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Author has written 5 stories for Hunger Games, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人.

Hey peeps! Bonjour! Buongiorno. Buonasera. Ciao! What's up? So the thing is, ironically, I wanted to make a fanfiction account on a special day, and guess what-I made it on my birthday! If you re-read that, it sort of rhymes. Sort of. Let's see...Um...What do you write in a profile? Stuff about yourself? FINE, FINE. Yeah, I'll do just that so you can all know me better. "Kay so here we goes!

My friends call me gullible, which is really an understatement. Because, if you came up to me and said, "They genetically modified the chromosone structure of the butterfly so that they could pollinate and make honey like bees", I'm sure to believe you. By the way, that example I just gave was a bit too complicated for my liking. (LOL, simpleminded) I don't think I would actually fall for THAT one though... *Sighs* Ah well. Here's another one that's actually true:

Friend: "Hey it's your stop, get off the bus."

Me: "Okay!" *Gets off bus*

Friends: *Start cracking up and laughing while the damn stupid bus drives away*

Me: *Starts running to catch up with the bus*(Which is probably a bit stupid, considering how fast the bus goes) "Hey!!!!!! Wait! What? *Is ticked off. I BLAME NOT WEARING MY GLASSES TO SEE WHAT BUS STOP IT WAS T.T...


Friend(s): "Hey, do you remember the time when Jessica got off the bus one stop too early? That was freaking hilarious!" *Cracking up, rolling on the floor laughing*

Me: "Shut up!" *Fumes*

So yeah, there you have it. It's a legit true story. It's so wonderful. Right? *Cough, cough, sarcasm.* Did I mention that to this day, I can't be sarcastic enough? Even though I can't do sarcasm, I try.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I HATE busses, bussing, cussing, mussing, dussing (Is that even a word?). Well I can't even rhyme anymore.

Anyways, only the first three are true. Well, the last one of the first three I don't really mind, as long as those words are used in appropriate situations.

For example, this:

"Oh %$#@ I just stubbed my toe on the $#*&% door! What the shit, this is so *&%$ stupid!"

Well, that's my lame example.

Anyways, for your entertainment, let me inform you about what else happened to me on the bus the other day. On that blasted day, at around 7:40 am I got on the bus at the stupid freezing bus stop. Then, the bus was a couple of minutes late, which resulted to me freezing my bum off. After when I had reached my stop (to my high school), guess what happened.

You guessed what happened yet?

My bus strap got stuck in between the seats.

Everyone got off.

Except for me.

And the bus started to drive away.

And I was tugging, and tugging on my backpack strap.(So smart, eh?) I just made it worse. But then, I had a sudden realization that I had to make the bus stop first, so it wouldn't go any further. So, I did just that. The bus stopped, but it was halfway down the street already.

After, I called for help.

Then, my heroine of the day came. Hooray! Huzzah! Whoopie!

She told me this, while taking out the scary object: "I have a knife."

I was too stunned to speak.

And she then proceeded to cut me free.

I thanked the creepy lady. Well, actually, technically, she wasn't creepy, she looked really nice. And she did help me, after all. But...Who carries a pocket knife with them? (Besides that nice creepy lady)

To this day, I still can recall the horrors I had faced while on buses. Ironically, these events happened pretty recently, in this year (2012). I guess being older just makes you stupider, right? I wonder if I should write some fanfiction using my bus scenarios. I guess that's a pretty good idea!

*End Bussing Retell*

Number your 12 fave Katekyo Hitman Reborn! characters (In no order) and answer the questions!

1. Dino Cavallone

2. Byakuran Gesso

3. Hibari Kyoya

4. Reborn

5. Mukuro Rokudo

6. Tsunayoshi Sawada

7. Lambo Bovino

8. Giotto

9. Fran

10. Enma Cozarto

11. Belphegor

12. Xanxus

1) Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fanfic before?

TsunaxBel? To be frank, no I haven't before. If I did though, I bet Bel would go all seme on Tsuna. But, it's B26 all the way for me...

