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This is very important.

Back in Jan. my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. Including the last 20,000+ words of the evil one. I sent this last part to a couple of people, but I can't remember who. If I sent this to you can you please somehow get it back to me. I know I sent it to chinesegal, but I cant remember anyone else. Please help me out, this is rather depressing...and I want nothing more than to get my work back and finish this story thats nearly 3 years in the making.

My friend just made me a website. It has my art work and some of my music videos on it if you'd like to check it out. We are constantly adding stuff to it.

And as of now, I have a "myspace" thingy:

Quote for the rest of my life: "Hail to the sun god, he sure is a fun god, Ra, Ra, Ra!"

Name: Kohaku
AIM: Malik Ishtar16
E-Mail: Malik_Ishtar666@hotmail.com
Age: Old as dirt...(ok 16)now 17! (Tee hee...October 10...Libra to the core)
Favorite color: It’s a tie between amethyst (that needs no explanation) and turquoise.
Favorite Anime: Yu Gi Oh (Japanese only thank you)
Favorite Food: I’ll have to get back to you on that one...wait...its onlyHAUNTED’s cookies (_)
Current tunes: Anything Evanescence, but my favorite song of theirs (this week, anyways) is Haunted...or maybe, Taking Over Me. I like Linkin Park a lot too.
As for clothes: Well, lets see...pink (no I’m not a girly girl...and who’s to say that wearing pink makes you one? I mean, if you wear blue, does that make you a tom boy?) I got these cool Malik-y pink pants for Yule (when I say Malik-y I mean, with the low side pockets and all...you know, like what he wears.) But I have a pair of black pants like his and tan ones because of Otakon and Katsukon. I went like him both times, and Katsukon is coming up next month, and I’m dressing like him again. I also have this huge collection of those fuck bracelets, because I just like them. Most of mine are black and red. Really, the sexual connotation of those bracelets is beyond me. Whoever the hell sat down and thought up that horse shit should be shot. “Red means lap dance, black means fuck” Blah Blah Blah...I was soo pissed when I saw that a whole episode of Dr. Phil was dedicated to those damn things because now all the teachers are on the lookout for them. I mean, if you want to play a sex game that bad go to Spencer’s and buy that damn dice game, leave the bracelets alone! (I am way too ARG! for my own good.)

I have to list a bunch of stuff, because my old bio was a short piece of crap:
So let’s see...what can I say?
I’ve noticed a lot of “Favorite Bishis” list, so for traditions sake, here is mine:
Yu Gi Oh:

Malik (no duh)

Bakura (again, no duh)

Ryou (ditto)

Noah (I lurv him, and pity him)

Yami Malik

And that’s it from Yu Gi Oh.

Inu Yasha:


Inu Yasha

And that’s it.



And that’s it. (It’s only because he reminds me of Ryou...but he has PURPLE eyes!)

That’s about all for now. I’m too obsessed with Malik to really like any other hott bishis.

In the works:

A New Light
Sorry for those of you reading this, but it’ll take a while for me to update. I have started on another chapter but alas...it is a slow progress. But it WILL be within the next month! (My new years resolution: post a new chapter on A New Light)

8-9-04—Still nothing, I am sorry extreme Yami...this one is on temporary hiatus. I’m just getting so tired; after all, I had been working on it for over a year before I even decided to post it! But I’m not quitting on you! This story will get finished! I give it another six months and one, maybe two chapters.

Bakura’s Eviction Notice
My creative well has run dry. I do not have the artistic flare for humorous fics. I’m too morbid, angsty and sadistic to write anything remotely funny. However, I will force myself to think of something...or dammit I’ll die trying!

1-2-04—I actually worked on it today! You all said that humor and sex go together...so I tried it, and it worked! Can’t wait to finish and post this chapter!

8-9-04—Another chapter is up finally after about six months! I told you points to self I am not funny!

The Evil One
If you couldn’t tell, this is my most popular fic. I don’t know what I did to make it that way, but I guess it’s because this is the only story that I actually planned out before I started writing it. Seriously, I have like pages of notes. I bitch and complain all the time because I write chapters way waaaay ahead of the current situation, and I’m all like: how the hell am I gonna fit this in? But it ends up working. And the LEMON is going to be up in mere days.

1-2-04—The lemon is done and almost ready to go...I...eh hem...just had to change a few, things...(thank you onlyHAUNTED for pointing out my mistake!)

