concept was my idea. I just don't have time to use it all at the moment. So they have full permission to use my OC, if you were wondering.

I'll post a oneshot later describing my own AU version of its events, maybe.

Super awesome guest reviewer!!!

I was reading through a friend's fan fiction that's using my OC Rotbart and they left this amazing review, but I don't know who they are since they reviewed on guest mode!

Pizza Geronimo, if you read my profile by fate, I just want you to know you are awesome and I'm glad you love Rotty as much as I do!

Ongoing Projects...

Tales as old as time should've been retired years ago:

Part one:

In the land of Ever After, destiny means everything. Rotbart Von Schwarz, the son of Von Rothbart was destined to curse and torment Duchess Swan, but he cannot do it, for he loves her.

His half sister, Raven Queen is being pressured to follow her destiny to poison Apple White, and then suffer forever, but in order to save both the girls he loves, Rotbart is willing to take Raven's Place.

Part two:

Daring Charming, the destined hero to save and marry Apple is in love with Cerise Hood, and practically nobody seems to be happy about it.

Apple goes to his parents to see if they can change his mind, but what they have planned for their son is most certainly unfairest.

And Dexter Charming, although sweet and compassionate, was chosen to be the next Beast. But all he wants is to follow Raven to the ends of the earth, by her side.

Completed Projects...

We, the Spiritless

It's the happily-never-after that you've been dreading. Elsa is dead, killed prematurely in her cell at the hands of Hans.

Anna has been conned into a marriage with him, and for five years they were happy together, with two children, sharing their lives together... Until Hans finds out that Anna is in love with someone else...Kristoff.

Will Anna be able to live through this sudden change, her once loving husband turned spiteful tormentor? Will Kristoff survive the years of torture, locked in a prison and subject to the frustrations of an enraged and jealous king?

Or will the years upon years become too much, and leave them all spiritless?

Maybe Next Winter - Jelsa.

In this story, Elsa discovers that she has a secret admirer who refuses to let her see him, but that doesn't last very, for she is a persistent one. Jack can't believe he's found someone else with his powers and soon discovers that there's a lot more to her than that which amazes him.

A string of oneshots, most of them based on prompts for a 30 day theme challenge, that all eventually amalgamate into a coherent story. Jack shows Elsa the world of the 21st century and the other guardians, while she lets him run amuck in Arendelle, proving to be more of a relief to her than the nuisance she feared he might have been.

As they 'warm' up to each other though, some things start to get out of hand, and their future from then on is not so clear anymore, but one thing is for certain; No matter how difficult it is to do, Jack will never leave Arendelle forever, nor will Elsa ever forget he exists. They will always have time for each other, next winter, and the winter after that, and the one after that as well.

Author's Notes:

As you can see, At the moment I'm sort of going hardcore Frozen and Monster High/Ever After High fan, so anything in relations to Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Hetalia, My Candy Love, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and anything else I've got up in that list, I'm not really focusing on them right now but for the majority of them I can guarantee that I haven't fallen out of the fandoms.

In particular, My Candy Love, Naruto, and Beauty and the Beast, will remain a big portion of my uploads in the year to come.

I do oneshot requests, depending on the theme or pairing/characters involved. Anything I write whether it's a request or not I will always abide by my personal standards:

Somethings I won't do (in a request or not):

Mpreg/Pregnancy in General

Yiff (animals 'stuff')


Anything pertaining to Breakage of the Law

Fandom I don't follow or know enough about

Things I might consider (in a request or not):

Substance abuse or the recovery from it

Anthros (walking talking animals in people clothes)

Fandom I have a vague or general understasnding of.

Things I WILL do:

Yaoi/Yuri (minus any explicitly sexual content unless it's a special case i.e. I also ship the two or more characters in question)

Multiple partnerships (minus the whole 'three people doing it cos we can' thing, I mean actual loving relationships)

Death/tragedy (depending on the circumstances, yet again)

Crack Shippings (within reason)

A.U (Alternate Universe, be it Modern or simply a change of events pertaining to the actual canon)

Fandom I heavily follow.

If there is anything I've missed, then it'll probably go into the "Things i might consider' list, and feel free to ask me if you wnat something, but other than that, these lists are just an indication of what I do or don't in general.

This Profile is to be Continued...! o3o//

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Constance and True are twins but they are very different as most twins often are. Constance is constantly happy or at least positive with a dreamy and innocent outlook on life. They balance each other out but as a consequence the king and queen have witnessed their humble castle transformed into a national debate column but that's not to say it's too unpleasant. Its just difficult!
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When you've been sentenced to life in prison, you have a lot of time to think about what you did, why you did it and what you lost. What you could have had and what you only now realise was so much more important. Hans sees that it's not "if only someone loved Anna" it's "if only someone loved him"... if only Anna loved him. One sided Hanna. Oneshot. Please review
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All Alexy wanted was to listen to his music. All Castiel wanted to do was preform. Problems with teachers and the weight of life dragging them down, they use the music to escape but everyone seems to be against it. After getting his stuff taken away by a teacher Alexy runs off to hide at the bottom of a staircase only to overhear someone singing and playing guitar in the room below
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