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hI! Me Rinoa! YAY!

Real name: Suzanne (God help me. And my middle and last names are worse XD!)

-Internet: Rinoa
-Real Life: Zanne

Age: 15

B-day: 3rd of March! Same as Rinoa in FF8!

Star sign: Piceses (or however you spell it!)

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour: Dark brown, almost black. It's wavy and annoying

Height: Around 5 foot?

Family: I live with my mum, my stepdad and 2 sisters.

Pets: A dog called Lucy ^_^ She is the kawaiiest ^_^ And a rabbit called Jasper ^_^ And a evil puppy called ben ^_^



Sport(s): Probaly badminton because i'm don't totally suck at it. Just mostly

Animal(s): Tigers, wolves, dogs

Color(s): Black, red and pink

Season: Summer, cause at least it's warm when I get up in the morning

Holidays: CHRISTMAS! Presents ^_^

Day: Saturday-No school and I don't have to go to my dad's ^_^

Car: Big, expensive, shiny ones

School Subject: Biology, RS, History, Maths

Book: Harry Potter, Night World, Vampire Diaries, Series of Unfortuante Events, Princess Diaries

Duel Monster: Change of Heart (magic card)and the Dark Elf. And the destiny board and spirit messages are cool too-any Bakura card really, scept for that occult one that's horrible >.

Digimon: Gatomon

Bit beast: Dranzer

Anime(s): Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Digimon, Cardcaptors, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon

Least Favorite:

Drink: Wine, and alcohol in general.

Sports: Football. People get way over obsessed by it

Animal: Insects. But not butterflys, I like them

Colour: Yellow and brown and green.

Season: Winter. It's cold when i have to get up and it's the only season we have here

Day: Wednesday. School AND I have to go to my dad's

Car: Old, broken down, small ones.

School Subject: Design Technolgy (Woodwork basically), Geography and Dance. But don't have to do any of them any more!^_^

Duel Monster: Zombie cards

Digimon: Garbagemon

Bit beast: Draciel

TV. Show: Football.

Your Favourite Quote: Sephiroth's: "Out of my way! I'm off to see my mother!". I also have an obsession with: "But they. Those worthless creatures. Are stealing the planet from Mother!" also by Sephiroth, the greatest villian ever.

Hobbies: Playing on the XBox and PS2, watching anime.

Your goal: To be rich! YAY!

Happy moments: Watching Yu-Gi-Oh or Beyblade or any other anime

Out of all your friends who is the:

Most Annoying: Gemma and Vicki

Most Smartest: ME! Nah, I dunno

Most Loudest: In real life Gemma

Most Weirdest: um...me and vicki

Most Funniest: Vicki but sometimes Gemma

Most Quietest: In real life Hannah

Most Athletic: Denfinetly not me, um Hannah

Most Talkative: Gemma

Do you like someone: maybe

Do you think he/she like you: i dunno

Got a B/f or G/f: No

Summer or Winter: Summer not that we have that in England

Spring or Fall: Spring not that we have that in England

Hugs or Kisses: Hugs

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi

Hot or Cold: hot

Black or White: Black

Strengths: I dunno

Weakness: Over sensitive

What would you do if you had about £1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00: Buy a house in Japan, get all the YGO decks and other anime toys, oh yeah, get a laptop computer

Where do you want to live?: here in england ^_^

What are you doing: Typing this and talking to Riku

Do you wish that this will end?: Not really i have nothign esle to do

Anything else you want to say: no

Who’s your favourite character from…

Yu-Gi-Oh: Male-Bakura ^_^ Boith of them!!

Beyblade: Male-Kai

Digimon: Male- Yamato and Ken
Female- Yolei

Cardcaptors-Male-Li and Yue
Female-Meilin (Damn them for cutting her out)

Fruits Basket: Male-Kyo
Female-Tohru- she's just so nice ^_^

Who’s you least favourite character from…

Yu-Gi-Oh: Weevil.

Beyblade: Kenny

Digimon: Sora and Cody

Cardcaptors- Sakura and Kero

Pairings you like:

Joey/Mai (Yugioh)
Bakura/Serenity (Yugioh)
Bakura/Yami Bakura (Yugioh)
Bakura/Marik (Yugioh)
Duke/Serenity (Yugioh)
Seto/Isis (Yugioh)
Rei/Mariah (Beyblades)
Kai/Salima (Beyblades-Miriam's too good for Max and Kai's all on his onesome :()
Yolei/Ken (Digi)
Yamato/Mimi (Digi)
Taichi/Sora (Digi)
T.K/Kari (Digi)
Li/Meilin (CCS)There not cousins in England!
Li/Sakura (CCS)
Kyo/Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Pairings you don’t like:


People you know that are members: Loads! I keep adding ppl in when they review my stories

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