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Hey there, fellow reader! Welcome to my profile! If you want, you can visit my other profile over on fiction press dot com! Here's a link!

Have fun over in the other world of writing!

Thanks for your interest in moi! I guess I should begin with a little bit of information about myself, eh?

For starters, I’m a senior in high school and I am, indeed, of the female gender. Writing is basically my boo-thang. I may not be awesomely amazing at it but I enjoy it thoroughly! Writing and I are like white on rice, stink on cheese, hotdogs and beans! Now, enough with the food comparisons, you came here to find out a bit about me, right? Then let’s get to it!

Let us start with some likes! I love the color purple (the actual color not the book, although I hear it’s good… the book not the color.), reading (especially some good ol’ fan fiction!), anime (Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Pokemon are my top three!), dragons (rawr?), writing (obviously, did I even have to include that?), and drawing (again, I may not be amazing at it, but I love it anyway!).

Time for dislikes! I don’t like bugs (this one time I lifted this old piece of wood outside and…*shudder*… never mind…), the dark, heights, large bodies of water (I could go on and on. Let’s just say I don’t like my fears, ‘kay?), long lines (who doesn’t?), good books turned into bad movies (again, who doesn’t?), and the excruciatingly painful muscle cramps I get sometimes when I stretch my legs in the middle of the night (I think we all know that pain -_- ).

Another thing, I don’t usually share my writing so I consider this a big step for me (she says safely behind a computer screen)!!!! I’m hoping your reviews will help me better my writing. Oh, that’s another thing. I love reviews with a passion! Well, within reason. I wouldn’t enjoy reviews that hate on my writing/stories without providing a valid reason. If you don’t like it, could you just give me a reason so I could maybe fix it? And coming off of that, let me say that constructive criticism is always welcomed!

Future Fics

So, I thought I'd include a list of some fics I might write and post in the future when I get farther along with my current ones. Tell me if one particularity interests you and I'll consider putting it at the top of my list of to-dos!

Soul Eater OC: I've worked on the first chapter slightly and have most of the characters planned out (even some tragic back stories!) along with a plot. Basically, the story takes place after Maka and the gang graduate or something. All I know is they aren't at the school anymore. Or maybe they are... I'll figure that out later. Anywho, so my OC enrolls into the DWMA and meets some people (more OCs) and they become the three weapon/meister pairs that form the main characters. I've read some info on wikipedia to get the jist of how enrollment and classes at the DWMA work but, I might have to bend a few things here and there to my liking. But I guess it doesn't really matter in the long run though because... well, I don't want to spoil anything so, here, I'll just include a short summary:

The DWMA has had it's share of extraordinary students over the years, especially with the DWMA alumni Maka and her friends, and the world has been at peace ever since they put a stop to the kishin, Asura. It's at this time that a new group of students enroll into the school late in the year. They don't get along right away but, after a turn of events, they are forced to work together to save the DWMA and the world alike.

Studio Ghibli fics: I've seen some of these films (Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, The Secret World of Arriety, The Cat Returns, Kiki's Delivery Service) and after each one I thought it'd be fun to work on some short fics for each. Not technically one-shots but, they wouldn't be very long I think. A chapter or two maybe.

Fairy Tail: I actually re-thought this and I might actually eventually do an OC Fairy Tail fic. I may or may not open it to a few OCs and I've even started thinking about a guild name and stamp/tattoo mark. It might just be a two chapter or short story thing though. We'll see!

Soooo... *ahem* In conclusion, thanks for stopping by, reading, and reviewing!

Oh, hold up, one more thing. I'm not the fastest writer in the world and I have work and school stuff so most updates will be a wait with my stories :/

Okay, for real this time, have a wonderful word filled day!



OH MY GLOB I'M SO SORRY FOR THE HOLD-UP ON ALL OF MY STORIES RIGHT NOW!!!!! D: I've been super stressed with college and applying and SATs because I procrastinate and AP courses and homework and tests and studying and this is a run-on sentence but I don't care because my LIFE right now is a run-on sentence. That doesn't make sense but, really I can not express how stressed I am right now. My whole life and future is MONTHS away from me and I can't handle the stress.

It might be awhile until I post anything... Sorry to those who actually see this update :(


THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWERS I'VE GAINED FROM THE LAST TIME I POSTED ANYTHING (and what was that, like, twenty years ago????) AND I'M SO SORRY I HAVE'NT POSTED ANYTHING SINCE. Really, that last update above is still relevant. I'm all applied to college (except for this one thing but, that's another story) but I still have AP courses and a bunch of homework that I can't neglect. So, this update is to inform you all that I will go into hiding again TT

But, I'm currently trying my hardest to work on the next chapters for all of my stories, I swear! Some chapters for certain stories come easier to me so... that's a heads up.



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