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Hello! My name is Michelle, Michie for short.

No, that's not my real name.

Yes, it'd be cool if it were.

But I'm perfectly happy being who I am, so enough of that.

-- o-O-o --

Loves: family & friends, laughter/smiles, dreams, chocolate, books (Kindle!), music, colors, ellipses . . .

Likes: tapioca, flowers, dragonflies

Dislikes: bugs, creepy-crawlies, insects (excepting dragonflies)

Hates: n/a (hating is not fun)

-- o-O-o --


Favorites: Gumi, Iroha, Kagamine Rin & Len

Favorite Pairings:

- Rin X Len (I'm okay with others, but if there's a fanfic with these two in a love triangle or something, I'll be rooting for them. They're just so perfect together.)

- Gumi X Gakupo (Reason: they sing a beautiful cover of "If Tomorrow Comes", originally sung by JUJU with JAY'ED. I have no idea who JUJU and JAY'ED are. But that's what Google search told me.)

- Mizki X Yuuma (Do I need a reason? Cuteness, I guess. And have you heard their duets?)

- Miku X Kiyoteru (Cuteness, and I actually rather like their voices together.)

- Meiko X Kaito (Poor Meiko is overlooked so much. . . .)

- Luka X Leon X Lola (Purely based on appearances. I'm not really sure where this came from, but I like it. Don't judge.)

- Miki X Piko (Again, they're cute together.)

- IA X Oliver (I have Lapis and Oliver together in my fanfic, but this pairing looks better.)

Favorite Producers:

- Hitoshizuku-P

- Akuno-P (aka Mothy)

- Owata-P (aka Garuna)

- Kurousa-P (aka White Flame)

-- o-O-o --


Any author that I like enough to follow is put on my Favorite Authors list. I highly recommend their works to anyone reading over my profile.

Obviously, I also recommend my Favorite Stories to anyone and everyone. I usually like the stories that my Favorite Authors write; the ones that I absolutely adore are put on the Favorite Stories list. As a result, the Favorite Authors list is longer than the Favorite Stories list.

And check out my good friend OwlsPanicAtTheCity's YouTube channel! She hardsubs Vocaloid videos (when she has the time, according to her profile). Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1D2F9BB0DC40604B&feature=view_all. Please subscribe/support her!

-- o-O-o --

Note: I am a very slow updater. I tend to write in bursts, and then edit afterwards. I apologize to all of my subscribers for the wait.

Edit 9/3/12: I've deleted Fluttery Butterflies and plan to re-post it in five parts, as a single story. A collection of one-shots and two-shots just wouldn't work, because my one-shots and two-shots always turn out ridiculously long. Also, schoolwork is overwhelming me at the moment, so I'll only update on the weekends, at best.

Edit 11/18/12: I AM ALIVE. THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THANKSGIVING. My goal for the next week is four chapters. I'll definitely update both of my ongoing stories. Cross my heart and hope to die . . .

-- o-O-o --

Currently working on:

- A Cherry Blossom Dream

- Traveler

- Fluttery Butterflies (upcoming)


- Birthday Luck

-- o-O-o --

Sweet dreams . . .

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