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Hello. I'm Audmirable. I don't like talking about myself. The only reason I will update this will be for whatever story I am working on at the moment. Today? SYOT! Huzzah.

We're full up and I encourage every person who just randomly found my profile to go read it. It is not a boring parade of fan made characters dying, which is always a risk for SYOTs. But this one has a story! and fun characters! and other stuff!

Anyway, people have been bugging me for a tribute list. So here it is. Some people have last names and some don't. That is pure laziness on my part. If you really want someone's full name, PM me and I'll be confused but I'll give it to you anyway.

SUPER IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!: Gimmick has started again. yaaaay. More importantly? There are training scores! Which I don't think I'll mention in bulk in the story, but you can look at here. A character's training score is listed next to their name.


Genniver- district four 9

Ares- district four, POV 10

Glow- district two 8

Alec-district two 7

Leif- district one 9

Charlotte-district one 8


Abilee Wilkin- district three POV 4

Stevie Thomson-district three 5

Athea Dimae- district five POV 7

Destry- district five 6

Emery W.-district six 6

Janus- district six 6


Jonna Sharma- district seven POV 5

Mercy Monet- district seven 9

Flint Hayes-district eight 7

Suna-district eight 5

Atlas Bixtoll-district nine 6

Karadee Moriana-district nine 4


Matty Whitey-district ten 5

Rayka-district ten 7

Kaenas- district eleven POV 8

Briar Spottiswood- district eleven 3

Valerian Bersawdistrict twelve POV 7

Annglica- district twelve 8

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