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- Ahhh the wonderful world of Disney :) Can't wait 2 go back there soon! i luv u Florida! But alas, i am a New Yorker at heart _. Anyway, here is my profile, ENJOY!!

HERE IS MY UPDATE 4 THE WEEK: Hello again out there! Thank u 2 all of my lovely reviewers! It's nice 2 see how much people enjoy my story,especially it being my 1st :) I ADORE U ALL!!! XD AstroGirl101

hello everyone!!!! U might regonize me from my old name *AnimeGirl, but here is my new name, eehh heem drum roll please (drums start 2 play), It's AstroGirl101 !!! *crowd cheers* i know it has a nice ring 2 it don't U think.Yes I have created an account! Anyway, let me tell u all a little about myself:

Location: New York thats all im sayin

Age: eh depends on how i act, i was just 3 yrs old :)

Favorite Foods: i like ALL foods man but that's all i'm sayin cuz it's gonna make meh hungry lol

Favorite movies: Astro Boy( of course ), the harry potter series lol, Finding Nemo( i cry everytime), Hangover 1 & 2( funny as hell!), anything from Hayo Miyazaki( yeah his movies r awsome im telling U!), Coraline(scared me), The Lion King( go Simba),Pokemon movies (yeah yeah i know but i grew up watching them), Zathura, The Twilight Saga(yeah thats right all of them!),Megamind, The Incredibles, Shrek, The Women, Fast Five( the latest one) Monsters vs. Aliens, Tyler Perry Movies( THEY'RE SO DRAMTIC AND FUNNY!), The Perfect Getway (almost anything by Rouge films) and a bunch more.

Hobbies: Drawing, texting, doing step (yeah i'll stomp U out) ,sleeping, eating, watching tv, hanging out with mi amigas y amigos, fighting with my twin sister( yeah it's fun XD ),reading astro boy fanfiction, doing community events with my beacon( yeah im chair woot woot), going 2 school( i have a japanese class! konichiwa o genki desu ka) etc.

Likes: i like certain people, i like my familia( most of the time), i like shopping, cooking, baking, i like doing Tae Kwon Do (yeah thats right, come at me the wrong way SEE whats gonna happen -_-...),swimming, ice skating, traveling( ive been 2 canada, florida, the caribbean, pennsylvania, new jersey, connecticut and Japan!) and so on and so forth.

Dislikes: Bitches (i will smack every one of em), certain vegetables, homework, certain teachers, waking up at 6:00am, when things don't go my way, etc.

Randon things people say that I find funny:

- " Dora... Stop fuckin around and get a damn GPS!!"

- " Hi uh I'd like a $5 footlong"

" yes that'll be $ 7.59"

"What the hell!!!"

- " Hey! Why are you late to my class!!"

" Does it matter! You still get paid!"

- " Remember 2 turn the stove off in 15 mins !"

" Ok! * rolls eyes*"... 1hr later... " SHHIITT!!!"

- " Hey clean up your room! Family is coming over today!"

" oh I'm sorry mom, I didn't realize the family gathering would be in MY room "


" Then don't complain when I'm late!!"

- " Hi uh can I have a cheeseburger with no cheese"

" * confused look* uhhh so u want a Hamburger?"

" umm are you deaf? I said CHEESEBURGER!"

Favorite Quotes:

1."enjoy your new job at 7eleven dick head!"- Transformers 3

2."Danger Ha! I Laugh in the face of Danger HaHaHaHa!"- The Lion King

3."Call 1-800- CHOKE THAT HOE!"- Madea

4."No Need to Worry!"- Pokemon


"That button launches all of our nuclear missles!"

"well then which button gets me a latte?"

" uuuhhh that would be the other one sir"

"...what idiot designed this thing?"

"you did sir"

" Fair enough, Nelson fire somebody!"

"Yes sir Mr. President"- Monsters vs. Aliens

6."Bazinga!"- Big Bang Theory

7." I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!"- Songebob Squarepants

8."What's the password!"