2) Do you think Four is hot? How hot?

LOL. Baby Reborn or Adult Reborn? I'm not Bianchi, but I prefer Reborn's adult form better.

He's hawt, hawt hawt.

XS Even though Reborn's ciao-su's are adorable, I like his chaos's better.


On a scale of one to ten of hotness?

As hot as the sun to the EXTREME.

Okay, that's definitely going a bit overboard... Anyways, hope you get the point, though! X3

3) What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

WTF? Is this a crack pairing or what? You're just asking for it! Xanxus X Giotto? Umm...I don't think you can get your ancestor/or deceased pregnant in the first place? Fangirls everywhere would die, either from it's crackness or worse...

People, no.

Don't even think about it.

Just imagine an uke Giotto to seme Xanxus...I wonder what the baby'll be like? Giotto's hair but black in colour? Red or orange eyes? I don't know.

But, the one thing I do know is that it's going to be freaking hilarious.

I wonder how the Varia will react? And Giotto's guardians and the Tenth Generation?

4) Do you recall any fics about Nine?

*Blinks* Ja. Alot of B26 for me, ne?

5) Would Two and Six make a good couple?

(O.O) It's 10027.

Aside from the fact that 100's off his rocker and is seeking world domination?

Yes, I think they'll be fine ruling the world together. (Roasting marshmallows with their sky flames all the way)

6) Five/Nine or Five/Ten?

Q.Q Je ne comprends pas...Are you asking about a threesome?

If so, it's 692600. Mukuro x Fran x Enma.

OH. Nevermind. J'ai compris.

6926 or 6900?

I prefer 6926, just because it's more common... T.T Never seen a 6900 before...*cough*cough*Perverted 69*cough*

7) What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?

(X.X) Lambo walking in on Xanxus and Byakuran having sex?

Geez, I just hope Lambo got shot with his Ten Year Bazooka before walking in on them. Less he be scarred for life...or too innocent yet to understand.

Normal Lambo's Reaction: *Barges into room* "NE, the awesome Lambo-san wants grape candy!"*Eyes widen* "Why are you guys naked? Are, are, what happened to the bed?"

TYL Lambo's Reaction: *Blushes, stunned* "Yare, yare. Lock your room next time..." *Slams door shut.*

20YL Lambo's Reaction: "Oh. You guys are at it again? What's new this time? Bondage? Keep it down, will you guys?"

8) Make up a summary of a Three/Ten fic

Hibari and Enma are up.

Namimori's most feared prefect is asking one of the most herbivorous herbivores for help...Concerning another herbivore. "If you know him so well, then why don't you tell me a bit more about him?"..."Unless you want to be bitten to death?" They strike a deal after Hibari rescues him from a couple of bullies on Namimori grounds. One-sided 0018. 1827. Takes place in Shimon arc.

P.S. Should I make a fanfic based on this? Although this summary is a bit too descriptive? Would you want this fanfic? PM me if you do, ne?

9) Is there any such thing as a One/Eight fluff?

You're asking for a Dino X Giotto.

Sure, they'll be pretty cute together.

Definitely a lot of fluffiness to be expected, as they're both from Italia. U.U

10) Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve Hurt/Comfort fic.

Lambo and Xanxus.

Bitter Candy for a Heart of Rage

(Grape candy much?)

11) What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to de-flower One?

Reborn X Dino.

Reborn "teaching" his student things...that he really didn't need to know.

Here's an excerpt from my influenced-by-Mukuro- mind:

"It it time for your new training, dame-Dino."

"What? But we haven't even covered what to do when someone tries to seduce you yet."

"Oh, you don't need that anymore. This is what you'll actually enjoy doing with people."

"Um...Reborn. You don't mean sex, do you? I'm Italian you know. I know these things so you don't exactly have to tell me..."

"So what? You're still my student. It doesn't matter what you already know. I'm here to teach you something new."

"Uh...Why am I naked again, and why do you have my whip?"


12) Does anyone of your friends read Three het?

