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I started this account on March/25/12 so every year i have this account im gonna post the same amount of oneshots i fro how long i have kept up this account c;!! I hope you enjoy my stories, i love writing them! But i know I'm not the best writer and make the characters OCC a lot,but i don't mind creative feedback. And also i hope everyone would also check out my partner in crime oOForeverFantasyOo!

Also i would just like to tell everyone i am OBSESSED with natural silver hair and/or golden eyes!! Like Riku, Sesshomaru, Train and maybe Inuyasha (he isn't one of my favs he likes dead people...) and all the guys from the silver haired men of Final Fantasy :)

NEED TO KNOW_ if i review on your story after you start it l review ALL the chapters usually :) sorry if it is annoying, i just like talk i guess...

Complete Stories_

Hear the Bells-TrainXEve (Black Cat)

Stories in progress_

Lady and the Tramp- Roxas X Namine (Kingdom Hearts)

Who's that Girl- XionXRoxasXNamine (Kingdom Hearts)

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Story of Us- RoxasXNamineXRiku(Kingdom Hearts)

The Real you- RoxasXNamine (Kingdom Hearts)

Future Stories_

Wonderful World -RikuXNamine (Kingdom Hearts)

Princess Rants- NamineXRiku (Kingdom Hearts)Crack fic

Silent Hope- TrainXEve (Black Cat)

Demon Eyes-Kagome X Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

Monsters- RikuXNamine (Kingdom Hearts)

Heroic Heart-NightWingXOCC (Young Justice)

My Fake Reality- Roxas Tribute/One shot (Kingdom Hearts)

KINGDOM HEARTS NOTE (If you haven't played KH2 don't read this): I found this on Tumbr and i cried.

I never quite realized why Roxas teared up only when he was leaving Twilight Town. Not when Axel died, not when he was reabsorbed into Sora. I’ve thought a lot about it, and the only thing I can come up with is that he’s crying because he finally realizes that his entire existence is both a lie and a sham.

The reason he fought so hard against Axel initially is because, on some level, he wanted Twilight Town to be real. He wanted Hayner, Pence, and Olette to be his best friends. He wanted to live in a world where the most important thing was whether or not his homework would be finished by the end of summer vacation. He wanted to measure happiness in Struggle trophies and sea-salt ice cream Popsicle sticks. He wanted to be a normal boy with a normal life, and most of all, a heart. But he isn’t. He’s a shadow of a person, and his only fate is to join back with his original self. Axel can’t save him. He can’t save himself. He cries because he realizes the futility of it all. He cries for the life he will never have and he cries because he knows the entirety of all that he is leaving behind. Twilight Town is a dichotomy for Roxas: it represents the most important aspect of his time in the Organization (the hours spent finding himself and manifesting a friendship with Axel and Xion, not that he remembers her), and it represents the existence he so yearns for, but will forever stay out of his reach.

To me, it is one of the most heart-breaking moments of the entire game

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