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Poll: How interested would you be in a site dedicated to the universe of "A Time of Healing"? Information such as character bios, pictures, song inspirations, and other random tidbits would be posted. Perhaps even having questions asked by you, my faithful readers, and answered in-person by the characters! Vote Now!
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Author has written 29 stories for Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, and Twilight.

7/8/15: I am in my final class for my master's, and so my time is very limited and consumed by academics as well as my full-time job. Thank you to everyone who still continues to read through this dry spell, as it were. I am working on the twentieth chapter of the second installment of my series.

11/25/15: I hope to be returning to my series soon. However, as I am in my final year of my masters (only 4 classes left after this one!), the workload has definitely increased! I do need an "escape" as it were, so I will try very hard to post, even if it is a chapter a month. Thanks for your patience.

I introduced a poll on 1/3/14 regarding my series A Time of Healing. Please respond to the poll; it is very short. Thank you!


I was introduced to this site via an online acquaintance 12 years ago. Anything from the year 2006 and forward is my more contemporary work; everything else is my earlier, childish work. My recent writings are of a more serious nature and undertaking, and have been described as philosophical at times. I write from Life, taking themes and exploring them in Tolkien's world through the Elves, who feel more deeply, and who I am enamored with.

I write intermittently due to my various time constraints: full time job as a Registered Nurse, to which I commute back and forth about 50 minutes each way, and my full-time online studies furthering my education--currently my MSN for nursing education--so be sure to check often.

I hope you will enjoy reading my humble offerings. I thrive on reviews and implore anyone who reads my series to leave their thoughts. Therefore, I ask each of you to READ AND REVIEW, even if it is constructive criticism, as reviews help me as an author to improve my work. Not only that, but reviews let me know someone is enjoying my stories. I also am making a more concentrated effort to reply to everyone who posts reviews, so post a review, I say! :-)

I cannot go further without thanking my wonderful and esteemed beta, Crackers. She has very kindly and patiently taken me under her wings and helped me to achieve a higher level of writing. To her I say, hantanyel!

I am working on a series entitled A Time of Healing, which I started 10 years ago. It is portrayed through my main OFC Vanimë's diary, which is delivered to her mother in Valinor by her sister Vanië. Like the elven bards who could conjure images with their song words, the diary, when "read", allows said reader to become immersed in Vanimë's life story. It is narrated in part by her, and other times told from the point of view of the people she has interactions with. I took a break for many years, and returned to it recently, with a new direction and clearer purpose. While it is a melodramatic, love story, I am achieving for a more mature tale, trying to explore aspects of my various original characters, and watch them as they struggle. Themes such as betrayal, pride, prejudice, and love are all wrapped into this tale, building on each other. Updates posted at the end of the profile.

She was born in the Blessed Realm, oldest daughter of Morofinwë, and granddaughter of Fëanor. Caught up in the Oath of Fëanor unwillingly, Vanimë is taken to Middle-earth after her mother abandons her and her younger sister on the docks of Alqualondë during the Kin-slaying. With the Curse of the Valar already at work, the sisters learn to survive on their own when they are thrown out from their father's home, shedding their true identities and taking Sindarin namesakes.

Ancient Wounds begins with Dol Guldur's first attack on the Golden Wood. Vanimë is sent to Mirkwood to seek Thranduil's help. Upon her arrival, tragedy has struck, and she is forced to choose to either help him regain his kingdom, or take matters into her own hands. She must confront her own past and learn to accept her fate, or risk watching the kingdom's decay through her inactivity. All of this Vanimë's mother Nolwi, and her mother's husband Alqueno, "read" through the diary; and they are forced to understand things they have chosen to ignore. The effects of the Kin-slaying over the centuries across both lands and through many different people are also detailed. I should warn you that at some point this story will be revised, and I may repost it, so beware.

The Circles of the Worlds, is a current work-in-progress. It starts in Mirkwood, with Thranduil's return to the throne following Vanimë's ultimate sacrifice. Thranduil, though victorious, now grieves his heavy loss. As Middle-earth learns to breathe freedom and rejoice in all that was gained, the Elves must accept their waning sun in the light of the Men's dawn. In Valinor, the tidings borne by Vanimë's diary are being met with resistance. Unable to bear the loss of her daughter, Nolwi and Alqueno embark on a journey to seek comfort and hope. The Kin-slaying's effects still linger on, and the pair are forced to realize the chasm of silence that has grown between them. Will they finally be able to rise above their shadows, or will they fall, marred by the secrets they have kept from one another?

I just want to mention Miriellar, who is an excellent writer--you MUST read her fanfic "Among the Thorns".



The Circles of the Worlds

Chapter 19 posted!


The Circles of the Worlds

Chapter 19 draft undergoing first round of revisions after being reviewed by beta. :-)


The Circles of the Worlds

Chapter 19 draft sent to beta!

I also took a few days' time to write a short contest piece; it will be uploaded next month once the voting ends and the results are in.


The Circles of the Worlds

Chapter 18 up!


I am writing a few pieces not related to my series. One will be posted here soon, and the other is a contest piece. Also, a third piece will be making an entrance as soon as the contest it's currently in is over. So, stay tuned!

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