8-9-04—I placed a WARNING at the beginning of chapter 23, and I’ll put another one here. The only reason I’m doing this is because I have to post this chapter on ff.net because I don’t have an account anywhere else and I’m just too damn lazy to get one. So please, don’t make me give too much away by telling you why you shouldn’t read it if you’re sensitive, just take my word for it...you wont like it. And that’s all I’m going to say regarding that.

3-11-05Wow, it's been forever, but I've finally updated with chapter 25. Just a fair warning, be looking out for the end of this story, it will be upon you sooner than you think.

Pain Before Pleasure:
Is done and forgotten by me. Finished it a loooong time ago.

3-11-05Dun Dun Dun...maybe not... Something just came to me, and plus, I hated that ending, it was too...too...uh, what's the word? Ok, bad.

And a new story:

Go To Heaven
This story is very different, meant to be comical, in a way...just posted chapter two.

Also in the works:

Se-Chan requested that I do a sort of “Pre Evil One” story in which I focus on Ryou and Bakura since it seems there are a lot of Bakura/Ryou fans out there. And I agree, it would be nice, seeing as the couple didn’t get to spend more than two minutes together in The Evil One. But this is only in the consideration stage because I still have too much on my hands with the four other stories I am currently writing. Maybe when I’ve finished one or two of them then I might start on this.

Random uselessness:
These are some quotes that I:
A.Found funny
B.Found sexy
C.Just plain like because it’s in Japanese

“Get him Lord Sesshoumaru! Bite his little head off! Nibble on his little legs!”~~ Jaken (That was funny to me)

“Who needs college mom, we’re trillionares! Let’s buy doon buggies!”~~ Lisa Simpson (Me and my dry dry sense of humor...NOW you know why I’m having such a hard time with Bakura’s Eviction Notice)

“Ore wa yami no daisuki da ne.”~~ Yami no Mariku...(tee hee...I could not resist...and I’ll let your imagination translate that...) (That was sexy only because of the way he said it...truthfully, it doesn’t really mean anything sexy)

“Bakayaro!”~~ Jounouchi (He says that a lot...hmmm...) (Ha ha...anytime a Japanese person says “bastard” it’s funny)

“Kuroi yami no, hikari.”~~ Rishido (Ok...too much Japanese...but I don’t watch it in English! I’m sorry!)

“Shh! Mariku! Koi wa okii yo!”~~ Isis (I like the name Isis better than Ishizu and all, and I know Isis is the mother of Horus, and the wife of Osiris, thus making it a fitting name for an Egyptian woman...but why do we call her Isis? Even in the Japanese episodes her name is Ishizu?)

“Koitsu wa mada ikite agru?”~~ Chibi Yami no Mariku (He hates it when people live for some reason...)

“Itai! Itai yo!” ~~Chibi Malik (Most of you know what itai means right? Well if not it means “pain” or kinda like the English “oww!” Well...eh heh...my dirty mind can picture him screaming that sometime in a fic with Bakura. But that’s just me)

And just because I can, I'm going to put in some quotes from my Latin class:

"Look, look this is my really upset Greek face." ~Alec

"They were fencing naked?" ~Alec

"If I don't know him then he's not important." ~ Alec

Me-"Why are you going to Baltimore to buy a mug?"
Alec-"No, he's going to get mugged."
Mr. Legates-"Shut your mug."

Mr. Legates-"If you don't stop that I'm going to give you a big 0 for the day."
Alec-"A big "0"?"
Andrew-"O for outstanding."
Me- "Ooohhh...ahhhh, oh yea baby...The big "O"."

"French is bad. It is not good." -Alec

"You're a Latin fork." -Megan Ritter (A Latin fork would be a Latin "freak" mixed with a Latin "dork")

Mr. Legates-"How do you say "at Rome"?"

"That was very Latin of you."-Miki

Mr. Legates-"What is an idiom?"
Alec- "Someone who isn't smart?"

"Don't do drugs. Do Latin."-Alec

Mr. Legates-"Who was the poet who wrote epigrams?"
Teddy-"Jimmy the Greek?"

Alec-"My bad, I should've gotten that."
Mr. Legates"Yes, you should have, that was easy."

"If I were Roman I would be so offended by now! (But I'm not, so continue)."-Alec

Mr. Legates-"You said health class!"
Andrew-"I said pencil!"

Me-"Give me my chapstick!"
Alec-"No, it's mine! I claimed it in the name of France!"

"I don't like to sneeze while I'm eating."-Mr. Legates"

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