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Greetings everyone and welcome to my profile.

First and foremost; the pictures are not mine. They are sourced from both google and Devianart. Though I consider myself artisitic, I will likely never update any of my work. The profile picture belongs to Alan Courtney. It can be found as Early Morning Steam in Parkstone.


As many of you likely know if you had followed "A Method to the Madness" I am abandoning FF. For those who didn't know, well, simply put, now you do.

My life's ambition is to be in a medical profession. My dream job is to become a Midwife, but upon receiving several rejections from Universities, I am applying for it via the long route: Training as a nurse, and then reapplying for midwifery with a better chance due to better credentials. So, taking said route, I was recently accepted into my top choice University for the course of Adult Nursing. A course of three years.

Now, you don't need me to tell you that Nursing is undoubtedly difficult and will require all my attention. I do have the awful habit of procrastinating, or becoming easily distracted, but to have worked so long for something and now have it within my reach, I do not want to fall privy to such habits. So, as stated, FF is being forgotten about.

Now whether that is for 3 years, 6 years or possibly longer, I cannot say. As it happens, studying Adult Nursing - I can't begin to tell you how much I honestly love it.

I'm not one for instilling false hope. Though having read so many of my reviewers pleads to return, it is likely that I will. Predominantly because of all the support and that I am much too in love with fictional characters to abandon them just yet, haha.

For those who are wondering what will happen to "A Method to the Madness", I have left it. For full reasons, please go see the latest chapter. BUT, not all hope is lost! Desteni, my wonderful and limitlessly patient Beta kindly opted to take over it in my absence. So, once I get my booty into action and write my eccentric and displaced thoughts into something coherent to someone other than myself, she will begin work on it. I hold no guarantee to when it will be re-published, but I hold faith in Desteni that it will be. Yes there will be changes, but believe me, that is for the better. But the essence of the story will remain the same... just better structured.

My writing;

I am angst riddled when it comes to writing. And ridiculously idealistic. I am such a sucker for happy endings... and then scoff at my own sappiness. I am not a saccharine person, but well, there are times which disputes that ideal of myself. So, when it comes to my writing, prepare for either something very depressed, death-oriented, or so ridiculously cute that puppies and rainbows aint got nothing on what I write. I only wish that I was joking, but looking back on my work... I'm not proud.

So far, I'm very Legend of Zelda based. Do I blame Link for that? Well duh. If he had the kind of romance that my stories portray in the games, I would be content. Seeing how they don't, I was thoroughly tempted to write my own, and look what that has spiralled into. Having said that, I only very recently played Fire Emblem Awakening, and dear goodness... The supports between Chrom and the FU Avatar made my day. And founded a new addiction.


I have absolutely no intention of revealing anything about myself that is neither necessary or really needed. Besides, who cares? You know I'm human, what more do you want?

However, to provide an indication into what my stories might focus into, I will reveal a few things. For starters, I do believe in God. And I do so strongly. I also believe in my Goddesses and Wicca. So yes, whilst I do, shamefully, take the Lord's name into vain, my characters will most likely hold some form of a religious belief.

Currently, as afore mentioned, I will be starting University. As I am studying nursing, some of my work does have a medical element to them. Nothing too drastic, and certainly nothing that warrants a medical dictionary. But that extra details can sometimes help to add to a scene and that is where I find the information to come into use.

Yet, despite my very medically oriented lifestyle and analytical approach, I'm what is said to be a "free spirit". I take every little thing into consideration, and a word often associated with me is thoughtful. Both in the sense of being quietly reflective and that I put others before myself. Sometimes much to my own detriment. But even with that, I go with the flow. I take chances once having considered all possible outcomes and my recklessness is only ever a result of having pondered every factor and having decided that the worst that could happen does not need the word worse to define it.

I'm clairsentient and clairvoyant. I do see ghosts and shadows and the energy in the air and auras etc. I am an empathic psychic. That basically means that I feel exactly what someone from the other side feels. Yes, that usually refers to basic emotions... And it extends to include the manner that they died in. To help you understand this more, I will give you an anecdote:

There is a bridge in my city, large as they usually are and hanging over a river. The drop from the very edge of this bridge to said river is 50ft. Enough to kill a person should they dare attempt the jump. Upon walking across this bridge one day, I was struck with the sensation that I could no longer breathe. And I truly mean that I was gasping for air and clawing at my throat. Seeing that my vision was becoming black, I ran to the nearest area where I could sit, and the sensation vanished as quickly as it had been brought about. Later, I learned that a man no older than myself had committed suicide from that very bridge in the exact spot I had felt it all. The cause of death had not been the fall, but rather from drowning and the inability to breathe.

I know many of you will not believe it, and despite having experienced it, I cannot say that I am truly sure what happened. That is not the only instance of such an occurrence, but it is the least horrific. It serves me no pleasure to feel these events and a part of me wishes that I was making it up. If only. yes, I have been met with much disbelief, demand characteristics, amplifying my own emotions and so forth. But it is what it is and for all those who are scoffing, even the most radical of rationalised thinkers will not reject an idea until disproved.

Projects in the works...

Dissolving into Stars - An Interstella 5555 fiction which gives an insight into Stella and Shep's relationship. Considering how much in love Shep is with Stella though there is no indication to having ever met her, I decided to change that. I am not following the movie perfectly, though I retain many cannon elements. It's angsty, it's romantic. It's basically how I wanted their story to be.

A Walk on the Wild Side - I actually have no intention of calling it that... But it fits. An AU piece, it would feature many of our beloved characters, including the wonderful animal that is wolf Link... who is found in a care centre for pets. There would be a heavy emphasis on magic,elements, circle castings and all thinks pertaining to a spiritual nature. Yet, unless I decide to change my plan, there would only be vague romance. The focus would be on returning Link to his Hylian self.

[Title Pending] - Meh, I want to do something involving a love triangle between Sheik, Malon and Link. It has been done many times, but something about it intrigues me. I do have a vague idea of where I would take this, but it is probably the least likely idea that I would work on.

Authors worth checking out:

Reyser , Hyrule's Angel , Legend of Thunder , ZeldaRubix , LEva114

Just for amusement...

"One day you prince will come. Mine? Oh, he just took a wrong turn, got lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions."

"Don't take life too seriously... No one gets out alive."

"Destruction follows creation, but creation follows from destruction."

"We are the architects of our decisions, and we must live with those choices no matter how grave or glorious." - Assassin's Creed Revelations, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." - Dr Seuss.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but rising every time we fall" - Confucius.

"If you cry over loosing the sun, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars" - Rabindranath Tagore

"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."

"Don't criticize a person until you've walked at least a mile in their shoes. That way, when you do criticize them, your a mile away, and you have their shoes!" (I'm so childish...)

Final notes;

From the life I have, though it is considered corny - the little things in life do count the most. What I treasure is not my material items or pointless things. No, what I think has the most value is the things we take for granted - food, love, eduation, housing, family. I can say from experience that you honestly never know what you have until you lose it. Appreciate what you have while you can.


Every review I receive I immediately reply to. You have taken the time to both read and review, it is only right that I reply. Even if reviews are posted several years from now, you can gurantee I will drop a thank you. Even something as simple as a, "yeah, it was good" makes me smile. Also, flames don't really bother me. After my experiences, normally they are lies created from spite and hatred. Feel free to flame me, but I will shoot you down with truth.

I'll also take this time to thank everyone who has favourited my stories, me, or put me on their alerts. That kind of notice truly makes me smile, so thank you. Truly, I mean it, thank you.

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