"Don't make me hurt you"

" uuhmm, close enough"- Astro Boy

9." Say hello To my Little Friend"-?

10."PONYO WANTS HAM!"- Ponyo

11."To infinity, And Beyond!"- Buzz Lightyear( Toy Story )

12."Bloody Hell!"- Harry Potter

13."I'm Going Ghost!"- Danny Phantom

14."Pikachu, I Choose You!"- Pokemon

15."You Hurt My dog, I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!"- Transformers 1

16."I don't know, my watch doesn't tell time"- Spy Kids 2

17." everyone's your family"- Spy kids 3


19."hey? did anyone remember to turn the gas off the stove?"


"AHH MOTHER FU*ER!!"- Knocked Up

20." I AM YOUR FATHER!"- Star Wars

21." I would of been able to do it if it werent for you medaling kids!"- Scooby Doo

22." I am not scrawny, I'm svelte!"- Code Lyoko

23." Wait your mom just had laser eye surgery and shes driving a car?"

" I didn't say she made good decisions"

"And you're getting in the car with her!"

"I didn't say I made good decisions"- iCarly


25." don't call me ma'm i'm not a ma'm"

"well your a women aren't you?"- Transformers 3

26." i did give him a sandwhich, a knuckel sandwhich. I said "lets get sandwhiches, " not " i'll buy you a sandwhich" you freeloader!- Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends

Favorite Channels: Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Anime Network, TruTV, MTV, MTV2, Boomerang, Style, Oxygen, BET, HBO (basically any movie channel), Disney Channel, TNT, TBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, CW11, TLC, Animal Planet ( yah thats right ), Natgeo, Comedy Central, Music Choice, Nicktoons Network, E!, ABC family etc.

Favorite TV Shows: iCarly, Victorious, The Biggest Loser, Americas Best Dance Crew ( it's incredible! ), The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, Princess Petite Yucie (finale made me cry :( ), Super Nanny ( these kids r BRATS!), South Park, Americas Next top Model, Jerseylicious, The Kardashians, Spongebob Squarepants, Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron, Drake and Josh, Neds declassified school survival guide, Amazing Race, Big Brother, My Life as a Teenage robot, Teen Mom 2, Operation Repo, South Beach Tow, Hardcore Pawn, Worlds Dumbest, Top 20 Most Shocking/Daring, Wizards of Waverly Place, Thats so raven, The suite life of zach and cody, CSI, Law and Order etc.


WHAT IS YOUR NAME? AstroGirl101! Ha!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? Oh crap there's so many... lets see, uh red, yellow, blue, green, silver, violet and black etc.

WHERE R U FROM? America yah thats rite wahoo !! Lol sorry 2 much coffee!!!!!! * starts shaking*

WHAT COLOR R UR EYES? Brown.. Like Astros!

HAIR? Brownish Black with highlights :)

WHAT IS UR HEIGHT? eh 5 somethin

DO U LIKE BOYS OR NO? uhh duhh!! boys!! -_-

R U A RACIST? Nope. i don't judge people based on looks, beliefs or none of that

WHAT DO U WANT 2 BE WHEN U GROW UP? umm a chef, interior home designer or an artist idk i'm still not sure, next question

HAVE U EVER BEEN OUT THE COUNTRY? Absolutely! I've been 2 the caribbean, canada, and japan!

DO U HAVE SIBLINGS? Yup i have a twin sister, freternal tho, and 3 other big sisters :)

WHERE DO U LIVE? uhhh y should i tell u? just kidding new york wooooo!!!

DO U HAVE PETS? Yup a doggy and a kitty! but they don't really get along from time 2 time

EVER HAD A BOYFRIEND? Nope. i am waiting 4 the right person :)

GOT ANY FRIENDS? A Whole wad!! possibly over 30

EVER BEEN IN A FIGHT? Absolutely, with my sister, my mom, my dad, and certain people at my school.

