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Author has written 13 stories for Legend of Zelda, Passions, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, and General Hospital.

I'm Donna. Donna Marshall.

I'm back from a four year hiatus on Fan Fiction. Due to my friend's totally ordering SoapNet and me watching OTH all over again. And plus the Naley vids on gotta love it. Besides, Nathan and Lucas are way too hot not to write about.

One Tree Hill ~ I'm in love with this show. Mainly, Nathan. I'm mainly a Naley Brucas Jeyton shipper but Leyton, a little Laley, Brathan and Jaley, even Kan I can stand. There's just one character that I hate with a passion and its that Rachel ho. She gets on my nerves. Going after a married man...snorts I hate her. I mainly like Naley though. People say that they're overrated but I just think that they're a fictional couple who gives us a chance to view two people with real chemistry and a fairytale love. They make me smile, they're really cute.

Dawson's Creek ~ I love only Joey and Pacey. They were just too cute. The vintage Naley, just not as much action. The show would've been better had they never broken up and had Joey not been so obsessed with pleasing the Head. (Dawson) I dunno, Dawson grossed me out. He was a selfish guy to me. Pacey was an underdog. And he was real. Joey was confused and in the middle and she was just so cool (at first) until she got ugly hair and started being all weird and gave that big goofy blonde Audrey her blessing to be with her one and only. I liked Jo and Charlie too. (He was hotty hotty Lucas, of course!) Even her and Eddie appealed a little...just Dawson. Eww. Blech. I hated him.

Those are like my favorite shows. Their could never be another like them. I ship some other shit but, these are my mainies.

General Hospital: Recently, I have been on YouTube watching the old JaSam clips and scenes and I recently remembered how much I loved that couple. I think they were the best couple a soap could ever make. I hate Liason and I hate what the hell they're doing to JaSam, or did, should I say. Jason won't even look Sam's way anymore. But I think that they were like, such a cute couple. Jason was so sweet with her. He was a big, buff mobster guy and she was a small little toughie but he was always there for her no matter what. Even when he lost his memory, he still fell in love with her again! How sweet is that?! ...takes deep breath... I can't believe the writers broke them up. I've completely stopped watching (especially since they killed off Emily...I don't even flick through to catch up anymore) but if they ever bring JaSam back and kill Liz, I will SOOOO watch it again! And Jason is so friggin hot!

If you love JaSam like I do, here's a link to a petition to get them back together:

Favorite Quotes of all Time:

One Tree Hill

Haley: (smiling) I really like that you're telling me all these stories much you remember. (laughs) It's kinda scary though, and now I have to be like, super cute, twenty-four seven or I could be embedded in your memory for all of eternity.

Dawson's Creek

Joey: You remember that?

Pacey: I remember everything.

General Hospital

Jason: I was even thinking of taking you on a date. You know, like to a concert or to Manhattan to see a play...

Sam: (laughing softly) A play, Jason? Don't you think you would be bored?

Jason: (turns to her) No. Because while you're watching the play; I'd be watching you.

Jason: (to Sam) When I...When I sleep, you know there's moments when I wake up and I...I still reach for you. And I remember why you're not with me and everything comes flooding back to me. And I gotta move, I gotta get up, I gotta go to work, I gotta do everything I can to make myself stop thinking of you. You like to think I miss you...I miss you...all the time.

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