Lol. Probably... Who doesn't like Hibari het.? ;p

13) Does anyone of your friends write or draw Eleven

No...none of my friends draw or write about Bel...it's sad. :(

14) Would anyone of your friends write Two/Four/Five ?


Sure, why not? 10069 makes sense. Why not add Reborn into it as well?

I think it'll be a pretty interesting fanfic. XD They might write some...if they aren't lazy. XP

15) What might ten scream at a moment of great passion?


"P-please. More, more (insert seme name here)! Ahhhhhhh!" >.

16) If you write a song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?

You're going to go far kid. Matches the Vigilante theme a lot, in my opinion.

17) If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?

Dino x Tsuna x Xanxus?

Angsty semes in a threesome with 27. Caution: May cause nosebleeds and fangirls screaming. Not for the faint of heart. Read on if you dare. You have been warned.

18) What might be a good pick-up line for Ten to use on Two?

"Your eyes draw me in like candy apples, honey."


"Want some marshmallows?"

19) "One and Nine are in a happy relationship until Nine suddenly runs off with Four. One, broken-hearted, has a hot one-night stand with Eleven and a brief unhappy affair with Twelve, then follows the wise advice of Five and finds true love with Two." What title would you give this fic?

Che cosa l'inferno?" All those numbers...

"Dino and Fran are in a happy relationship until Fran suddenly runs off with Reborn. Dino, broken-hearted, has a hot one-night stand with Belphegor and a brief unhappy affair with Xanxus, then follows the wise advice of Mukuro and finds true love with Byakuran."

Title: The Loveless Quest to Find Sweet Marshmallows

Poor Dino...Lol @ hot one night stand and unhappy affair with Xanxus. Wise adice from Mukuro? *Snickers* Ah, Byakuran.

More General stuff about me:

Gender: Female, nyah.

Age: Less than a 100, more than 10. (Pretty accurate, neh?)

Pet(s): Guinea pig. FLYING MINT BUNNY.

Favourite Colour: I don't have one, but if I did... It would be silver, orange and rainbow. It was rainbow before I knew it stood for uhm. Homosexuals. Nevertheless, it still is one of my favourite colours and I am not homophobic. (Yaoi ftw!)

Dream:I want to genetically modify the DNA of a dinosaur with that of a chicken or any flying creature to create a dragon. EPIC WIN ALL THE WAY.

Note: I DO NOT WEAR GLASSES ANY MORE! YES! Har har har. Take that, annoying glasses!

Favourite Pairings

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Absolute favourites are 1827 and 6927, I even like the occasional seasoned Tsuna sandwich of 182769.

Other pairings I like are AG, R27, 8059, RL, D18, B26, XS and 1869. Oh, and did I forget to mention 0027?

Anyone realise that the XD and XS faces are really actually the pairings XanxusXDino and XanxusXSqualo? Just take note of it when you unconsciously type these. Beware! Unless your friends are unaware of this...Kufufufufu...

Hetalia: UsUk (U.S. and Iggy), GerIta (GermanyXItaly), of course are my favourites. PruCan (PrussiaXCanada), PruMano (PrussiaXRomano), and RusPrus (RussiaXPrussia) all tie for second place. Who can resist the awesomeness that is the awesome Prussia? Also, any cracks with France in it are pretty good too.

Kuroshitsuji: Ciel and Sebastian all the way! Well, there's Sebby and Grell to look at too... :3

Kuroko no Basuke: KiseKuro, Kagakuro, AkaKuro, AoKise.

For the past couple of years, I have been obsessed with...Dragons

Who knows? I might write a fanfic about them...

Current Projects:

1. DragonCape Genesis (Main)

2. Catastrophic Barrage of Bombs (On hold...or not)

What I'm thinking of doing for my next projects:

1. Crack with crack pairings

2. Something with dark!27 doppelganger and angst.

3. B26 (Bel. the Mon.)

4. Dystopian Themed

Have fun reading and see you all later, ciao ciao!


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