EVER SPOKE WITH GOD? Every night before i go 2 sleep :)

JUMPED OFF A BUILDING? in a dream i did

WHAT WERE U JUST DOING? Talkin 2 u pal


FAVORITE FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM? French Vanilla ooo but i luv eating it with waffle sugar cone bits and chocolate bar pieces 2 mmmmm ColdStone baby _

LIKE MUSIC? Yup LA LA LA teehee :)


DO U LUV UR COUNTRY? hell yah! America all day every day!! ( lol no offense to all other countries just my opinion *.*) Land of the free, home of the brave! oooh say can you seeee!! lol sorry :)

DO U SPEAK OTHER LANGUAGES BESIDES ENGLISH? uhh i speak Japanese and Spanish too, but my dad can speak French, Spanish and some type of other language.


R U AN AMERICAN CITIZEN? Last time i checked


EVER MET ANYBOBY FAMOUS? Yes! in New York u see a lot of famous people. My sister and I met Leon Thomas lll( Andre from Victorious), and some girl from The Sopranos too but i 4got her name, and i met the director of Bridge To Terebithia cuz he was my 5th grade teachers brother in law so he let my school go see the movie 4 free! and my mom met Ben Stiller and his mom and dad cuz they were in Manhattan near where she works!

EVER BEEN ON TV? Yup on eyewittness news. The next day my friends were all like "dude we saw u and ur family on the news last night!" and i waz all like" Crap! I wish i saw." hehe

DO U DO ANY EXTRA CIRRICULAR ACTIVITES? yup i take swimming classes, and i used 2 take Tae Kwon Do.

FAVORITE TIME OF THE DAY? Morning, Hello World!



GOT A GAME SYSTEM? Hell yah! the Wii


GOT A BEST FRIEND? Yup she's my bestie!! :) I've known her since i was in Kindergarden!

BEEN ON A PLANE? a bunch of times

ON A BOAT? yes



GOT A NICKNAME? yup Kaya or sometimes Gen due 2 my middle name



EVER STOLE? Yes but i was 8! i had no idea i was still holding the box of bandades. oh please, dont arrest me *rolls eyes* -

CAN U PICTURE YOURSELF LIVING ANYWHERE ELSE? No Way! New York is the bomb, there's so much 2 do!

GOT ANY FAVORITE HOLIDAYS? hmm lets see... Christmas, Halloween, Easter, ThanksGiving, New Years Eve/Day,Valentines Day, 4th of July etc



UR GENDER? ...ur kidding right? My name just says it all! next question, and it better not be dumb...

FAVORITE SEASON(S)? Spring and Summer cuz it's not cold :)


RELIGION? uhhh Catholic, but my mom says that its kind of the same as Christian. Either way i still believe in God

EVER PASSED OUT? wow u ask a looot of questions -_-... oh and Nope never did

DO U HAVE BRACES? i HAD braces :)!

R U AN ANGRY PERSON? not always, depends on how u come at me, i'm mostly a very approachable person

WHAT MOVIE WERE U JUST WATCHING? Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone!! Aww they were so young! Now they're old O.O! Next question!

R U GOING 2 SCHOOL? of course! i'm no drop out

WHAT GRADE? 11th grader over here! Junior baby WOOT WOOT!

EVER BEEN 2 AN AUTO SHOW? oh, yah * so many cars @.@!*

DO U KNOW HOW 2 SING? Yeah! DO RE ME FA SO LA TE DO! but i don't like 2. Hurts my precious voice eehmm :)

WHAT DO U FEEL LIKE DOING RIGHT NOW? Traveling the rest of the world!! Already went 2 Asia, next stop South America! Then Australia, then Europe and so on... Hehe!

R U HUNGRY? uhh... *stomach rumbles*...Yes

WANT A SANDWHICH? oooohhhh Yes, There's a SUBWAY around the corner


I'LL PAY? Lets go! *whoosh*

Well this is everything you should pretty much know about me. lolz See ya! :D

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